10 Ways to Protect Office Workers from Covid-19

Restrict visitors if you can

If it is possible to transact business remotely, it might be necessary to restrict visits to the office for those who do not need to come in. That way, you will reduce the chances of a stray visitor bringing the virus to your workplace.

Work Remotely, where possible

If the business of your company is such that employees could work from home, it is prudent to develop a process for remote tasks to be done and ask everyone to self-isolate for a given period of time. However, note that in Nigeria, this is premature at this time. If, however, a case of Covid-19 were to be uncovered in the city where you do business, it is imperative that you do this. What you can do at this time is to develop a plan to immediately implement this tactic is the virus is discovered in your city.

Monitor and rationalize local travel for workers

You could carry out every precaution in the book but if one employee travels and comes in contact with the virus, he will definitely bring it back to the office on his return, and you wont know until days later when he or she begins to manifest the symptoms. It is good to err on the side of caution and rationalize all travels to only the essential ones.

In the same way, if your employees do not have to come to the office before 10.00 a.m., it makes sense to ask some of them who ask to come later when they will not be subjected to the mad traffic that leads to human contacts.

Restrict non-essential international travel for everyone

If local travels are rationalized, it makes sense to outrightly cancel all international travels, unless they cannot be helped. Nigeria has been lucky so far. Keep in mind, however, that confirmed cases of coronavirus in Nigeria came from someone who returned from an international travel. Both the East and West are high-risk areas right now and so there is need to think twice before approving for anyone to travel overseas.

It makes sense to close schools if Covid-19 is in your city

School proprietors – including governments – should avoid competitive games and activities that bring pupils and students into close contact for extended periods of time. If possible, government could decide to mount a vigorous preventive programme for a definite period of time. If this happens, it makes sense to shut down schools within the same period.

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