A lion doesn’t concern itself with the opinion of sheep – Great Lion of the Rock. Tywin Lannister.

Nigeria has had a class of rulers whose core competence seems to be to “take”

And to take without giving back.

So they take our Commonwealth.

When that isn’t enough, they unearth and enforce extinct tax laws.

When that doesn’t suffice their avarice, they dream up creative means to make an already impoverished people pay more to their coffers, so they can reallocate same to their pockets.

They hardly think…. “Create”!

Any who thinks “Create” will quickly realize that he has the raw materials available for creating right here in Nigeria.

I tell anyone that cares to listen….the only reason why the US would send a gay diplomat to Jamaica but not to Saudi Arabia is Power. It has nothing to do with respect or diplomacy. It’s just plain old POWER.

If you are POWERFUL, you are approached with diplomacy.

If you are not POWERFUL, then you will quickly realize that the Great Lion of the Rock, and Head of House Lannister in the popular TV series, Game of Thrones, was absolutely right when he said, “A Lion Doesn’t Concern Itself with the Opinion of Sheep”.

If you are not a powerful nation, then you are Sheep. And Sheep are told what to do. If they don’t do it, they will be bullied into doing it. Or they will simply be run over. Just like roadkill.

Look at the Republic of Niger. They have been sheep since August of 1960 when they gained their “independence” from France.

2 weeks ago, some Nigerien soldiers decided that they will no longer be Sheep. The only problem seems to be that they lack the tools to migrate from Sheep to Powerful. So it appears the best they can do is just become another’s Sheep. For now.

Given that Power is the Primary Currency of International Relations, it behoves any serious nation to seek Power at all costs.

And there are only 3 ways to Power:

  1. Financial Power
  2. Military Power
  3. Knowledge & Innovation

In the short to mid term, Nigeria stands very little chance with numbers 1 and 2. This is partly because it is also the self appointed job of the Powerful to stop Sheep from migrating to Powerful.

Because of this, the Powerful will Threaten, Cajole, Bribe, Ingratiate, Isolate, Blackmail, Attack, basically do anything necessary to stop Sheep from acquiring either number 1 or number 2.

The best pathway to Power for Nigeria therefore lays in number 3.

And we have the essential raw materials – in abundance. Some 213 million of them. Many of them the best at what they do, where they do it, around the world.

Anyone, and by that I mean, any Nigerian president, that is serious about building Nigeria rapidly, has only one route to go therefore.

Number 3!

Nigerians are some of the smartest and most innovative peoples anywhere on planet earth.

And the field does not matter. Whether it be Medicine or Technology, Trade or Manufacturing, Religion or Crime, Nigerians are World Beaters.

Time to turn that National Core Competence into Global Power.

As it currently stands, this National Competence of Nigeria has been recognized by many countries. In fact, these countries have been picking Nigerians in a similar way that Lions pick Buffalo from a pack.

They identify which they want. They craft a strategy of attack. And they execute.

However, if the Buffalo engaged corporately with the Lions as one unit, the Lions would not get the better of them.

They have come for the Professionals. The Doctors. The Nurses. The Caregivers. The Teachers. The Footballers. The Sprinters. The Rich. The Students. The Boxers. The Martial Artists. The Techies. Now they are coming for the Plumbers. The Carpenters. The Builders.

We need to Craft Strategies to engage them Corporately. That’s the only way we win. That’s the only way we leverage this into Global Power.

If not, we are Fuel.

To Fuel the Power of the Powerful.

To make them more Powerful. So they can continue to keep us as Sheep.

But we must always keep in mind…

“A Lion Doesn’t Concern Itself with the Opinion of Sheep”


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Emeka Orjih

Emeke Orjih, an MSME specialist, earned an MBA from Wharton. He is a Finance and Development Strategist who served as Assist Country Director of USADF, the only US Government agency focused on MSME development in Africa. More by Emeka Orjih


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