Ponzi schemers and these hard times

Dr. Godwin Ehigiamusoe shows why greed is not the only trigger for those who fall victim of Ponzi Schemers especially in hard times. And how potential victims can be assisted.

Ponzi schemers in hard times

I am of the sense that ‘desperate’ potential victims of ponzi schemes should be saved from themselves

While several people are agonizing over huge losses to Ponzi schemes that have gone burst ; the brood of these viper-scammers is expanding and surprisingly with many ready patrons/investors.

On popular morning shows on radio , you hear them, usually smooth and fast talking about ‘financial freedom ‘ and ‘multiple income streams’ . They invite unsuspecting listeners to ‘life changing seminars’. They give out contact telephone numbers with active support of excited radio anchors

At the airport they audaciously approach you with ‘farming ‘ proposal which you only need to ‘invest’ in , and reap interest at mouth watering rates.

“Thirty percent in six months. If you invest bigger amount you can earn more,” they would tell you smiling.

I once cornered one and wanted to know which agricultural enterprise could bring more that 15% even in a year. The well-dressed lady looked vacantly as she was clueless.

“This is Ponzi scheme” was my loud verdict to her and she meekly walked away.

In places of worship, the scammers are in abundance telling unsuspecting (greed prone) members that their ‘breakthrough’ has finally arrived! That they usually and frequently ‘sow’ heavy ‘seeds.

They are left to operate freely.

Why do people still fall for these schemes?

Greed you may say. Greed of the ‘operators’ and of their victims.

It equally has some psychological explanations. In difficult times as these, people are desperate to escape from grinding poverty. They turn to any chance of getting abundance they cannot normally achieve.

This explains why almost every house has a betting office now in our cities, just as the low income and lower middle class are more of victims of Ponzi schemes.

I am of the sense that ‘desperate’ potential victims should be saved from themselves by the following:

  • Relevant agencies nipping any Ponzi scheme in the bud before they claim more victims
  • Mass media especially, radio houses, to be discreet in providing airtime to persons or organizations promoting any scheme or money-related initiative
  • Relevant government agencies to provide telephone contacts and
  • Citizens to provide an alert on any emerging Ponzi scheme.

We must all act to hold back desperate potential victims from harming themselves.

Dr. Godwin Ehigiamusoe is the founder of LAPO, facilitating access to opportunities for the low income group.

Ponzi schemers and these hard times

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The example of Charity Maduka, co-founder, Coscharis

C. Don. Adinuba draws many lessons from the example of Mrs Charity Nchedo Maduka, co-founder of the Coscharis Group who died on 27 November 2021

The example of Charity Maduka
C. Don Adinuba

There are at least four important lessons enterpreneurs need to learn from Mr and Mrs Maduka, apart from their integrity, hard work and perseverance. They are frugality, unity between them, trust and intense spirituality.

Late Mrs. Charity Maduka was not just the wife of the chairman of one of Nigeria’s most successful businesses. She was the co-founder of the Coscharis conglomerate.  Coscharis is a neologism derived from the names, Cosmas and Charity.

The couple married at an early age in their Nnewi hometown with practically no financial resources and with limited formal education, but with hard work, vision, commitment and integrity turned their humble buying and selling business into a billion dollar conglomerate within a short period, with interests in automobile distribution, vehicle assembly, sale of fast moving automobile accessories, farming and so on.
The government and people of Anambra State were delighted when a few years ago the Coscharis Group decided to set up a humungous modern farm in the state in response to the government’s Think Home campaign which seeks to create or raise the consciousness of investors from the state about the imperative of establishing businesses at home.
Coscharis has today one of the largest farms in the Southeast geopolitical zone, and it is located in Anaku, headquarters of Ayamelum Local Government Area. The farm has a sophisticated irrigation system, complete with a modern big dam, thus enabling it to engage in both rainy and dry season rice farming.

