Anambra candidates campaigning for 2023 elections play dirty games to demarket stronger opponents, a House of Representatives candidate said today.

According to Candidate Ifeanyichukwu Ibezi, their games range from blackmail to false accusations designed to destroy opponents’ rising profiles.

Hon Ibezi is APC House of Representatives candidate for Idemili North and South Federal Constituency in Anambra State.

He cried out today over an online video linking his name to recent gruesome murders in Anambra State.

He described the sponsors of the smear video as “callous” while regretting how low politicians have sunk in Anambra.

“Until lately, the only known blight on Anambra politics was its money-guzzling features. Vicious calumny, subterfuge and violence were never part of it; they were seen to be common among some intolerant groups.”

He traced the sad development to the “involvement of blackmailers, lowlifes and upstarts in the politics of the state.”

Ibezi asked his transducers to tell the world any possible motive for the claims made against him in the video.

“Why would Hon Ifeanyichukwu Ibezi sponsor the death of the people the anonymous caller in the video mentioned?

“Could those unfortunate victims, who were not even from Idemili … and are not politicians, have stood in the way of Ibezi’s political career?

“What value was their death to the progress or otherwise of Hon Ibezi’s politics?”

Opponents “not confident enough to face the electorate, without undermining their most dreaded opponent” sponsored the video, he said.

“They falsely believe that the only way to defeat Hon. Ibezi in the February 25 election is to malign his person and possibly link him to the recent insecurity in our dear state.

“That is how vain and petty some politicians have become.”

“Hon. Ifeanyichukwu Ibezi has never and will never be part of any plot to maim or kill anybody.”

The candidate said he put security agencies and his lawyers on notice, given the seriousness of the allegation.

His team presses on, he said, and won’t be distracted from its “intense grassroots-focused campaigns in 17 communities of Idemili.”

He expressed happiness that his campaign message is resonating and “endears him to Umu Idemili.”

“Opponents should understand that 2023 election will be different and the electorate is wiser.

“Only achievements will count before them and not mudslinging,” he concluded.

Anambra candidates play dirty games