Aba Power Ltd, Nigeria’s newest electricity distribution company, shares electricity meters to its Abia State customers.

The company supplies electric power from its sister generating company, Geometric Power, to nine of Abia State’s 17 LGAs.

“The era of estimated bills will soon be a thing of the past,” said company Managing Director, Patrick Umeh.

Federal authorities licensed Aba Power as power distributor in February 2022. Now the Company wants to historically take the lead in metering all of its customers.

Umeh said the company chair, Prof Bart Nnaji, is uncomfortable asking consumers to continue to pay estimated bills. Nnaji was the former Minister of Power.

“This practice doesn’t make for probity or transparency, as there’s no evidence of what they consumed for the period charged.

“As a socially responsible firm, commit to the highest ethical standards of transparency.

“Therefore our customers are partners in progress, rather than exploited for economic or commercial gains.”

Consequently, the company installs meters in single and three phases in buildings and other structures according to their technical needs.

The company installs three-phase meters in big structures and single-phase meters in smaller ones, he said.

“It is not really so much about big structures as about the electricity needs of each place”.

Furthermore, he disclosed that NERC certified the Holley Metering Limited as a reliable meter provider.

Umeh commending NERC for its preeminent role in Aba Power’s ongoing programme to meter all its customers.

Aba Power presently executes the metering programme under the NERC’s Meter Access Providing (MAP) scheme.

Consumers pay N63,061.32 for one-phase meter and N117,910.69 for three-phase meters, supplied by Holley Metering Limited.

The Company repays customers the cost of obtaining each meter through energy credit, Umeh said. Consequently, customers enjoy power supplies until they obtain full value for meter payment.

“In other words”, he explained, the customers “are getting the meters at no cost to their pockets”. 

Umeh requested Aba Power customers to visit or call any of the company’s offices in Abia State on the phone to procure the right meter, assuring them of prompt attention.

Aba Power shares meters to Abia consumers


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