The example of Charity Maduka
The Madukas

Both Mr Cosmas and Mrs Charity Maduka scored a bully’s eye on October 2, 2019, when Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State, Governor Abubakar Bagudu of Kebbi State and Central Bank of Nigeria Governor Godwin Emefiele commissioned the $300m Coscharis Rice Mill at Igbariam, Anambra East LGA, the largest rice processing factory in the Southeast.        
Governor Bagudu came all the way from Kebbi to find out how Coscharis Rice Mill could process rice from his state, the largest rice-producing state in Nigeria. Stines Rice Mill in Amichi, Nnewi South LGA, has been processing the famous Lake Rice brand in for both Kebbi and Lagos states in their joint venture.
 Coscharis Rice is among the best rice brands in the Nigerian market.
There are at least four important lessons enterpreneurs need to learn from Mr and Mrs Maduka, apart from their integrity, hard work and perseverance. They are frugality, unity between them, trust and intense spirituality.
Despite making a fortune over the decades, the couple has avoided ostentation and showmanship which has enabled it to have a high savings rate, a major driver of fast business growth and rapid national development across the globe. The Chinese enterpreneurs and Warren Buffet of the United States are ready examples in this respect.
It is heartwarming that fortune did not cause Cosmas and Charity Maduka to have a shaken marriage, in contrast to many other marriages in Nigeria and elsewhere.
It is also remarkable that they trusted each other absolutely up to the point Mrs Maduka breathed her last on Saturday. Mr Maduka has been quoted many times as saying that his wife could withdraw as much as N10 billion without reference to him or obtain credit to this amount unilaterally. Yet, there is no instance of how the high level of trust has been abused. As research has demonstrated, trust is not just a personal virtue but also the basis of prosperity.
In spite of their affluence, the couple is known for their intense spirituality. They have in recent years been seen preaching the gospel even in markets and parks. Their deep spirituality explains, to a large extent, their humility and integrity and other virtues which drive rapid business growth.

The example of Charity Maduka

The example of Charity Maduka

Mrs. Maduka died on Saturday 27 November 2021 at her home town of Nnewi.

Airlines raise Enugu, Owerri fares for the Christmas holiday

As is their practice, commercial airlines flying to the Southeast raise fares for Enugu, Owerri airports for Christmas holiday travelers.

Airpeace, Dana, and Ibom Air will also not sell online tickets for trips to Enugu and Owerri after 15 December.

Thus, if you plan to travel by air to the Southeast this Christmas, get ready to pay through the nose.

As at today Airpeace Airlines has a five-day window (10 – 25 December) within which to purchase an online, one-way economy ticket for N95,000.

Airpeace AirlineN95,000
United NigeriaN50k – N69,000
Dana AirN80,100
Ibom Air N65,000

Thus, after 15 December, there won’t be any online sales; the cost of travel will further skyrocket at airport counters.

Comparatively, Ibom Air is selling one-way economy class tickets for N65,000 for flights between 10 and 15 December to Enugu.

The airline does not fly to Owerri from Abuja.

After 15 December, online ticket purchases at Ibom also cease and passengers are at the mercy of staff at airport counters.

United Nigerian Airlines and Dana Airlines have however kept their online window open beyond 15 December.

While the United window is open until 18 December, Dana tickets are sold online throughout the period.

Dana Air is therefore the only airline that has kept its online window open through the period.

The Dana situation may however change with expected onrush of bookings this week.

Dana tickets are however not cheap as from 15 December. A one-way ticket to the two destinations costs N80,100 from both Abuja and Lagos.

United Nigeria, on the other hand, sells a one-way ticket at between N50,000 and N68,000.

Travels to the Southeast has always been a tiresome bother as both land and air transporters use the period to fleece passengers.

Christmas travels in year 2021 appear to follow the pattern of suffering for those with plans to visit the Southeast states.

Airlines raise Enugu, Owerri fares

Coscharis boss loses wife, Nchedo Maduka

Chief Cosmas Maduka, Coscharis boss, loses wife, Nchedo Charity last Saturday at Nnewi, Anambra State.

Mrs. Nchedo Charity Maduka, wife of billionaire Industrialist Cosmas Maduka of Coscharis Group, has died.

Born 24 December 1958, she would have celebrated her 63rd birthday 25 days from today.

Family sources said she died of stroke at her Nnewi hometown residence, Anambra State, last Saturday 27 November.

She was Vice President of Coscharis Group and a pillar of support to her husband of 43 years.

Coscharis boss loses wife
The Madukas

Their marriage is blessed with four children, three boys and a girl who is named after her mother Charity.

There is as yet no official announcement of her passing.

The Punch newspaper however quotes her daughter to have confirmed the death in a telephone conversation.

Enugu Metro wishes the Maduka family strength to bear the loss.

Anambra Govt mourns

Gov. Willie Obiano last night condoled with the Madukas on the loss of the matriarch.

