On a day that the South East reported no new case of Covid-19 disease, the Abia State Commissioner for Information, Mr. John Okiyi Kalu, raised alarm that a lorry load of almajiris are on their way to being dumped in the State.

Quoting unspecified intelligence report, the spokesperson said the group of almajiris “from another state” will be shipped this night of 4 May 2020 to Abia State.

The Statement indicated that State Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, has already directed security operatives at the inter-state boundary communities to ensure that “no individual or group is allowed to enter the state, aside from those duly exempted, from any other part of the country.

The State Governor “was also said to have tasked members of the State and LGAs enforcement task force teams, the inter-ministerial committee on COVID-19, and officers of the State Homeland Security Ministry, to guard border communities and prevent unauthorized entry.

“We wish to reemphasize that traditional rulers and TC Chairmen of inter-state boundary communities will be held responsible and sanctioned for any of such unauthorized entry into the state.

“All necessary lawful measures must be taken to stop the entry of not only the almajiris but also other unlawful migrants into the state till the FG-backed inter-state border closure regulation put in place to control spread of COVID-19 from one state to another is lifted,”Okiyi said.