Covid-19 Health News Updates

1,153 persons recover from Covid-19 since 1st May

A total of 1,153 persons have recovered from Covid-19 attack and have been discharged since the beginning of the month of May 2020, figures from daily reports of Covid-19 cases from the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) have shown.

The rate of recoveries have progressively risen week on week.

Compared to last week’s figure of 360 recovered and discharged persons, the number of discharged persons rose by more than 100 percent to close at 727 in the week that ended today 16 May.

The increase by 367 recovered persons over last week may be interpreted as a sign that healthcare providers are getting more confident in their work as more people now recover from the attacks.

There are other positive news on the fight against Covid-19, including the number of confirmed new cases which went down, from 1,763 cases last week to 1,470 cases this week.

The difference of 293 new cases between the two weeks is significant especially because a lot more persons are now being tested as a result of more molecular testing laboratories being commissioned by the Govt Agency, NCDC.

The Agency has also diversified its testing by certifying private labs to scale up the tests.

One such private lab was opened in Owerri, Imo State this week.

Death toll unfortunately remained the same at 43 deaths for each of the two weeks, bringing the total number of persons who have succumbed to Covid-19 attacks to 113 since the beginning of the month.