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Abia reports outbreak of laser fever

Abia State is reporting an outbreak of laser fever and has warned residents to take prompt measures to secure themselves from being infected by the rat-bearing deadly disease.

State Health Commissioner, Dr. Joe Osuji, announced the outbreak yesterday in a statement, warning citizens to be vigilant because a case has been confirmed and the victim quarantined for treatment.

The state government, Osuji said, has swiftly constituted a rapid response team to mount a 24-hour operation that will last for 21 days in order to closely monitor and deal with the outbreak.

He strongly advised Abia State residents to observe preventive measures such as regular washing of hands, keeping the environment clean, avoiding soaking and drinking “raw garri,” warming food before eating, and reporting promptly to hospitals and primary health care centres in emergencies.

“The outbreak has so far been contained, therefore there is no cause for alarm,” Dr. Osuji said, while praising the Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, for his prompt support of the Ministry of Health to deal with the threat.

Lassa fever is an acute, rapidly spreading disease carried by rats that typically breed in West Africa which kills an average of 1 in 20 persons in a population where it is reported.

It is a deceptive disease because 80 percent of those infected will not experience bleeding, its most common sympton.

Whenever it affects the liver, kidney or spleen, the disease becomes fatal.

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