Everyone – admirers and fans alike – keeps asking whether the musical twins, P-Square, are back together as a group.

Last weekend, the twins symbolically signalled a fence-mending by following each other again on their social media accounts.

They thereafter organised a big party where a lot of hugging and laughter were shared with their wives.

Still, no one seems to know whether the P-Square are back together as a group. Everything about the ugly rift that separated Peter and Paul Okoye is so incredibly hush-hush.

Family sources however say that the issue of coming together as a musical group is not on the cards just yet..

Old songs they did together can be released as a P-Square album, the source said.

“It is envisaged that they may even consider a concert in the near future. Who knows?”

Their fans only guaged the heat of the rift from their online footprints, after Peter launched a social media tirade against his brother-manager, Jude.

When they split, each of the incredible duo adopted other stage names as they dashed after a solo career.

Paul has been performing as Rudeboy while Peter simply adopted “Mr. P” as his name.

The social media was awash with video clips showing their joint performance at their 40th birthday private party.

But the brothers remain reticent, telling newsmen that they were asked to refrain from making comments for now.

Their spouses, Lola and Anita, however had no such inhibitions as they rejoiced over happy turnaround.

Lola, Peter’s wife, took to Instagram to felicitate with her “favourite twins.”

“Today is such an emotional day for me. I am so happy that you have finally put your differences aside and allowed love guide you.

“Happy birthday, Peter and Paul. You are one, not two!

“More blessings, more love! Family for life. We bring it back again! Good health, long life and prosperity is your portion. Amen.”

Anita, Paul’s wife, also wrote on Instagram, picking up on the two-is-one theme.

“They are one, not two. Happy Birthday Ejima (Igbo name for twins).

“This is best birthday present either of you could receive.

“Thank you for letting me have such a great relationship with both of you independent of your rift. I am delighted I didn’t let your coconut heads let me choose sides.

“There’s a lesson here: Do not ever involve yourself in a tiff that doesn’t concern you and don’t let social media and the opinions of those who do not matter define your situation.

“Let God guide you. Love wins.”

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