Airfare on Lagos-London route may crash as Airpeace Airlines instigates a price war by slashing fare on the lucrative route.

British aviation authorities approved the local carrier to operate international flights to the UK from 30 March 2024.

The approval limits the airline to Gatwick airport, xxx kilometers to the more famous Heathrow Airport.

Airpeace opened its portal to showcase drastic fare reductions on what the major competitors currently advertise.

The cost of Airpeace roundtrip travel to the United Kingdom, compared to the major competitors, is as follows:

AirpeaceN1.2mN4.0m15% rebate (economy)
British AirwaysN4.7m
Virgin AtlanticN3.1m
Qatar AirwaysN1.7m
The fares are calculated using current IATA foreign exchange rate of N1,778 to a dollar

Industry watchers speculate that the Airpeace fare slash will ultimately offer real competition on the Nigeria UK travel market.

The free fall of Nigeria’s national currency, the Naira, dealt a heavy blow to local travellers. They are now forced to bear more than 300% increase on ticket costs instigated by the fall in Naira value to the dollar.


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