Novelist Aoiri Obaigbo shows with starling clarity why 2020 will go down in contemporary history as the most beautiful year.

2020, the most beautiful year the world has ever lived, is passing away without any kind word from anyone.

2020 will remain unforgettable in the history of mankind. Unforgettable for the wrong reasons; but there’s never been another year that shows the importance of life itself above the frills we have all become far too fixated with.

This is the year of the great epiphany. The year of Demystification. Unravelling of politicians, prophets and wizards of all pretensions. The year that – above every other year – justifies the self evident truth that all men are born equal before God.

2020 recalibrates— or should—all the foibles that men, women and children have come to worship as idols. Egos, trinkets, Limousines, commerce, globalism, weapons, bombs, skyscrapers, mansions, stardom, class, positions, fame, name it and every other socio-economic fetish that we have invested far too much time, energy and emotion on.

2020 drew attention to the one thing priceless and equalising – life. The breath of God which the Bible calls Roah- spirit. How precious is your breath, O lord. Every breath is a beautiful gift.

2019 was the year of ‘I wannabe a Billionaire’. An entire nation in the grip of a stupid ambition. A misbelief that money can bring happiness and fulfilment; a desire without any corresponding plan to bring existential value to the planet or create any benefit for communities. Such unsustainable dreams needed medicine and 2020 was the vaccine.

2019 was the year The Donald was boasting of spending trillions of dollars on weapons designed to kill fellow human beings. But when the ‘whitewalkers’ showed up on the shores of America, he was ill prepared to protect his people.

He’s not alone, just a famous example.

2020 would have seen many a rogue African politician, enriched by funds meant for building hospitals, slithering between Europe and America on medical vacations. But, for once, they were confined, confronted by the mess they have made.

2020, we would have heard many a prophet of lies boasting of the children they hatched with their tongues, how many husbands and contracts they forged with their gas. Visas they granted with their olive oil from Sicily. Just this once, the towers of Babylonia were silenced for a while. God alone was on His throne, the only unchanging changer.

All glory to His name.

I dare say the universal rat race had reached a Lamborghini full throttle on the bend. Driven people had their speed needles quivering at the peaks. Health, safety and the environment were meaningless words. Wives were lucky to get deep night creams and kids were lucky to see their dads on Sundays.

Life was looking rather weird, if we care to reflect. But a life without reflection had become the new normal. Even the spheres needed a sigh of relief.
Something needed to slam the breaks and coerce mandatory meditation. How is mankind without moments of reflection different from baboons without much capacity to evaluate their actions?

I appreciate that not much has been unlearned in the spew of conspiracy theories, but if you listen to the silence awhile, you’ll figure out one way or the other how 2020 was a beautiful gift wrapped in an inconvenient mask.

Merry Christmas.

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