In Enugu, fast food joints provide the fastest service because every meal is cooked, waiting to be dished to patrons who are not interested in fine dining. There is also the option of home delivery, making it easy for diners to order the food from the comfort of their homes. Popular fast food restaurants in Enugu include Mama Onyinye Restaurant in Park Avenue, GRA. Take-away only fast foods can however be found in Shoprite at Polo Park, Spar at Okpara Square, and the Roban Stores located at Independence Avenue, Agbani Road, and Trans-Ekulu.


Lunch at Emily Restaurant

Osita Chidoka’s lunch at Emily Restaurant made him recall how successful women businesses are sometimes destroyed by competitors’ evil propaganda.

Fast casual restaurants in Nigeria include Mr. Biggs, Chicken Republic, and Sweet Sensation, all of which operate mainly in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. Only Crunchies on Rangers Avenue, Independence Layout is making a strong showing at the moment. Casual dining restaurants serve moderately priced menus in a casual atmosphere, providing table service as well. Typical examples of casual dining restaurants include Ntachi Osa, Discovery Kitchen, Celebrities and Dolphin Restaurants.

Premium casual restaurants come with both a dining section and a lounge section. This is the place to be for millennials who want to eat in a good atmosphere as well as play games or watch matches at another section. The only restaurant that comes close to this description is Roots Restaurant located at the intersection of Presidential Road and Okpara Square.

They are the ultimate in connoisseur restaurants, delivering three- or two course meals in an upscale ambience. The décor is quite rich and exotic, and the owners may decide to set some rules for patrons, such as asking each diner to dress formally or wear a tie. Diners get full table service in tables that are traditionally covered by white cloth. Most fine dining options are provided at the high end hotels in town.

Most buffet restaurants in Enugu are found in star hotels and serve mainly guests and their visitors at the hotels. It is difficult to find diners choosing to visit a hotel restaurant because of exclusive menu that they have. Most hotel menus include a selection of food that is served at a fixed price. Better known hotel menus can be found at Blue Royal Hotel, Maxbe International, and


Urgent Jobs in Enugu Hospital

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Peter Mbah Thanks Ndi-Enugu

Peter Mbah thanks Ndi-Enugu – text of the acceptance speech of the Enugu State Governor-elect, Peter Ndubuisi Mbah.

Howells & Howells Export

Howells & Howells Export is a food, agricultural and sundry products export company duly registered with the authorities as an exporter.

Ekweremadu at 60

Enugu Metro lineup of the people and places that featured at the Ekweremadu at 60 birthday anniversary celebration

Cafeteria food are served in establishments such as schools, big corporations, and hospitals. The foods are ready-cooked, and the diners serve themselves – although some patrons may wish to request attendants who also clean the tables as each diner departs. There are cafeterias serving low budget foods at the IMT, the UNEC, and Godfrey Okoye University. Big establishments such as WAEC in Enugu also run cafeterias, although their quality and taste are considerably watered down.

Enugu has a distinct ethnic cuisine with menus that have become popular nationwide. For the adventurous visitor or resident, there are food stalls that serve Igbo, Yoruba, and Riverine. It is difficult to find exclusive Nigerian ethnic restaurants in Enugu, except one patronizes roadside eateries like Nwanyi Ituku Restaurant on Presidential Road. However, the following restaurants offer a unique blend of local dishes for your delight.

The most common types of restaurants in Enugu is the Buka. Food is often served in an unpretentious local setting with fewer tables. The taste and richness of some Bukas can be quite delightful. It is for this reason that bukas such as Nwanyi Ituku on Presidential Road and .. opposite Enugu Sports Club are patronized by high profile clients who do not mind the make-shift arrangement under which they dine.

The best Enugu local delicacies are served by street food vendors. You are likely to find otherwise discriminatory diners patronizing them because of their richness and acclaimed health benefits. One can accost the itinerant food vendor wheeling his or her barrow of carrying about a pan filled with food. Among the more popular delicacies are okpa and abacha, two menus that Enugu people specialize in. Abacha (cassava flakes mixed with vegetables and dry fish) is sold in open markets while okpa (paste prepared from Bambara seeds and garnished) is a regular fare at interstate bus and taxi parks dotted around the city.

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