Igbo police officers are favoured, PSC tells Ohanaeze

Igbo police officers are favoured with promotions and deployments, Police Service Commission (PSC) tells Ohanaeze Ndigbo.

The Commission said it is not true that Igbos are not treated fairly in senior officer promotions and postings.

Ohaneze President, Chief Nnia Nwodo observed that only one igbo officer made it to the Commissioner rank in the recent police promotions.

He also wondered why all Commissioners manning South East States Police Commands must come from the North.

Ohanaeze further accused the police of not allowing Igbo Officers to climb to the high echelon of the Force.

The Commission however dismissed all the objections raised by Ohaneze.

“The Commission do not and has never approved promotion … based on ethnic consideration,” the Commission said in a statement.

Pomotion to Commissioner of Police rank is based on “availability of vacancies, seniority, free of any pending disciplinary matter, and merit.”

The exceptions are “in few cases of special promotion,” Commission spokesperson, Mr. Ikechukwu Ani, who signed the statement said.

“Even for special promotion, there are laid down rules, regulations and conditions which an Officer must satisfy,” Ani explained.

The officer, he said, “must have stayed two years in a rank; must not have had any special
Promotion in the immediate past five years and must not have a pending disciplinary matter.”

He also said the Inspector General is allowed to recommend qualified and deserving Officers to the Commission for Promotion.

‘Igbos are in high ranking positions’

The Police Service Commission also rejected insinuations that the police commands in the south east are manned by “northerners” only.

“The CPs for Imo, Abia and Anambra states Commands are not Northerners. Only the CPs for Enugu and Ebonyi are from the North just as there are Igbo CPs in other Zones.

“The CP for Bayelsa and Oyo States are Igbos. There are also many other Igbo sons who are Commissioners of Police of different Police formations in the country.

“It is also not true that not many Igbo Officers are in the high echelon of the Force.

“Just recently, an Igbo son, former Commissioner of Police in charge of Police Budget who was promoted a Deputy Inspector General of Police was deployed as DIG A, that is overseeing Administration and Finance, a very sensitive Department in the Police Management team.

“The Commission wishes to assure the leadership of the OHANEZE Ndigbo that it will at no time consciously marginalize any section of the country in the Promotion and deployment of senior Police Officers.

“The Commission will continue to be guided by the established rules guiding Promotions in the police and in the larger interest of the Nigerian nation.”

Police Service Commission takes Ohanaeze to the cleaners over claims that igbo police officers are not favoured in appointments.

Enugu After Hours


Where do you go after hours to check’s cooking in the city after a hard days work or an exhausting sightseeing tour? It’s Enugu Metro After Hours first. Here you’ll see our lineup of a fine collection of lounges and bars, niteclubs, garden bars, standing bands and casinos.

We have the lowdown on all the watering holes that residents and visitors retire to after a hard days job. These include casinos in Enugu, Garden Bars in Enugu, Lounges in Enugu, Night Clubs in Enugu, Standing Bands in Enugu. Here is a sample!

Showcase your coming Events

Do you have a show or event coming up soon in the coal City? Here is an opportunity to showcase it for a targeted audience. Let’s talk.

Bars & Lounges

Bars and lounges

Music & Movies

music and movies
Diamond | Fridays | 14.30 | N3,500

Most watched Nollywood Movies on Youtube

Coming Soon: The Most Watched Nollywood Movies on YouTube in 2021. Will these movies be displaced this year?

Where do you go after hours to check’s cooking in the city after a hard days work or an exhausting sightseeing tour? It’s first. Here you’ll see our lineup of a fine collection of lounges and bars, niteclubs, garden bars, standing bands and casinos. We have the lowdown on all the watering holes that residents and visitors retire to after a hard days job. These include casinos in Enugu, Garden Bars in Enugu, Lounges in Enugu, Night Clubs in Enugu, Standing Bands in Enugu. Here is a sample!

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Arts & Theatre


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Weekend Enugu music and movies

Enugu City Arts Scene

Enugu, the coal City has a very healthy and burgeoning arts scene. As a result, the Coal City has always been the watering hole for the art connoisseur.

With five universities and a polytechnic famous for its arts school, all located in the heart of the city. This is why quite a lot of artists and artistes retire to Enugu to enjoy its serene ambience. It is therefore inevitable that the Coal City will become, and has become an important destination for art enthusiasts.

