Anambra meets IPOB challenge on Monday’s sit-in

Abia and Anambra governments rose today to squelch the sit-at-home bogey being promoted by IPOB elements in the South East.

However, in other parts of the South East, residents tentatively marched out to look for daily bread.

There were fears that students writing the exit West African School Certificate examinations will not be able to reach their centres.

High school students wrote the English Language paper today, a mandatory requirement for admission to degree and diploma programmes.

Unfortunately, there was a lone report of disruption by the IPOB scaremongers at a centre in Imo State.

Eyewitnesses reported that the disruptors collected bikes belonging to teachers and set them ablaze after chasing students away.

They also asked the students not to return to the centre again to continue with the exams.

The incident occurred at Comprehensive Secondary School,  Nkume in Njaba Local Government Area of the State.

Gov. Hope Uzodinma yesterday asked Imo residents to ignore the threats and resume businesses today.

He also announced that government has unmasked the social media scare mongers and that they will be arrested “soon.”

Imo residents tested the waters by coming out to do business.

There were no reports of harassment by enforcers in the state.

However, the Punch reported that bank customers were locked out in Owerri, the capital.

Ironically, the banks were sealed by State Government officials for reasons they are yet to disclose.

Obiano patrols markets to enforce govt ban

Governor Willie Obiano toured markets and parks in Anambra today, exhorting citizens to quit being frightened by IPOB threats.

The State Government released a strong statement on Sunday to ask residents to return to full socioeconomic activities.

Obiano reminded citizens that the leadership of IPOB had themselves abolished the sit-at-home order.

Consequently, he assured market traders at Onitsha that adequate security is mobilised to deal with those who breach the peace.

Anambra meets IPOB challenge on Monday’s sit-in

Enough is enough, Abia says

In a statement yesterday, Abia State Government queried IPOB element’s motive for insisting that everyone observes a sit-in.

The State threatened to “close and disband” markets and transport unions that henceforth fail to do business on Mondays.

Abia will not helplessly watch “a group of hoodlums” punish students and workers, Govt spokesperson, John Kalu, said.

The disruptors, he said, are bent on instigating chaos to “destroy the future of students” and the people’s economic well-being.

“We wish to state categorically that it is unacceptable to allow any individual or group to instill fear in our people to the extent of negatively impacting the education of our innocent school children.”

“Our people are wise and historically known to exercise wisdom in handling issues no matter the provocation.

“It is unthinkable that any Igbo man will want to cut his nose to spite his face especially in these circumstances that may adversely affect the future of our innocent children.

“We must rise collectively to do the needful: protect our children’s education.

“We must ensure that those who may wish us evil as a people do not succeed in provoking us to destroy our means of livelihood…”

“As a responsible government, we will continue to explore all avenues to ensure peaceful resolution of the issues that have led to the agitations by the concerned non-state actors.

“But we will not shirk our responsibility to the majority of our people who are also suffering silently out of no fault of theirs.”

In Enugu, Ebonyi, mum is the word

Enugu and Ebonyi State Governments kept a studied silence all through yesterday and today.

Enugu Government spokesperson, Mr. Chidi Aroh, did not respond to our request for comments on the situation in his State.

Reports say Abakaliki, the Ebonyi State capital, witnessed skeletal social and economic activities today.

Although fearful parents held their children back, there were no reports of harassment or disruption at WASC examination centres in the State.

The leadership of Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) announced a cessation of the sit-at-home order four weeks ago.

However, faceless social media insurgents continued to share violent threats and media footages to scare people from coming out.

Anambra meets IPOB challenge on Monday’s sit-in


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