Govt. Spokesperson, Chief C. Don Adinuba said in a statement that the news was received with shock.
The Governor, he said, has called the husband to commiserate with him on the death of “his soul mate” and prayed with him.
“She was a worthy ambassador of the womenfolk everywhere”, Obiano said in the statement.

Coscharis boss loses wife

Ikpeazu’s self-assault in the public arena

Chido Nwakanma looks at and beyond Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu’s self-assault and gives a backhanded salute to a Southeast governor ruling his people from Texas, USA.

Persons who defend Abia State Governor Okezie Ikpeazu have come out with many angles and perspectives since his recent disrobing.

Ikechi Enwereji urges critics to criticise Ikpeazu with wisdom. What is the insight he proffers? He says that the poor state of things dates to 16 years before Ikpeazu. He then submits that Ikpeazu has done more of the Aba Roads than anyone before him.

“All the major failed roads that every Tom, Dick, and Harry is now pointing at, in Aba and other Abia roads, did not get worse during Ikpeazu’s time. They existed before he assumed office. The roads leading to my village, Umuola Okpulor (i.e. Ehere Road, Umuola Road, and other surrounding roads), got so bad that even plantain trees began to grow in the middle of the road.

Today, the story has changed courtesy of Ikpeazu’s administration. I can drive through to my town unhindered because the roads have been reconstructed and so many others he has done.”

Enwereji submits that Ikpeazu’s opponents paid critics to raise the issues trending.

A key question to ask Enwereji is: Who paid you to defend a governor who has failed expectations? Who is sponsoring you?

I am not too fond of the lazy imputation of motives to everyone with a contrary word. We can be more charitable.

The defence of blaming those before Ikpeazu is hogwash, does not hold. He is the man in office and has had six years to effect changes. You cannot praise him for the good he has done in those six years and then walk back sixteen years before him for his failings.

More significantly, our Governor should stand or fall on his record. How do you owe teachers, healthcare workers and more for more than two years? What is the excuse for such crass ineptitude in public administration? Would you please mount a robust defence for the Governor rather than this jejune stuff?

Appointees are to blame?

Ikpeazu’s self-assault

O C Charles shifted the blame to political appointees of the Governor. He said they should go to the media, buy space if necessary and defend the government. Nice as it sounds, Mr Charles falls into a familiar fallacy. It is not the number and frequency of media appearances by aides that would change perceptions of the administration. Citizens are neither blind nor deaf. They can see, and they can hear what fellow citizens are experiencing. If a road is terrible, no number of media claims will change that fact.

What counts is action.

It counted for the Governor and the PDP during the Aba Federal Constituency by-election earlier this 2021. ABSG had newly fixed most of the roads, and they held the promise of a new vista. Citizens could see. They reasoned it and did the needful.

Self-inflicted assault

Governor Okezie Ikpeazu brought current criticisms on himself. Ihu la ihe imere onwe gi public assault la ime onyonyo Channels TV?

First, the much-acclaimed Faulks Road reconstruction failed spectacularly less than six months after the opening. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall! This fall was the result of poor decision making in the choice of a contractor. I remember watching the governor heap accolades on the contractor. Official publicists rhapsodised about “rigid pavement technology” and how it would deliver roads of a minimum twenty years span. Note that this was not the contractor earlier advertised to do the job.

A similar failing is responsible for the embarrassment of the Ikpeazu Centre Table on Port Harcourt Road. The bridge is too low such that it cannot take vehicles such as trailers and trucks. It is on a federal road, so the relevant authorities declined approval. Who chose the contractor? Who has failed to eat humble pie all these years to knock down the gada and rebuild it?

Ikpeazu went on air and made a mess of articulating his policy. Rather than speak to the strengths and high points of the state’s maternal care provisions, he spoke as one without a social filter. He boasted about giving N500 to newly delivered mothers. The incredulous interviewer asked, and the Governor boldly confirmed the figure. It is a shame that Abia State disdains the rural poor so much and puts salt on their wound with such miserly stipend supposedly as support.

That statement triggered attention to the many other sins of owing critical segments of the state’s workforce for two years. He is getting deserved public censure. Even the Buhari Media Group rose to six feet in tackling Ikpeazu!

Great expectations attended Okezie Victor Ikpeazu. He represented a geopolitical leaning. I was one of those who rejoiced and voiced these expectations.

One of the expectations was that he would change the narrative of Aba. Citizens are still waiting even as the ABSG tries to claim kudos for the Afrexim Bank approval of $50m loans to the power project in the city. They should know that the project Prof Barth Nnaji spearheads predates their office. Even so, Governor Ikpeazu deserves plaudits for helping to push that cause.