Enugu Arts Calendar

There are two major art attractions that will delight the visitor. One happens bi-weekly – the performances at the Enugu Literary Society (ELS).

Enugu Literary Society

Slam Master, Ike Okere, the poet who was head of Enugu Zonal Station of Radio Nigeria, does his best to promote the Enugu Literary Society (ELS).

The other is a year-long artfest that is taken round the country, evaluating and creating a shortlist of spectacular artworks by budding artists. The Life in My City Arts Festival (LIMCAF) ship eventually berths at IMT Enugu where the finalists slug it out for the diadem.

The Obi of Onitsha and the redoubtable Mr. Kevin Ejiofor have for over a decade now been promoting the Life in My City Arts Festival which climaxes with a command performance in the Coal City.

There are many other art and literary societies doing different things in enugu. One has to pay attention to the announcements that always come on radio and through the social media regarding these events.


There are two famous cinemas in Enugu – Diamond and Viva Cinemas. Incidentally both of them are located in the two biggest malls in Enugu. One is at independence Layout and the other the is at the famous Polo Park which is housing Shoprite.


dispossessed wins ANA Poetry Award

dispossessed by James eze wins ANA poetry prize

dispossessed,’ a first collection of poems written by James Eze wins the 2020 Association of Nigerian Authors, ANA, Poetry Prize…. MORE

Enugu City Arts Scene

Register, link phone to NIN using free SMS codes

Federal authorities and telephone companies announce easy ways to register, link phone numbers to the NIN – the national-ID numbers database.

Authorities have extended the deadline for linking of phone numbers to NIN from 30 December 2020 to 9 February 2021.

Subscribers continue to enjoy free SMS services during the period of extension, NIMC said in a statement released 20 December.

READ: Where to register for NIN in Enugu

All four major networks, led by MTN, established SMS link codes to enable their subscribers seamlessly integrate their numbers.

Here are linking methods published by telcos:

MTN Subscribers
  • Dial *785# using the phone number you wish to link, enter your NIN and submit or;
  • Dial *785#Your NIN# from the phone number you wish to link. The number will be linked to your NIN automatically.
  • Visit https://mtnonline.com/nim/ online
  • Complete the NIN linking form by entering your name, phone number, NIN, and email address.
  • Submit the form
  • Wait for feedback from the network.
Airtel Subscribers
  • Dial *121# from the Airtel line you wish to link.
  • Type 1 for “NIN Capture” and send.
  • Enter your 11-digit NIN and send.
  • Wait for confirming message
  • If you get error message, wait a while and retry
Glo Subscribers
  • Type UPDATENIN NIN FirstName LastName
  • Send to 109 as SMS.
  • You’ll receive an SMS that your NIN has been successfully received.
9Mobile Subscribers
  • Dial *200*8#
  • Check 1 to display your NIN or 2 for your 11-digit NIN.
  • Enter 1*NIN#
  • You will receive a confirmation message that NIN has been received.
  • You can also link by visiting the website 9mobile.com.ng/nin

To check your NIN status

  • Dial *346# from your line.

To register for NIN in Enugu

Enugu Metro has a comprehensive listing of the locations to register for National Identity and get their National Identification Number (NIN) in Enugu State.

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Use established SMS codes between now and 9 February 2021 to retrieve your National-ID numbers and register link phone to the NIN database. SMS Service is free of charge for MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9Mobile.

Or share in your popular networks below.

At last, the thing that makes Christmas special!

Poet James Eze, author of award-winning collection, “dispossessed“, announces arrival in Enugu of the thing that makes Christmas so special.

It arrived this morning…like a tender flame through the sleepy eyes of the night. It whispered on my window like the finest notes from a flute; insinuating a gentler sleep and leaving me awash with reveries of my childhood.

Just the day before, I had chuckled at the prospect of Christmas without harmattan. ‘A Christmas without harmattan, is that one a Christmas?’

I see from my window, the trees around the little lake in my neighborhood shiver in the wind. And I wonder if my neighbours are just as happy as I am that Christmas today is clothed in harmattan!

Looking back now, it’s clearer to me what made Christmas special to me when I was a boy. It was not only the sudden abundance of choice meals and the smell of new Christmas clothes and shoes; it was not the carnival atmosphere that wrapped up everyday like a gift, nor was it the euphoria of finding oneself in the midst of happy families and friends. It couldn’t have been any of that.

It was the harmattan.

