Earn extra income

Enugu Metro seeks goal-driven individuals to join an influential team of affiliates who make extra income by promoting neighborhood businesses. If you live in Enugu, have a spare time, and are passionate about helping people and businesses, join our team. We give you the training to become an affiliate. Added benefits: you could convert to a staff of Enugu Metro or ultimately own your own business in Enugu.

Join our team of neighborhood affiliates to make extra income and position yourself to be your own boss.

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We assist local businesses reach more customers

If you’re a business owner or manager interested in knowing more about us and how to partner with us to connect more customers, simply join our community. As a member, you’re free to list your business in Enugu Metro City Directory. The benefits are legion.

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Enugu Metro Coal City Connect is the place to connect to businesses, shopping, andn leisure information and resources you need to make life easy in Enugu. We therefore connect visitors and home managers to the service providers they need at the point they need their services.

Check out our services tailored for Business Owners, visitors and home managers looking for extra income in the Coal City.