He did well, but…

Ikpeazu’s self-assault

There are many causes and projects to push in Aba and Abia State. The Enyimba City project awaits delivery, as does the inland container terminal. Then ABSG made considerable noise about getting the oil firms to play fair with our folks at Owaza and the larger oil-producing Ukwa communities. Then silence.

Citizens did not expect Ikpeazu’s failure to build the new Abia State Government House, preferring to reprise a Camp Neya Igbere of a former governor with Camp Okezie in Umuobiakwa. Would you please achieve for the state before self?

Okezie Victor Ikpeazu has done well in many areas, including being Chief Brand Ambassador for ABA small-scale enterprise and fashion. Kudos. Unfortunately, he has scored Does Not Meet in critical metrics.

Ikpeazu and his team should change the narrative. He should increase the amount they give to mothers who deliver. Abia should pay teachers, healthcare workers, and all the other workers that Abia State owes. Ikpeazu should replace the Centre Table, fix the fault on Faulks Road, tackle Port Harcort Road, and regain his pips and a good public standing.

Ikpeazu’s self-assault

Texas man, Willie Obiano

Did you hear the defence for Willie Obiano by the Anambra State Government? In defending the Governor against the media trial by EFCC, Anambra State Government worsened the matter.

The statement said Governor Obiano is away; he has four months to govern the state, after which he will return to his country, Texas, in the United States.

The statement boasted that the Governor had already told the elders and leaders of Anambra State about his plans to abandon them.

Please understand the statement.

  1. It confirms that Governor Willie Obiano is regularly absent from running the government of Anambra State. He does so without formally handing it over to his deputy, as the constitution stipulates.
  2. Willie Obiano confirms that though he ruled over Anambra State for eight years, he does not consider it his home and will leave for his home state of Texas in March 2022.
  3. Obiano disdains Anambra and its people.
  4. Many traducers consider Obiano a failure, with statements and actions such as this as the trigger.
  5. It is about perception: people’s behaviour draws on their perception of reality, not reality itself.
  6. Sadly, the Anambra State Government has made this perception real.

Ikpeazu’s self-assault

Qatar Airways to fly Enugu route, challenges Ethiopian

Qatar Airways is to fly Enugu route soon, challenges monopoly enjoyed by Ethiopian Airlines on lucrative Nigeria routes.

Ethiopian Airlines resumed flights on the route on 9 October 2021 after delays by Nigerian aviation authorities.

The Nigerian Embassy in Doha, Qatar, broke the news after a meeting between diplomats from the two countries.

An embassy statement said the Qatari airline also plans to fly Kano and Port Harcourt airports routes as well.

The Permanent Secretary of Nigeria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Gabriel Aduda, represented Nigeria at the meeting, the statement said.

He was however accompanied by Nigeria’s Ambassador Yakubu Ahmed, and Head of Chancery at the Qatari Embassy, Kimiebi Ebienfa.

They met with the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Qatar, Dr. Ahmed bin Hassan Al Hammadi, in Doha.

The Nigerian representatives requested Qatar to relax visa restrictions on intending visitors and work visa for Nigerian professionals.

Under the Goodluck Jonathan administration, Nigeria established diplomatic relations with Qatar in 2013.

Qatar’s bold move

Qatar Airways currently operates direct flight to Abuja from Doha.

The Enugu Airport code, ENU, is now on Qatar’s online list of flight destinations.

In addition to Enugu, the airline also plans to fly two other routes namely Kano and Port Harcourt, the statement said.

The move signals another step by Qatar Airways to challenge Ethiopian Airlines dominance of the African route.

Qatar Airways is to fly Enugu route soon

Enugu killer policeman dismissed, to be charged

Enugu killer policeman who reportedly shot five persons dead and wounded four is dismissed and will be charged to court.

Enugu Police Command announced the dismissal and planned prosecution of policeman at the weekend.

The unfortunate multiple shootings occured at the Golf Estate roundabout, Enugu on 20 June this year.

Command spokesperson Daniel Ndukwe said in Enugu that police authorities approved the Command’s recommendation of dismissal and prosecution.

The recommendation however arose from disciplinary trial and investigation of the Enugu multiple shootings, Ndukwe said.

He identified the policeman as Inspector Edem Ebong then serving in the Special Protection Unit (SPU), Base 9 Umuahia.

He however did not name the victims.