The magic of the season…the imperial seizure of the entire atmosphere by strong, cold winds from the Sahara, raking up dust and turning everything brittle to touch. It was its cold cloying embrace of everything in its way; leaving cracked lips and making wooden beds and doors creak at the gentlest of touches. It was the unbidden dance of the trees in the gentle wind, the palm trees swaying their long braided hair this way and that and the sudden flare of the whirlwind, spinning and spinning until it gathers enough of Nsukka’s red dust and dirt to splash across the four winds.

That is Christmas to me.

As I lay in my bed this afternoon, I hear the door moan in the hinges. Outside, I see from my window, the trees around the little lake in my neighborhood shiver in the wind. And I wonder if my neighbours all over Nike are just as happy as I am that finally, this Christmas is clothed in harmattan! Clothed in dust and cold and dryness of the lips and palms.

Hello Christmas!

  • You can order copies of “dispossessed” from most online stores here.

Let trafficking in awards end with 2020

Sam Amadi
Sam Amadi

The search for excellence in Nigeria will truly begin when we let go and end trafficking in awards and honours.

Honors matter as a signaling of what the nation is and wants to become. If honors are dishonorable or become things that money can buy, then our future does not look that good

Dr. Sam Amadi

In 2021 Nigerians should abandon one thing: undue honor. We honor ourselves so easily.

Virtually every month I receive notice of intention to confer on me one award or the other. They always say I am being honored for excellence in one thing or the other. Honestly, I often scratch my head to see this excellence. As the Igbos say, “Kanu gara army e le boot ya” (if Kanu went to war where is his military boot?) It is true may be I am trying a little bit more than most but really we have not yet got to the point of true excellence.

We are on the journey.

So, in 2021, let there be less honors. Let us honor few people who really did some things that are truly extraordinary. I am tired of seeing entities offer awards that really recognize nothing. Worst is when everyone of note must win something. So we use awards as a tool for the Nigerian thing of ensuring no one loses. We are all winners.

May be we are no longer an honorable society so our honors are no longer worthy of the name hence they are on the market for the highest buyers.

You cannot buy honour

Can you imagine being asked to pay money after being literally forced to accept an award? I have rejected many such awards and a few I have accepted when I am convinced of its good faith and non-monetary basis only to get begged by the promoters that they need my widow’s support to cover cost of plaques, etc. If the award is honorable in itself, please put it in a piece of paper. I will gladly accept it. The hood does not make the monk.

Obviously, Nigerian award givers don’t agree with Professor Michael Sandel who argues that honor is one of those things money cannot buy. In his book, “What Money Can’t Buy,” he argues that money cannot buy honors like the Nobel Prize not because the Nobel Committee doesn’t offer the prize for a fee, but because “The market exchange would dissolve the good you are seeking. To buy it is to undermine the good you are seeking.” Is the famous philosopher dead wrong or are Nigerians so ‘non-econs’ that they defeat the rational incentive not to pay for honors that are dissolved by fees?

Anyway, let the trafficking in awards and honor in Nigeria end on December 31,2020. Let it be one of those rags we burn as a ritual for a favorable 2021. Honors matter as a signaling of what the nation is and wants to become. If honors are dishonorable or become things that money can buy, then our future does not look that good.

Let’s restore honorable to our honors in 2021.

Last line: There are appropriate and inappropriate honors. I rejected High Chief from the entire local government twice. I think High Chief Sam Amadi will sound so untrue and archaic.

2020 is the most beautiful year!

Novelist Aoiri Obaigbo shows with starling clarity why 2020 will go down in contemporary history as the most beautiful year.

Aoiri Obaigbo
Aoiri Obaigbo

Aoiri is a creative writer, photographer and physical training instructor. He’s the author of the fictional novel, The Wretched Billionaire

2020, the most beautiful year the world has ever lived, is passing away without any kind word from anyone.

2020 will remain unforgettable in the history of mankind. Unforgettable for the wrong reasons; but there’s never been another year that shows the importance of life itself above the frills we have all become far too fixated with.

This is the year of the great epiphany. The year of Demystification. Unravelling of politicians, prophets and wizards of all pretensions. The year that – above every other year – justifies the self evident truth that all men are born equal before God.

2020 recalibrates— or should—all the foibles that men, women and children have come to worship as idols. Egos, trinkets, Limousines, commerce, globalism, weapons, bombs, skyscrapers, mansions, stardom, class, positions, fame, name it and every other socio-economic fetish that we have invested far too much time, energy and emotion on.