Police Inspector Ebong apparently accompanied an unnamed VIP to the Coal City where the unfortunate killings took place.

Witnesses told Enugu Metro that the trigger-happy cop killed five pedestrians and wounded four others at the Golf Estate, Enugu.

He positioned himself at the Golf Estate roundabout and began picking off passersby with his gun, eyewitnesses recounted.

Bystanders initially thought he was playing with his gun until five persons fell lifeless and four others began howling with pain.

Ebong was consequently overpowered and taken into custody by officers of the Enugu State Police Command.

Police Assistant Inspector-General in charge of Zone 13, Mr Muri Musa approved the recommended punishment, Ndukwe said.

Ndukwe said his boss assured Enugu Citizens police readiness “to deal decisively with police officers found culpable in disciplinary offences.”

He listed the offences as “breach codes of conduct, rules of engagement and standard operating procedures.”

Senate action

The unprovoked shooting attracted the attention of the Nigerian Senate which passed a resolution to condemn the incident.

Senators expressed worry about “rising reports of misuse of legitimate weapons by security agents and extra-judicial killings in the Southeast.”

The resolution noted “the wider implications of such incidents to the peace and security” of the region and the nation.

Consequently, Senate directed Police and Service Chiefs and heads of other armed security agencies to regularly assess “the state of mind of their personnel.”

They are also to retrain their men on relations with the civilian populations.

Enugu killer policeman dismissed

EFCC places Obiano on watchlist, alerts immigration

The Ecoomic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, places Anambra’s Governor Willie Obiano on watchlist, puts Immigration authorities on notice.

EFCC took this unprecedented step to prevent Governor Obiano from traveling overseas after handing over power to his successor on on 16 March 2020.

EFCC wrote to Immigration authorities to immediately place the Governor on a watchlist.

In the letter dated 15 November 2021, EFCC requested the Nigerian Immigration Service to alert the agency whenever the Governor shows up to travel overseas from any airport or border post.

However, Anambra State Government Spokesperson, Chief C. Don Adinuba, last night dismissed the effort as “an inelegant drama.”

He said the governor is already out of the country and did not disguise his exit.

The EFCC did not however indicate in the letter to Immigration authorities why Obiao has been plaed on a watchlist.

This has fueled speculations that EFCC may have opened discrete investigations into the Governor’s actions in office.

Sitting Governors enjoy immunity from criminal prosecution, and many have used the advantage to loot their states.

However, they usually end up battling with the EFCC once they hand over power and lose this immunity.

Gov. Obiano has travelled, says spokesperson

The State Government swiftly reacted to the news, calling it both “strange” and a “media trial.”

“Governor Obiano is out of the country currently, and he travelled through one of the country’s international airports,” Adinuba said.

“He did not disguise himself, but rather left country with his identity fully disclosed at the necessary immigration point.”

The spokesman accused the Governor’s political opponents of instigating the EFCC effort.

“The whole nation knows those behind all the present histrionics about Obiano. They are those who didn’t want the November 6 election to hold.

“They are those in high places who unsuccessfully canvassed for emergency rule in Anambra supposedly on security grounds.

“These people are still fighting the gubernatorial battle on behalf of their badly defeated friends and political associates in the Anambra vote. They will fail badly, as they have done in the recent past.”

EFCC places Obiano on watchlist

EFFC’s Inelegant Drama over Obiano

EFFC’s Inelegant Drama over Obiano

Anambra Government spokesperson, Chief C. Don Adinuba, takes issues with what he describes as EFFC’s inelegant drama over Obiano, the State Governor

Nigerians were dismayed that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) went a new low on Wednesday, November 24, 2021, when it sponsored media reports claiming that it has placed Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State on its watch list. The EFCC provided no details of how Governor Obiano has been placed on its watch list, but made a reference to a letter it purportedly wrote on November 15, 2021, to the Comptroller General of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) asking it to inform the anti-graft agency anytime the governor is travelling out of the country.

Everything that can be wrong with politically motivated statements like this one is obviously wrong with this statement. The EFCC knows full well that it is acting inelegantly in this instance, and so has tried as much as possible not to make an official public statement on the alleged placing of Chief Obiano on the watch list. It furtively gave a section of the media the news report it wrote based on ostensibly its letter to the NIS on November 15. 

Governor Obiano is out of the country currently. And he travelled through one of the country’s international airports. He did not disguise himself, but rather left the country with his identity fully disclosed at the necessary immigration point.

The EFCC sounded more inelegant when it claimed in the sponsored press report that it received intelligence reports that the governor plans to “flee” from Nigeria once he hands over power next March 17 to the newly elected Anambra State governor, Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo. Chief Obiano has never left any persons in doubt that he will relocate to his base in the United States once he finishes his tenure. As early as Wednesday, March 4, 2020, he announced his decision to a meeting of the Anambra State Council of Elders, comprising such personages as the erstwhile Secretary General of the Commonwealth, Chief Emeka Anyaoku; the Obi of Onitsha, Igwe Nnaemeka Alfred Achebe who is also the chairman of both the Anambra State Council of Traditional Rulers and the Southeast Council of Traditional Rulers; a former Anambra State governor, Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife; an ex-Minister of Women Affairs, Iyom Josephine Anenih, mni; the founding Director General of the National Orientation Agency (NOA), Professor Elochukwu Amucheazi; the Archbishop Emeritus of the Anglican Church in Anambra State, The Most Reverend Dr Maxwell Anikwenwa; and the Catholic Bishop of the Awka Diocese, Rev Dr Paulinus Ezeokafor.

Governor Obiano has a whole four months to remain in office as the Anambra State chief executive. Nobody in Nigeria can circumscribe his constitutionally conferred immunity which shields him from both criminal and civil prosecution. The EFCC went too far to announce in November that it is observing him. We are not aware of any state governor who had up to four months to be in office and the EFCC went on to sponsor media reports that he was being investigated.

It is, indeed strange that the EFCC is making a show that it is investigating a high public officer. Anti-corruption agencies, like intelligence services, conduct their investigations discreetly, and not on pages of newspapers. Media trial has never benefitted the EFCC.

The whole nation knows those behind all the present histrionics about Obiano. They are those who didn’t want the November 6 election to hold. They are those in high places who unsuccessfully canvassed for emergency rule in Anambra supposedly on security grounds. They are those who masterminded the Birnin Kudu High Court charade in Jigawa State over the APGA leadership and, more importantly, the authentic APGA candidate in the November gubernatorial election in Anambra State. They are those responsible for the sacrilege of a customary court in Abuja issuing criminal summons to Professor Soludo, a former Central Bank of Nigeria governor. These people are still fighting the gubernatorial battle on behalf of their badly defeated friends and political associates in the Anambra vote. They will fail badly, as they have done in the recent past.

The EFCC should not allow itself to be used by politicians who are mere birds of passage. Its ongoing Anambra drama is in bad taste. It did not serve Governor Obiano any notice. Nor did it invite him to answer questions about his service record. It just went to the press. Yet, the governor is willing to answer any questions about his years in office. After all, he has received a prestigious award from the United Nations Development Programme for social service integrity.

God bless Anambra State, the Light of the Nation.

C. Don Adinuba is the Anambra State Government Commissioner for Information & Public Enlightenment.

EFFC’s Inelegant Drama over Obiano

Nigeria e-passport links to Interpol, says Minister

Minister of the Interior, Rauf Aregbesola, said on Monday in London that the new Nigeria e-passport links to the Interpol.

This enables Nigeria share information with the security world on “lost, stolen and invalidated passports in real time,” he said

It is a significant development, considering that this was one of the reasons cited by US authorities when President Trump slammed Nigeria with travel restrictions.

It could also have counted in Nigeria’s favour last week as the President Biden administration removed Nigeria from the list.

Rauf Aregbesola

Meanwhile, Interior Minister Aregbesola was in the UK capital on Monday 22 November to launch the new e-passport.

This is even as Nigerians groan worldwide over scarcity of the travel document and alleged corruption around it.

Aregbesola acknowledged the challenges in getting the travel document but said his Ministry has done better than previous administrations.

Over 600,000 new booklets were printed this year 2021, the largest cache in years, he said.

It’s “the largest of its kind ever done,” his spokesperson, Mr Sola Fasure, said in a statement.

Immigration boss, Isa Jere, asked Nigerians in UK to relax because they are ready to meet their demands for new passports, and at official rates.

“We are ready to serve the public and start rolling out the new enhanced e-passport in the UK with immediate effect,” he said.

Jere is in acting capacity as Comptroller-General of Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS).

“Our staff are professionals and will deliver excellent service to our citizens, he said.

“Those who have any complaints whatsoever are advised to use the publicly listed complaints channels to adequately resolve any issues raised,” Jere advised.

Nigeria e-passport links to Interpol, says Minister