2020 drew attention to the one thing priceless and equalising – life. The breath of God which the Bible calls Roah- spirit. How precious is your breath, O lord. Every breath is a beautiful gift.

2019 was the year of ‘I wannabe a Billionaire’. An entire nation in the grip of a stupid ambition. A misbelief that money can bring happiness and fulfilment; a desire without any corresponding plan to bring existential value to the planet or create any benefit for communities. Such unsustainable dreams needed medicine and 2020 was the vaccine.

2019 was the year The Donald was boasting of spending trillions of dollars on weapons designed to kill fellow human beings. But when the ‘whitewalkers’ showed up on the shores of America, he was ill prepared to protect his people.

He’s not alone, just a famous example.

2020 would have seen many a rogue African politician, enriched by funds meant for building hospitals, slithering between Europe and America on medical vacations. But, for once, they were confined, confronted by the mess they have made.

2020, we would have heard many a prophet of lies boasting of the children they hatched with their tongues, how many husbands and contracts they forged with their gas. Visas they granted with their olive oil from Sicily. Just this once, the towers of Babylonia were silenced for a while. God alone was on His throne, the only unchanging changer.

All glory to His name.

I dare say the universal rat race had reached a Lamborghini full throttle on the bend. Driven people had their speed needles quivering at the peaks. Health, safety and the environment were meaningless words. Wives were lucky to get deep night creams and kids were lucky to see their dads on Sundays.

Life was looking rather weird, if we care to reflect. But a life without reflection had become the new normal. Even the spheres needed a sigh of relief.
Something needed to slam the breaks and coerce mandatory meditation. How is mankind without moments of reflection different from baboons without much capacity to evaluate their actions?

I appreciate that not much has been unlearned in the spew of conspiracy theories, but if you listen to the silence awhile, you’ll figure out one way or the other how 2020 was a beautiful gift wrapped in an inconvenient mask.

Merry Christmas.

ASUU and its weapon of mass destruction

Editor, ABRAHAM OGBODO, sees ASUU strikes as weapon of mass destruction and a manifestation of poor problem-solving capacity by the country’s best brains.

Abraham Ogbodo
Abraham Ogbodo

Ogbodo, veteran journalist, is a former editor of The Guardian, the Lagos-based flagship of Nigerian journalism.

Any human problem that tasks the university system can only be taken to God for determination. But here we are with ASUU for decades unable to apply a fresh strategy outside strike actions to solve the simple problem of university funding in Nigeria.

ASUU has proved over the years to exist on the same pedestal with trade associations which understand no other language outside strike actions.

Remember, we are discussing inhabitants of universities, the citadel of learning, ivory towers and centres of creativity. We are not discussing a collection of lowly unionists. ASUU members are the best collection of brains the Nigerian society can offer at any point in time.

In the real sense, any human problem that tasks the university system can only be taken to God for determination. But here we are with ASUU for decades unable to apply a fresh strategy outside strike actions to solve the simple problem of university funding in Nigeria. There can never be a bigger shame and devaluation of scholarship than the unchangeable strategy ASUU has applied to engage government on the all- important matter of tertiary education funding for more than three decades.

Pause and take a census of how many ASUU members have found themselves in government at both the executive and legislative levels since the start of this battle. They are many including two presidents (Yara’Adua and Jonathan), a vice president, Yemi Osibanjo, all the ministers of education. There are some other ministers and heads of agencies including Prof. Atahiru, the very man who defined this new recalcitrant face of ASUU that sees endless strikes as a fundamental duty. There have been even more ASUU members at the state level as commissioners of education.

Solutions abound

Who then is this faceless Government that has made university funding impossible in Nigeria? ASUU can work through its thousands of members in government to extract the best deals for the universities. If they can’t, the problem therefore is character deficit and not cash deficit.

Again, in the university scheme of things, there is something called the gown meeting the town. And it is not difficult to achieve. It is done through the creative commercialisation of university facilities like laboratories with private entrepreneurs that causes no harm to anybody. Commercialisation of inventions and patents, consultancy services, foreign research funding, light manufacturing and a lot more are all options available to serious universities to get around the problem of funding. In fact, this is how universities are run in saner climes.

Pause again and look at the TERFUND initiative that at once seems like another solution. Imagine the opaqueness and lack of accountability that have attended the utilisation of the fund by some Vice Chancellors!

New image for ASUU members

ASUU has by its method created a new image for university teachers. Many now see them as cheap hustlers angling for a piece of the cake after which their loud protesting voices and consciences die naturally behind some big desks in government offices.

Strike has become ASUU’s weapon of mass destruction, causing endless pains to parents and their wards. Now, ASUU has become stuck in strike! To stop and peer review for a better approach, no way! If you ask me, I will say insanity has set into the ASUU’s struggles. Or, how else is insanity defined if different results are expected from doing the same thing!

Successive ASUU’s leaderships since the time of Prof. Jega have seen the declaration of trade disputes to allegedly force government back to some previous agreement as the shortest route to instant fame in the university system. For instance, Prof Ukachukwu as ASUU’s President actually sounded fatalistic and looked prepared to end tertiary education in Nigeria if government did not listen. He was appointed a VC and nothing has been heard of him ever since!

ASUU has by its method has created a new image for university teachers. Many now see them as cheap hustlers angling for a piece of the cake after which their loud protesting voices and consciences die naturally behind some big desks in government offices.

Why President Buhari put Nigeria on lockdown, again

President Buhari approves request by Covid-19 Task Force to put Nigeria on lockdown, again, to prevent escalation of second wave.

Enugu Metro checks indicate that the Task Force favoured drastic measures as a result of last week’s spike in infections.

  • Civil Servants below GL12 to stay home
  • Schools won’t reopen before 18 January 2021
  • Large social gatherings restricted
  • Restrictions placed on Religious gatherings
  • Entertainment places banned

The measures aim to restrict excessive merriment and indiscrinate mingling of those who defied official advice to shelve Christmas trips.

Nigeria is witnessing a massive movement of people who embark on December journeys especially to the South East region.

The pandemic does not seem to faze holiday makers who are braving odds to make it to their villages for Christmas.

One official privy to discussions leading to the decision told Enugu Metro that PTF members felt it was better “to be safe than sorry.”

“The massive surge of travellers for the Chinese New Year celebration assisted rapid worldwide spread of the disease,” she recalled.

What persuaded government to act was however the rising cases of Covid-19 infections recorded in the last two weeks.

Last week’s 5,178 new COVID-19 infections represent a 35 percent jump from previous week’s figure of 3,817 confirmed infections.

The country confirmed 1,145 cases on Thursday, a new daily record since the Coronavirus made a landfall in February.

Figures collated from NCDC reports over the past two weeks look similar to those that were returned between June and July at the height of the first wave.

Mr. Mustapha acknowledged yesterday that Nigeria is officially at the mercy of a second wave of Covid-19 infections.

“We stand the risk of not just losing the gains from the hard work of the last nine months but also losing the precious lives of our citizens.”

New lockdown directives

At today’s briefing, Mustapha who is PTF chair and Secretary to Government, directed Civil Servants below GL12 to stay home for five weeks.

He also directed that no school in the country should reopen before 18 January 2021.

Bars, nightclubs, pubs, event centres and other recreational venues are to be shut to customers, he said.

Transporters are to reduce vehicle passenger capacity by half and ensure that everyone observes established protocols.

He made an exception for restaurants which “provide services to hotel residents,” and those that serve takeaways, home deliveries and drive-ins.”

Festivities and Religious Gatherings

Government has also asked that not more than 50 persons should be present at any informal and formal festivity events.

Mustapha listed such events as “weddings, conferences, congresses, office parties, concerts, seminars, sporting activities, and end-of-year events.”

Managers of religious facilities were asked to ensure that they use 50 percent of sitting capacity to maintain social distancing.

Worshippers at religious events and people appearing in public places must wear face masks, Mustapha said.

President Buhari approved for Nigeria to be put on lockdown for a second time due to a spike in Covid-19 cases and surge in Christmas holiday travels.

Enugu employs 1000 youths as forest guards, traffic officers

The Enugu State Civil Service employs 1000 youths as forest guards and traffic wardens, beginning from tomorrow 22 December.

Head of the State Civil Service, Mr. Ken Chukwuegbo, broke the news today in a statement he personally signed.

The rectuits will be shared equally between the two paramilitary outfits.

Only youths between 18 and 35 years with a minimum of secondary school certificate are encouraged to apply, he said.

The State Government says it has paid for the positions to be advertised in three newspapers tomorrow (see announcement).

Here’s the announcement: