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Go beyond magic pills for wellness

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Total healing means that you go beyond the magic pills to find and deal with the root cause. This had devastating effects on our psyche. We live with the illusion that a pill is healing our issues.

High blood pressure in the morning, take a pill, pressure back to normal.

Testing blood sugar high, take a pill, blood sugar back to normal.

Constant headache? Take a pill. ain is gone.

Yes, the symptom is gone but what about the ISSUE behind those diseases?🤔 What’s worse than not healing the issue, is it has sent the message to our body-mind that we were suddenly alright. Very misleading and very dangerous actually since we allow the root cause to deepen its damages by not making the changes that would have been necessary to really heal.🌱

Healing implies changes. We can’t expect different outcomes if we keep the same inputs. We live in a world of cause and effects. So, in order to experience different outcomes we need to apply changes, and this takes time! ⏰

There are 4 pillars that support health:

1️⃣ Detoxing: Maintaining an internal hygiene that will prevent the body systems to clog.

2️⃣ Nourishing: Giving the cells their optimal energy supply so the body systems can perform optimally.

3️⃣ Exercising: To maintain the bloodstream free of toxins, activate the internal circulation and increase the internal pressure so blood reaches the smallest areas and the lymph activated.

4️⃣ Managing our Stress: One general effect of a stress response is the contraction of our tissues which block the supply of nutrients and oxygen to our cells which weakens our overall health and defense system.

All these require knowledge and integration. By pushing ourselves to change overnight will put too much pressure and be counterproductive. Don’t look back every few hours to see if things are improving, just keep going.⚡️

Shoot to become a fully integrated healthy person in a few years. We say that healing completely takes a year, FULL TIME! Part time, two years… Within years, you’ll be sufficiently transformed if you dedicate a couple of hours a day to your health.

Keep going! We people like numbers, right?

Go beyond magic pills for wellness

Enugu Back in the hands of Political Thugs

Enugu Back in the hands of Political Thugs is a witness account of assault and violence unleashed at a Ward in Enugu last Saturday.

By Ejikeme Ekpete

Just like other people of Oduma Ward 4, Saturday, 30t April 2022 started like every other day for me. Except that it was the appointed day for the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Ward Congress to elect three ad-hoc delegates. They will in turn join statutory delegates to elect PDP candidates in 2023 House of Assembly, National Assembly, and governorship elections.

I was one of the candidates for the three-man ad-hoc delegate election in my Ward.

That morning, I helped to set up canopies and chairs and was waiting with others for the start of the exercise. The Deputy Ward Chairman, Mr. Boniface Egwu (aka Egwueji) led a gang of thugs and cultists to tell me that they had come to deliver an “order from above” that I should leave the venue.

I told them that I bought form to contest for the delegates position and if they had candidates, they should field them against those of Senator Ike Ekweremadu’s supporters. Let the people queue behind the candidates to decide, in line with the PDP guideline.

They descended heavily on me with dangerous weapons, including machetes and started shooting sporadically in the air. People scampered for safety as the cultists and thugs, who claimed to be acting on the instruction of the Aninri Local Government Council Chairman, Hon. Benneth Ajah, dismantled the canopies and broke chairs.

I made a dash for my car to escape, but Boniface Egwu told them to block me and ensure I did not escape alive. At this point, one of the cultists used a pole dismantled from the canopies on me. I thought I was dead, I nearly passed out. They gave me a deep machete cut on the head, but I mustered the last energy to make a dying-man’s dash across the road. A vehicle could have knocked me down, I needed to apply the last drop of consciousness left in me to escape.

Our people then rallied and took me to a local hospital. I lost a lot of blood and many were seriously wounded. They snatched my phones, money, and other valuables, but what matters is that I am alive to tell my story.

Unfortunately, it not the first time Ekweremadu’s loyalists were attacked by cultists imported by persons of questionable character. These are persons imposed on our people as Council Chairman and principal party officers. On Saturday, 9 April 2022, cultists allegedly imported by the Chairman of the Council brutally attacked us at the monthly meeting of the PDP in the LGA in Ndeaboh, leaving many, including Member representing Aninri State Constituency, Hon. Chinedu Okwu (Otaka) hospitalised with life threatening injuries like broken heads from machete and axes.

Surprisingly, our Governor did not make any effort to ensure that the culprits were investigated and possibly prosecuted. The Governor merely invited the two parties to the Government House, after the wounded had recovered, and came out with a statement that he reconciled them. Government reconciked the wilful attempted murderers and those they attempted to murder.

This slap on the wrist must have emboldened them for last Saturday’s repeat violence.

We’ll soldier on

But come what may, for me and every right-thinking Aninri and Enugu progressive, we are now even more resolved to support Ekweremadu to emerge Governor in 2023. The atrocities of a few Aninri men, who have hired themselves out for loaves of bread will not deter us. These are the same people who unsuccessfully petitioned to the Federal Government to stop work on the now completed and life-transforming Nenwe-Oduma-Uburu Road attracted by Ikeoha. They will not define us or our love for Ikeoha.

Interestingly, we now know that Oduma Ward 4 was not an isolated case of the fraud, manipulations, parallel congresses, and violence that happened on Saturday. I have seen video clips of what happened at Awgu Ward 2 where the Council Chairman, Pedro Nwankwo, not being on ground and unable to democratically deliver a three-man delegate in his Ward as a second-term Chairman, imported hordes of bad boys to attack his people and attempted to scatter the process. Many party supporters, including the Awgu Local Government PDP, who share the same Ward as Pedro, were attacked and their phones confiscated for recording the shameful political violence.

I have equally seen the pictures of the inhumanity meted on one Bertrand Ugwu by government-sponsored Neighbourhood Watch at Ugbaike, Enugu Ezike, Igboeze North LGA. His crime is the mere fact that he was among the many Ekweremadu supporters in the LGA. His head was sliced. Sadly enough, reports allege that this was at the instance of a Council official and a Commissioner from the area running for the House of Representatives.

I have equally seen the trending video from Agba Umana Ward in Ezeagu LGA where a House of Assembly aspirant was carrying about a pump action riffle, intimidating his people. He was allegedly acting in league with a highly paced Enugu Government official running for the House of Representatives.

All these attacks, intimidations and violence boils down to the disregard for the party’s guideline and democratic process by the Prince Vincent Yandev Amaabai-led Abuja panel. Working hands-in-gloves with the state authorities and state PDP leadership, they failed or refused to conduct a credible and transparent congress. No result sheet was found in any of the 260 Wards, as none was released.

Obviously, the trio of the Abuja panel, Enugu State Government, and the Enugu State PDP leadership, wasn’t prepared for any transparent exercise. Their people boasted that they already had a prepared list of delegates, which they were entering in the results sheets that should have gone to the Wards; that the panel would take the fake “results” to Abuja and there was nothing anybody could do about it.

So, apparently, they were surprised that people, mostly Ekweremadu’s supporters, mobilised to the 260 Wards in their numbers for the exercise. In the absence of the official result sheets, the results were recorded on sheets of paper. In most cases, the Ward Chairman, Ward Secretary, and the INEC staff signed the outcomes. In many instances also, party officials, following desperate calls from their bosses at the top, who didn’t see that coming, declined to record or sign the results.

Not ready for any congresses, they deployed thugs, armed party operatives, cultists, and party officials, state appointees, and Council Chairmen to destabilise the process in favour of the results being compiled in the cosy comforts of a hotel behind the Government House.

In the meantime, the violence that marred the congress in many Wards have validated the alarm raised in March by the Ikeoha Campaign Organisation over what it described as “the appointment of known deadly thugs and cultists into state and local government offices all aimed at intimidating and stopping Ekweremadu”.

The campaign organisation also reported other excesses like the the intimidation of Ekweremadu’s supporters by agents of state, including the detention in prison of Paulinus Ugwu, the PDP Ward Chairman for Okpatu; the detention and subsequent charge to court for baseless offences of Joshua Ogbonna, Francis Akpa, and Obi Mamah; the ostracisation of Barrister Emeka Asogwa, Engr. Armstrong Agbo, and Chief Charles Mbah all from Ugwuanyi’s hometown, Orba, Udenu LGA, for reasons of their association with and commitment to Senator Ike Ekweremadu.

Yet they claim that Enugu is in the hands of God. But the violence that headlined the last Saturday’s exercise, the return of thuggery, and political violence in Enugu which we thought former governor Sullivan Chime had swept away from our political engagement and culture, is not only a dangerous foretaste of the things to come in the PDP primaries. It further underlines the fact that contrary to the peaceful and democratic pretenses, Enugu is back in the hands of thugs and cultists.

This is particularly unfortunate for a state already battling serious insecurity. It is one thing to give the monkey a calabash of water and another to retrieve the calabash after the elections when the monkey is done drinking.

Ekpete, a lawyer, writes from Enugu

in the hands of Political Thugs

The Fairness I Know for the 2023 Presidency

In The Fairness I Know for the 2023 Presidency, Senator Kalu examines the odds of zoning the presidency to Southeast.

By Orji Uzor Kalu

It is my desire and intention to run for the Presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I am committed to this pursuit, but I can’t make an official declaration to this regard without the full support of other regions. Everywhere in the world, politics is situational and that of Nigeria is exceptionally situational.

Continue reading The Fairness I Know for the 2023 Presidency

How to prepare for the 2023 elections

Bishop Godfrey Onah asks Nigerians to prepare for the 2023 elections by resisting efforts to impose corrupt men to rule Nigeria.

While preparing for election, let us all rise, register to vote, come out to vote, and protect our vote. We should choose our leaders. These evil men are now busy meeting. They are already planning which Barabbas, a corrupt thief like themselves, to impose on us through INEC (as Pilate). We must resist them.

Bishop Godfrey Onah

By Bishop Godfrey Onah

Jesus courageously and happily went into Jerusalem to embrace his mission and his destiny, because the hour had come. Now the hour has come for all Christians and all persons of good will in Nigeria to stand up. Walk into the society and the various aspects of governance and life in Nigeria. And embrace our mission and our destiny for a better Nigeria.

We should not allow ourselves to be led sheepishly by some selfish, bigoted, corrupt religious and political leaders. They will ignore our wish and impose on us injustice and perpetration of corruption.

While preparing for election, let us all rise, register to vote, come out to vote, and protect our vote. We should choose our leaders. These evil men are now busy meeting. They are already planning which Barabbas, a corrupt thief like themselves, to impose on us through INEC (as Pilate). We must resist them.

We want an honest, hardworking Nigerian who has shown capacity for governance and transparence, irrespective of where he is coming from and support him to lead us. We reject Barabbas. We choose Jesus. We reject corrupt leaders. We choose honest men and women. This is the time.

Whether they are caucuses or whether they are stakeholders, we know that they are corrupt, selfish, evil men, most of them. If you (the politician) say you’re not one of them and you find yourself there, be the Joseph of Arimathea, and speak out.

Nigerians have suffered enough. We have suffered enough. And the time for real change is now. Our destiny is in our hands and nobody can claim or pretend not to be concerned. God is still with us and he needs us to go into the city. He needs us to go into the streets. He needs us to transform our lives.

His Lordship Godfrey Igwebuike Onah is the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria.

Nigerians should prepare for the 2023 elections by resisting efforts to impose corrupt men

We need sports-friendly aspirants like Prof Nnaji

Nigeria’s most famous goalkeeper Emma Okala shows why we need sports-friendly aspirants like Prof Barth Nnaji to become state governors.

We need sports-friendly aspirants

Emma Okala

Okala is Nigeria’s most admired goalkeeper, a permanent fixture in both Club (Enugu Rangers) and country (Super Eagles) during his playing days.

Like most sportsmen and women in Nigeria, I was excited when it was reported that Professor Bart Okechukwu Nnaji, the globally famous engineering genius, accepted on Sunday, April 3, 2022, to run for the Enugu State gubernatorial race. I am particularly happy for obvious reasons.

Though my parents came from Onitsha in today’s Anambra State, I have been living and working in Enugu since the 1970s, including being the goalkeeper for the Rangers International Football Club which in the 1970s and 1980s set different records in Nigeria’s history.  The second reason for my interest in Professor Nnaji is that he and I participated in the 1975 National Sports Festival at the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos, as representatives of East Central State which has since been split into today’s Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo states.

While I was playing football, Nnaji was a star in the field and track events. He represented East Central State in about four events, including long jump and the 880-metre race where he won prizes. The 1975 National Sports Festival took place five years after the Nigerian Civil War which our heroic Eastern Nigerian people lost. All of us were determined to take our people out of the state of what the popular politician, Dr K. O. Mbadiwe, famously called a state of psychological defeatism to a state of psychological glorification. We fought like wounded lions. We were not interested in monetary benefits, but in the upliftment of our people.

Nnaji’s sports journey

How Professor Nnaji became a sportsman is a fascinating story on its own. He was a House Captain at St Patrick’s College, Emene, Enugu. During the Inter House Sports, there was no person to represent his House in field and tracks. He felt challenged. So, he opted to enter the race for the heck of it. He surprisingly dusted all his competitors, including those who had achieved statewide fame as sports stars. His victory was considered a fluke in some quarters. A repeat was, therefore, ordered. He once again floored all rivals. Not only in 220 and 440 but also in 880 and even in long jump! This was absolutely incredible. Here was someone who never participated in sports, not even in mere practice or mock or demonstration, defeating state athletes hands down! He was naturally invited to camp to slug it well from students from other schools in the state. He dusted each and every one of them almost effortlessly.

Based on the outstanding performance of young East Central State footballers and athletes, many youngsters secured employment with the State Sports Council in Enugu. Bart Nnaji was one of them; I had already been hired as early as January, 1971. Like many of us, his excellence in sports proved more beneficial than many anticipated. Nnaji secured admission into different American universities, including Columbia, an Ivory League institution in New York, based on both academic and sports excellence, but he chose St John’s University in New York simply because it is an old Catholic institution; he has always been a devout Catholic. It is important to stress the point of Nnaji’s scholarship to study in the United States partly because of his excellence in sports; most reports I have read about his going to the United States in 1977 claim that his scholarship was based solely on his outstanding brilliance, apparently on account of his prodigious attainments in the academia. It is also important to stress that Nnaji’s record in long jump at St John’s University, where he graduated as the best student of the year in 1980 after studying Physics and Mathematics for 30 straight months, remains unbroken to this day. His name is conspicuous in the university Hall of Fame for outstanding scholastic and athletic achievements.

When sportspeople diversify

It is good for sportsmen and women to move into different spheres of life. It is expected that they will remember former sports persons who are now indigent, aged or incapacitated. Many of the stars of yesterday are today living in penury. They can’t afford the basics of life like medicines, food and accommodation.

We need sports-friendly governors throughout Nigeria, starting with the Southeast where sports, perhaps more than any other thing, served as an effective instrument to uplift our people after the defeat we suffered as a result of the Civil War. The East Central State Administrator in the early 1970s, Dr Ukpabi Asika, used to tell us that we needed to compete better than the rest of Nigeria not through war but through sports and other nonviolent activities. Dr Asika, a political Science lecturer at the University of Ibadan before the War, used to quote to us a statement by Bertrand Russell, the British philosopher: “Sport is war by other means”.

We need more Professor Bart Nnajis in politics and other spheres of human life. We need sports persons in leadership positions in Nigeria. We need those who understand that sport is not just about entertainment, as the late Major General Shehu Musa Yar’Adua, the then Chief of Staff at the Supreme Headquarters during the General Olusegun Obasanjo military regime, reminded the nation. General Yar’Adua was speaking in 1980 when Nigeria hosted the first time the Africa Cup of Nations Competition in Lagos. Nigeria won the competition, the first time it ever did. I was a member of the Green Eagles squad.

Open letter to Gov Ugwuanyi, from Enugu Diaspora USA

Enugu citizens living in the USA write open letter to Gov Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi urging him to show good political leadership.

By Chy Agbayi, Chris Nnamdi Agu, Azuoma E. Anugom, Chinwe Aniekwe-Ofoleta, Jerry S. Chukwu, Oluebube Miracle Chukwu, Clara Oby Eneh, Justin Eze, Joshua Eze, Oby Clara Igbo, Chike Nweke, Chibuike Mgborie-Chukwu, Amaka Oduh, Nnaemeka M. Okonkwo, Peter S. Okafor, Emmanuel Onuaguluchi, Emma Obiesie, Remmi Ohagwu, Eze Sunny Udeh, Godwin Ifeanyichukwu Udibe, and SinaChi Ugwuonye-Okechukwu

The incessant contestation of sections of the state to produce political leaders is taking away the focus from the actual competencies and experience of potential leadership needed to take Enugu State to a new height. Free and fair elections, the rule of law, the ability to vote and be voted for, and commitment to ethics in political dealings, which hinges on what democracy depends on, are unfortunately being threatened and drowned by intolerant rhetoric. The era of arrogance and exclusion is fast resurfacing; hence Enugu State’s political prospect appears obscure. There is a need for leadership to redirect the ship.

Enugu 2024: In defense of democracy and leadership legacy in Enugu State

We are Ndiigbo, Ndi-Enugu, and Ndi-Waawa. We hail from the 17 local government areas of Enugu State. We are Nigerians, who became Americans. We are professionals, teachers, professors, healthcare workers, lawyers, businesspeople, politicians, activists, etc.

Politically, we are democrats, independents, and republicans, in the USA. Some of us are members of the PDP, others are APC, APGA, etc. We belong to different organizations, such as Nigeria in Diaspora, Enugu-USA, and World Igbo Congress, among others.

We do not always agree on every issue. We hope to be able to have healthy disagreements to agree. However, right now, we agree on the fundamental need to ask Your Excellency to defend democracy and your leadership legacy in Enugu State. And we are writing to you under the umbrella of Nigerian American Political Forum.


Enugu was the capital of Eastern Nigeria, the capital of the defunct Republic of Biafra, the capital of East Central State, the capital of Anambra State, and the capital of old Enugu State, (that comprised parts of current Ebonyi State). So, Enugu is indeed the indisputable capital of Igbo land.

We recall with nostalgia, that Dr. Michael Okpara, as the Premier, laid a solid foundation of economic development and growth in the early 1960s, in the Eastern Region of Nigeria. The result was an Eastern Nigeria that was one of the fastest-growing economies in the world at the time. During and post Civil War, Ajie Ukpabi Asika and others governed the East Central State with some of the visions of Dr. Okpara.

At the dawn of democracy in the Second Republic, Chief Jim Nwobodo took over the leadership of the old Anambra State and relied on the remnants of Dr. Okpara’s vision, to expand the economic base by building industries and creating sustainable employment. Amidst the military administration, Dr. Okwesilieze Nwodo became the first Governor of Enugu State in the Third Republic.

Fourth Republic Leadership

At the beginning of the current Fourth Republic, Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani from Enugu East Senatorial Zone took over in 1999, and did his best. Barrister Sullivan Chime from Enugu West Senatorial Zone was elected and also did his best. His administration brought back a semblance of sanity to the polity.

In 2015, the people of Enugu State elected Your Excellency, from Enugu North Senatorial Zone, with over 90% of the votes and tremendous political capital to govern. Your phenomenal leadership style, your uncanny ability to bring varying factions and distinct groups together, and your innovative approach to peace and security, have combined to create a peace-saturated atmosphere in Enugu State. You have put in your utmost best. By the end of your term in 2023, the three senatorial zones of Enugu State would have produced governors of Enugu State.

Enugu is Degenerating

However, going by economic and developmental indices, Enugu State is not where it should be, especially given both its potential and the human and material capitals it inherited as the capital of federating units and the defunct Republic of Biafra.

Enugu State is lucky to have inherited from the old Eastern Region two campuses of the University of Nigeria at Nsukka and Enugu. We have the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) modeled Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), and the Enugu State University of Technology in addition to other public and private educational institutions. However, the army of human capital churned out of these institutions is unemployed because the economic and industrial infrastructure equally inherited have been roundly abandoned, looted, and in total disrepair over the years, while no government has attracted new ones since 1999 till date. Some have therefore referred to Enugu State as an industrial wilderness.

The Anambra Motor Manufacturing Company (ANAMCO), Anambra Vegetable Oil Production Company (AVOP), and the flagship Presidential Hotel, among others, have all gone moribund. To make matters worse, allocations from the federal government continue to dry up on a monthly basis. For a few consecutive months, the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) is unable to make remittance to the Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC). Consequently, the era of free money is over and the era of creative and highly resourceful leadership that thinks creatively is here with us for real. Going forward, there is an urgent need for a leadership that mobilizes public and private resources to rebuild the economic base of Enugu State.

Real estate plays a significant role in every economy. Apart from providing commercial and residential housing, it provides the greatest source of wealth and savings. However, in Enugu State, real estate and land management are mired in endless scandals due obviously to the lack of integration of the Geographical Information System (GIS) into the land records. This erodes the confidence and trust of investors in commercial, industrial, and residential complexes. There is a need for leadership that deploys technology to land/real estate management to bring sanity to the real estate sector.

Worrisome Political Developments

Unfortunately, the political development of Enugu State is not at par with the global standard or even a neighboring state like Anambra in that the tenor of political discourse and disagreements is nothing to write home about. Discourse is not centered on how to take the youth off the street with gainful employment or on agricultural revolution, industrialization, general insecurity, persistent water scarcity, and power, among others.

The incessant contestation of sections of the state to produce political leaders is taking away the focus from the actual competencies and experience of potential leadership needed to take Enugu State to a new height. Free and fair elections, the rule of law, the ability to vote and be voted for, and commitment to ethics in political dealings, which hinges on what democracy depends on, are unfortunately being threatened and drowned by intolerant rhetoric. The era of arrogance and exclusion is fast resurfacing; hence Enugu State’s political prospect appears obscure. There is a need for leadership to redirect the ship.

Leadership Task Ahead

As the Executive Governor of Enugu State, the ball is in your court. There are salient things you can do in the remaining months in defense of the threatened democracy and your own leadership legacy in Enugu State. Your Excellency, we respectfully ask you to do the following;

● Ensure free and fair delegates, primary, and general elections in Enugu State where every eligible aspirant is allowed to contest unhindered.

● Ensure that your political party, the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), of which you are the leader in the Southeast and Enugu State provides a level playing field for all the aspirants.

● Help bring an immediate end to the divisive rhetoric and overheating of Enugu State polity, especially since all three senatorial zones have had the opportunity to be governor of our state for two terms each, with Your Excellency concluding that of Enugu North by 2023.

● Ignore the sycophantic, self-serving calls and exclusionary antics to impose an aspirant on your party PDP and Ndi Enugu as some claim your predecessors had done.

● While you reserve the right to endorse and campaign for an aspirant, which we expected you to have done long ago to forestall the prevailing confusion fanned by political operatives in the State, it cannot be at the exclusion of other aspirants or expense of democratic ethos and Igbo principle of live and let live.

● Shun the temptation to deploy the resources of the Enugu State Government directly or indirectly to support any aspirant in the primaries and general elections, as such action would be in violation of relevant laws.

Affiliations listed for identification purposes only

  • Dr. Mrs. Chy Agbayi; Enugu USA Women Affairs Chairlady, President Exclusive Ladies of Enugu State Association Washington DC.
  • Ogbuefi Col. Chris Nnamdi Agu; Nigerian American Political Forum
  • Barr. Azuoma E. Anugom (Adaejiagamba); Coordinator, Igbo Town Hall Forum. Coordinator, Women4Women United
  • Dr. Chinwe Aniekwe-Ofoleta; Vice President Emeritus, Enugu-USA
  • Professor Jerry S. Chukwu, LL. M., Ph.D.; Associate Coordinator, Nigerian American Political Forum, Member EnuguUSA.
  • Ms. Oluebube Miracle Chukwu; Special Assistant, Nigerian American Political Forum
  • Hon. Ms Clara Oby Eneh; President Udi Regional Women Association, Houston Texas USA.
  • Hon. Prince Justin Eze; Former publicity secretary Enugu state association Washington DC, board member Enugu USA, President Eze descendants medical mission.
  • Hon. Joshua Ezeh; Secretary General Udi Progressive Association Houston Texas.
  • Hon. Oby Clara Ada Igbo, MBA.; Former President, Enugu – USA Inc
  • Chibuike Mgborie-Chukwu; Former Secretary General, Enugu-USA
  • Hon. Chief Chike Nweke; Publisher/CEO – Life and Times Media Group
  • Dr. Amaka Oduh. Pharm D; Founder, Global Education drive.
  • Arc Sir Nnaemeka M. Okonkwo; Member, Nigerian American Political Forum
  • Apostle Peter S. Okafor; DG, SINACHI 4 SENATE Campaign group Enugu. Nigeria.
  • Emmanuel Onuaguluchi, Esq.; Attorney at law, New York City
  • High Chief Dr. Emma Obiesie; President Emeritus, Enugu-USA Inc. July 2012 to June 2014
  • Chief Remmi Ohagwu; Provost Emeritus, ENUGU-USA INC.
  • Prof. Eze Sunny Udeh, Ph.D., MBA.; Coordinator, Nigerian American Political Forum.
  • Dr. Godwin Ifeanyichukwu Udibe, Ph.D; FCE; Former President, Enugu USA, Atlanta Chapter; Director-General Project Nigeria President of South East Extraction 2023; Chairman, Igbo Leadership Development Foundation
  • Chief/Dr/Mrs. SinaChi Ugwuonye-Okechukwu; President Emeritus, Enugu-USA

The Nigerian American Political Forum is a platform to deepen democracy in USA and Nigeria. Contact:
New York City, New York, USA.

Allow Gov Ugwuanyi to anoint successor

Hippolytus Onah says that we should allow Gov Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to anoint a successor from Isi-Uzo LGA and argues why.

Where were you when Ex-Governor Chimaroke Nnamani from Enugu cultural zone anointed Barr. Sullivan Chime from the Cultural zone Governor for another eight years after his own eight years? Not only did he make an Enugu cultural zone man Governor, but also made another Enugu cultural zone man from his own Nkanu part of that Cultural zone Deputy Governor to Governor Sullivan.

Did your sanctimonious sermons and avowed conscience of “rationality” go on French leave then? You didn’t know that those who maintained silence in the face of those injustices have so much to say? Look, stop being clever by half and face reality.

When Abakaliki Senatorial zone left Enugu state to form Ebonyi State with part of our Igbo brothers and sisters in then Abia state (including His Excellency Dr. Ogbonnia Onu, the first Executive Governor of Abia state,) can you tell me who went to Abuja and divided old Enugu Senatorial zone into Enugu-East Senatorial zone and Enugu-West Senatorial zone and left Nsukka Senatorial zone that has the largest human population and land mass into one Senatorial zone and changed its name without consulting the people of Nsukka to a totally strange name Enugu-North Senatorial zone? The three persons that did that terrible injustice are Chief Jim Ifeanyichukwu Nwobodo (Nkanu,) Prof. Ukpabi (Awgu,) and Chief Silas Ilo (Ezeagu.) All three are one-sidedly from Enugu cultural zone and cousins! They never included any Nsukka cultural zone in the decision making process in a sociopolitical issue equally owned by Nsukka Senatorial zone and Enugu Senatorial zone at the exit of Abakaliki Senatorial zone that made for Governor Okwesilieze Nwodoo’s popular cliche “Triangular Equilibrium!”

If you were from Enugu state and were to be born an Nsukka man who watched all these selfishness and marginalization against your people by those who forgot that power is merely transient, how would you truly feel being treated the way you just read me? I have to assume you may know little or nothing about the way and manner the power before now treated the Nsukka land and people.

Just be guided. Look at another truth to watch: Nsukka LGA is one of the largest and oldest Local Government Council Areas in Nigeria today that has not been subdivided. Do you know why? Because the trio of Jim, Ukpabi and Ilo in a bid to create artificial majority for their old Enugu Senatorial zone had to subdivide Enugu Local Government Council Area into Enugu-North LGA, Enugu-East LGA and Enugu-South LGA and carried the subdivision meant for Nsukka LGA and gave it to Nkanu and Awgu LGAs, and they now have Nkanu-East, Nkanu-West and Awgu LGA and Aninri LGA. Then to deplete Nsukka Senatorial zone to remain one Senatorial zone, to make old Enugu Senatorial zone to rule for 16 years and old Nsukka Senatorial zone to rule (if allowed at all,) for only 8 years, the three musketeers of Jim, Ukpabi and Ilo, removed Isi-uzo LGA from old Nsukka Senatorial zone and added them to their new Enugu-East Senatorial zone to make up the needed six Local Government Council Areas for the creation of a third Senatorial zone as expected in every state of the Federation, claiming Isi-uzo people ancestrally were one and the same Nkanu people!

So, how come today, the same people who used Isi-uzo people to secure two Senatorial zones against Nsukka Senatorial zone, claiming Isi-uzo was ancestrally Nkanu like Ugwuogo and the entire Nike people when it was convenient are now singing a different tune when it is now their turn to make one of their own Governor in the rightful turn of their Enugu-East Senatorial zone?

Is this the case of hunter’s dog and the game the dog caught? Good to use the dog to catch games, but not good to partake in eating the meat when it is done, but has to wait for the bones. The axiom goes that a patient dog, eats the fattest bone. Not the fattest flesh!

My dear brother, would you still say who amongst Enugu and Nsukka looked for trouble and do you still have anything against Nsukka people as to why they feel today the way they feel? His Excellency Governor Ifeanyichukwu Ugwuanyi is yet to speak and the birds on slim ropes are already beginning to dance “Benue’s Swange and River’s Owigiri.” My question is, if not that same swollen arrogance and down-looking of the Nsukka cultural zone persona by Nkanu, Awgu, Oji, Udi and Agbaja people (just like some other uncivilized amongst southern Igbos,) what is wrong in Governor Ugwuanyi following the established pattern and footsteps of his very Excellent predecessors?

Let’s remain calm like the Nsukkas remained under past tenures and allow Gov Ugwuanyi to anoint and produce his successor! Let reason prevail against brickmanship; for soon, we will be surprised to find out that great strength and wisdom lie in the patient and silent. I remember one of the works of Shakespeare and the character depicted of “the Oracle”. Remember the quote: “I am but an Oracle, when I open my mouth, let no dog bark! The millipede they trampled upon is enduring in silence and the persons trampling upon it are the ones yelping!

Allow Gov Ugwuanyi to anoint successor

Ugwuanyi’s ambition is a problem for Nsukka LGA

Okechukwu Ayogu argues that for Nsukka LGA, and contrary to defenses put up by hired writers, Governor Ugwuanyi’s ambition is a problem.

By Okechukwu Ayogu

Dear Publisher: I am writing this in confidence to you, but I authorize you to publish it if makes sense. I am not a good writer but I can put my points across for people to understand.

First, I am from Nsukka Local Government Area and I can tell you that we are not happy with the game our governor is playing. This is the truth.

I read the reply from the Governor’s media warriors over Enugu Metro story on how Gov. Ugwuanyi is disturbing the peace of Nsukka. That reply made me to agree with you that there are people who have been commissioned to write rubbish to deceive the people of Enugu State. The sad part of it is that all the lies that they are telling are against us, against our interest in Nsukka Local Government Area.

Mind you, I am only interested in the part of the write up by one Chukwudi Ugwunna that concerns the Senatorial and House of Reps dispute in Igbo-Eze South/Nsukka Federal Constituency. This is what he said in the writeup:

“Back to Enugu North Senatorial seat, Ugwuanyi’s ambition is not a problem, because it is in line with equity and fairness in the senatorial zone. Nsukka and Igbo Eze South council areas is one constituency. Late Senator Fidelis Okoro from Nsukka was in the Senate for three terms. Igbo Eze North and Udenu council areas is one federal constituency as well. Senator Ayogu Eze from Igbo Eze North was in Senate for two term of eight years. Igbo-Etiti and Uzo Uwani Council areas is one Federal Constituency. Senator Chuka Utazi from Uzo-Uwani will be completing his second term in the Senate in 2023, paving way for Udenu, where Ugwuanyi hails from to produce Senator in 2023. This is a verifiable fact. There is no crisis of zoning of senatorial seat in Enugu North as being propagated and purveyed by Anikwe to hoodwink people and justify Ekweremadu’s sit tight on Enugu West Senatorial seat for 20 years and greedily/selfishly working to truncate the agreed rotation of governorship seat in the state.

I am amazed by the bold lies and illogical conclusions of Chukwudi Ugwunna who I suspect is a fake name. Kindly follow me on this one so you can understand the sequence of events.

Ugwunna says that Igbo-Eze South and Nsukka are one federal constituency that produced late Fidelis Okolo as the first Senator from Enugu North. He is correct. However take a look at the order of rotation of Senate seats in Enugu North.

  1. Senator Fidelis Okoro (Igboeze-South/Nsukka) went first as a Senator representing Enugu North Senatorial District (1999 – 2007).
  2. The slot moved to Udenu/Igbo-Eze North federal constituency and Senator Ayogu Eze was elected and also served for two terms (2007 – 2015).
  3. After Ayogu finished his two terms like Okolo, Igboetiti/Uzo-Uwani Federal Constituency took over with Senator Chukwuka Utazi who was elected in 2015. He will complete his second term as a senator in May 2023.

Just as in Enugu State governorship cycle, the circle has been completed. But here is our question:

Are we still following zoning and rotation in Enugu North Senatorial District? If we are, whose turn is it to produce a Senator for 2023 now? Is it (1) or (2) above? Dr. Pat Asadu is from (1) while Governor Ugwuanyi is from (2) above.

What is paining us in Nsukka is that this is the same scenario playing out in Enugu. The Governorship slot moved from (1) Enugu East, through (2) Enugu West to (3) Enugu North. Chukwudi Ugwunna and the rest of the hired writers are abusing the hell out of Ekweremadu who is from (2) in the rotation order in Enugu. But he is praising Governor Ugwuanyi who is also from (2) in the Enugu North rotation order! Ekweremadu’s action is bad for Enugu but Ugwuanyi’s action is good for Nsukka. You see am?

We shall continue to ask this question. If you started rotation with Igbo-Eze South/Nsukka and it has now gone full circle, why are you abandoning the arrangement because someone from Igbo-Eze North/Udenu happens to be the governor?

Thank you, Enugu Metro for exposing their duplicity. You got it right. Our governor is indeed the father of greed. Our people are going to sit and watch him stay in government for 28 years and nothing will happen. And do you know why nothing will happen? Because they have recruited thugs to deal with anyone who says pim against the governor or against his satanic ambition. It is astonishing that after making sure that his ambition disturbed everybody’s peace in Nsukka, they will go to Enugu and demonize Ekweremadu for what they are doing to Nsukka Local Government Area.

Let the world know that the governor’s position is hypocritical. If he is using hack writers to demonize Ekweremadu for jumping zoning arrangement in Enugu, is he not doing worse in the land of Nsukka? Why is he fighting people for doing the same thing that he is trying to do in Nsukka? Why can’t he step aside so that the peace we have in Nsukka can be maintained by giving the Senate slot to whom it is due – Nsukka/ Igbo-Eze South Constituency? Does the Governor not know that his action is preventing Nsukka from presenting a candidate for House of Reps? Is this fair? Who is fooling whom?

The hypocrisy is just too much and we in Nsukka local government have had it. We will show him that we have the votes to redress every injustice when the time comes.

Editor’s note: Okechukwu Ayogu is a pseudonym. The author’s real name is protected on request as he fears reprisals from thugs and security agents working for the state government.

Ugwuanyi’s ambition is a problem

Enugu in the hands of hypocrites

As the 2023 race to Enugu State’s Government House gets hotter, Arthur Okolie explores how Enugu is now in the hands of hypocrites.

Did they say that Enugu is in the hands of God? Forget the fraudulent mantra by a people Ndigbo call “Ndi ekwu ozo eme ozo” (hypocrites). Enugu is in the hands of hypocrites!

With the 2023 election by the corner, Enugu is about the only state that is not discussing its real problems and what each governorship aspirant is bringing to the table to make a difference. So far, no Governorship aspirant, except Chief Ike Ekweremadu, has tendered his agenda/manifesto on how to solve the multifarious problems like heightening insecurity, unemployment, epileptic power, dysfunctional educational system, broken city road network, among others, to guide party delegates to voter right.

Nobody is talking about Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s scorecard, which should be the topical issue. Nobody talks about the mountains of refuse defacing Old Park, Okpara Avenue, New Market, Corner Stone, Nkpokiti Junction, Abakpa Nike Bridge, New Artisan, NNPC Mega Station road, Holy Ghost, Ugwuaji, Fire Service, Agbani Road, Uwani, etc. same goes for the biting water scarcity, which has made life unbearable for Ndi Enugu or is it the multiple taxation which grounded businesses. The hypocrites are doing all they can to distract Enugu with their zoning shenanigans.

When politicians come up with such mantra, they always have their target. For instance, when ex-governor, Sullivan Chime, announced that he had zoned 2015 governorship seat to Enugu North (Nsukka zone), it was Chief Anayo Onwuegbu, who provided an insight to guide the simple minded.

Although Ekweremadu had announced in June 2013 that he had no 2015 governorship ambition and thought it should go to Nsukka on the ground of equity, Chime wanted to make assurance double sure.

Onwuegbu, in an interview he granted Vanguard newspaper on 5th November 2014, detailed the context of all Governorship contests from the old Anambra State up to Enugu State and submitted unequivocally that “We have not had zoning in Enugu State; there had never been any zoning”.

“The concept is hinged on the fact that some time ago, it was strongly rumoured that the deputy senate president, Ike Ekweremadu was interested in becoming the Governor of the state (in 2015) and his no-love-lost relationship with the sitting Governor (Chime) is a well-known fact. To put a stop to that ambition, the Governor started announcing that he had zoned the ticket of the party to Nsukka zone. It is a deliberate effort to steer up a sectional consciousness to be used against an envisaged enemy. Let him (Chime) tell us any gathering in Enugu State that says we are going to start zoning. He was not a beneficiary of any zoning arrangement either; he was handpicked by former Governor Chimaroke”, he stated.

Collaborating Onwuegbu’s submission in Sun Newspaper interview on 23rd November 2018, Chime decalred: “In 2013, when we were holding a town hall meeting in Nike Lake Hotel, one journalist asked that since I was leaving office, which zone will succeed me as Governor. When Chimaroke Nnamani became governor, it wasn’t zoned to Nkanu; he won against somebody from the West, even in his re-election bid. When I contested, it was free for everybody, people from the North, from the East, from the West, the same thing during my re-election. Then I said fate had made it that the East had done their two terms, myself in second term at the time, I said it will only be fair that we take it to the North to reduce tensions and I promised to work towards it. That was how it happened. We zoned it to the North, not that there was any agreement; it was common sense to reduce problems”.

One could feel Chime because even when Dr. Nnamani anointed him as his successor in 2007, Nnamani’s deputy, Dr. Okechukwu Itanyi (Enugu North), contested the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Governorship primary against him and only lost narrowly.

It is an open secret that Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has Hon. Chijioke Edeoga, who recently resigned his position as Commissioner for Environment and pick PDP governorship nomination forms, as his first choice of successor. Ekweremadu announced during his 59th birthday in May 2019 that he wouldn’t return to the Senate in 2023. It is believed that Ekweremadu, who played a major role in Ugwuanyi’s emergence in 2015, might expect him to return the favour in 2023. So, rather than come clean on his preferred successor like his predecessors, Ugwuanyi began early to plot the picture of a man whose hands were tied – by zoning. So, all the sponsored rallies and publications to drum up support for an inexistent zoning arrangement that favours Enugu East zone are believed to be geared towards whipping up anti-Ekweremadu sentiments in Enugu East, particularly among Nkanu people, to discourage the senator and also pave way for Ugwuanyi’s choice.

However, whatever was hidden was made open by Senator Chuka Utazi and Dr Okwy Nwodo during the February 2022 Local Government election campaign in Igbo-Etiti. Nwodo and Utazi made it clear to Enugu people that 2023 to 2031 belonged to old Nsukka zone (which includes Isi-Uzo) because the old Enugu zone (Enugu East and West zones) had done 16 years. Nwodo was even specific on Isi-Uzo.

Unfortunately, nobody is telling Enugu masses the underlying truths. Nobody tells them that Ugwuanyi’s and Edeoga’s mothers are of the same mother, but married in Orba, Udenu LGA and Eha-Amufu in Isi-Uzo LGA, respectively. Isi-Uzo was part of old Nsukka zone, but currently and politically part of Enugu East zone.

Nobody tells them that Chijioke Edeoga is also married to Nkechi (nee Obayi), daughter of erudite Prof. Grace Obayi, Dr. Okwesilieze Nwodo’s elder sister.

Chimaroke Nnamani, on his part, wants to install his former Chief of Staff, Peter Mbah, from Nkanu clan.

Again and ironically, most of the promoters of zoning are still hustling to head back to the State or National Assembly, sometimes against graphically agreed zoning formula in their constituencies.

The chief convener of Ife-Emelumma zoning rally and chief marketer of what many, including the Ikeoha Campaign Organisation, described as forged zoning document, Senator Ben-Collins Ndu, has bought forms to return to the Senate.

Chimaroke Nnamani, who ruled Enugu State for eight years (1999- 2007) and spent four years in the Senate (2007 – 2011) before he was consigned to political Siberia by his anointed godson, Chime, is doing his second term as a Senator courtesy of Ugwuanyi. That gesture was interpreted as one of Ugwuanyi’s strategies to eventually checkmate Ekweremadu ahead of 2023. Therefore, by Nnamani’s vociferousness on zoning and prerogative of Ugwuanyi to appoint his successor, he is seen as not just playing to the gallery, but also to the terms of his political rehabilitation in 2019 and survival beyond 2023.

Politics is indeed a serious business. Otherwise, you would expect a champion of Nkanu Governorship interest to wait or insist on Ugwuanyi naming an Nkanu successor before rushing to purchase PDP senatorial forms. And nobody hears him again ever since. By picking the forms, has Chimaroke not betrayed Nkanu and cleared the road for Ugwuanyi to pick his successor from Isi-Uzo? Even a political novice knows that Nkanu cannot have governorship and senatorial seats at Isi-Uzo’s expense at this time and under Ugwuanyi.

Furthermore, Nnamani was a two-term governor on Nkanu’s ticket. He is going into his eighth year in the Senate on Nkanu’s ticket. Yet he’s jostling to return to the Senate, not minding that while his native Nkanu West has produced both two-term Governor and two-term Senator in himself, Nkanu East, for example, has produced none. Where is sense of zoning and equity?

Ugwuanyi did 12 straight years as a Member of the House of Representatives. He is completing eight years as Governor. Yet he has picked forms to go to the Senate at the expense of Igboeze South LGA. It is common knowledge that Enugu North’s Senatorial seat rotates among the three Federal Constituencies. Nsukka/Igbo Eze South Federal Constituency took the first slot through the late Senator Fidelis Okoro from Nsukka LGA. Senator Ayogu Eze took the turn of Igboeze North/Udenu. Senator Chuka Utazi took the turn of Igbo-Etiti/Uzo-Uwani. So, if you follow the argument of Ugwuanyi and his zoning choristers, it should ordinarily restart from Nsukka/Igboeze South where leaving Igboeze South is the LGA to produce the next Senator since Okoro had taken the slot of Nsukka.

But the same Ugwuanyi and his team, who insist that Enugu’s Governorship should restart from Enugu East where it began in 1999 hypocritically, argue that rotation of Enugu North Senatorial seat could restart anywhere since it has gone round. As this piece is written, Hon. Pat Asadu, who is about the strongest contender against Ugwuanyi from Igboeze South, has been asked to return to the House of Representatives for a 6th term in exchange for the Senatorial seat due to Igboeze South.

Currently, most State House of Assembly Members are being returned in exchange for their support for Ugwuanyi’s hard-to-sell governorship zoning formula. The Speaker, Hon. Edward Ubosi (Ozege), has bought forms to return to the Assembly for the 4th term. His uncle, Cornelius Nnaji has equally bought form to return to the House of Representatives. Hon. Chima Obieze is seeking a third consecutive term in State Assembly against Ezeagu’s long established zoning tradition.

So, who is fooling who when some people even want to achieve in Enugu what Senator Rochas Okorocha couldn’t achieve in Imo. Yet they claim that Enugu is in the hands of God. Is it godfather, godson, god the cousin or god the son-in-law?

Arthur Okolie, a political analyst, writes from Enugu

Enugu in the hands of hypocrites

Stop the killings in the Southeast

Chief Osita Chidoka pleads with armed agitators to stop the killings in the Southeast, lay down arms and embrace peace.

stop the killings in the Southeast

Osita Chidoka

Chidoka is a former Aviation minister as well as head of Federal Road Safety Commission in Nigeria.

Days ago, two officers of the Federal Road Safety Corps were brutally murdered in the ongoing macabre orgy of violence by the strangely named Unknown Gunmen. Their offence? Lawful discharge of their statutory duty. The FRSC officers do not bear arms, and as such, it is cowardly to shoot unarmed citizens no matter the subject of the agitation.

The killings, kidnapping and enthronement of fear in the southeast must end.

I have written articles about revamping our security architecture, reached out to leaders in the zone and engaged privately with security agencies and youth leaders to help douse the tension. The results are not as encouraging as I hoped. Yet I am still hopeful.

During my talk at The Platform in 2021, I warned against the so-called Unknown gunmen phenomenon, noting that “you can start it, but you can’t stop it”. That warning was against any form of violent insurrection.

I have consistently defended the right of IPOB to agitate for anything, including secession, provided it is peaceful and within the legitimate right of any Nigerian to associate and promote any agenda freely.

No group in Igboland since NCNC and NPP had mobilised Igbos like IPOB has done. They tapped into a deep well of discontent in the land and used the tactics of the growing nativist nationalism sweeping around the world to gain a following. They created the “they vs us” and, with the thoughtless mismanagement of our national diversity by the government of the day, found a fertile ground. That their message resonated with the people is a reflection of the deep sense of hopelessness in the region.

I was of the opinion and still believe, that the Nigerian State partly causes the anger in Igboland through sheer incompetence and a post-civil war mentality of containing the Igbos. The more significant source of the anger, however, is the poor and unaccountable leadership in Igboland.

I am of the considered view that IPOB should focus its gaze on the leadership in Igboland, force accountability and elect people capable of using the zone’s resources to build a liveable homeland that embodies the concept of Biafra as a prosperous refuge for Igbo people.

An example I love to give is that the tallest building in Enugu today is the ACB Bank headquarters, built by the Eastern regional government in the late 50s. Sixty years after, with Enugu state receiving more money than Eastern Region in real dollars, the environment has not enabled a building reflecting the hopes and aspirations of the Igbo people. Yet, Ernest Azudialo, an Igbo businessman, built the Nestoil towers in Victoria Island Lagos.

Why are Igbo states hostile to private capital? Why is governance in Igboland not reflective of the triple values of uche, uchu and egwuchukwu that embody Igbo virtues? The problem is not only the marginalisation by the Nigerian state. It is primarily the failure of local governance from Local to State governments across the East.

The resort to forming a Security Network ostensibly to ward off armed herders, who destroy and pillage communities, marked the beginning of a new dimension in the mobilisation that has now been hijacked. It has created opportunities for criminal activities, which is killing the Southeast.

Criminal elements and misguided youths have plunged Igboland into a cycle of violence that, if not checked, will be difficult to contain and lead to the decline of the already poorly governed region.

The world has seen hitherto progressive states decline to almost a Hobbesian state of nature where life is “nasty, brutish, and short.” Afghanistan was once a progressive state. Harare, following Mugabe’s wrong priorities, shot itself in the head. After the collapse of the U.S. car industry, the city of Detroit showed that failure could happen even in a developed country. At home, the once beautiful city of Maiduguri is now a metaphor for devastation. The Southeast is on the path.

The killings have to stop. Genuine agitators should step forward and disown the criminality going on. The Federal Government should fast-track Nnamdi Kanu’s trial or promote a negotiated settlement that will demobilise armed groups and return IPOB to the path of peaceful agitation.

There are still many groups promoting the Confederate philosophy in the US after over 100 years of the war of secession. The onus is on the federal government to make the union attractive by building that middle ground of national inclusion.

The amnesty offer by Gov Chukwuma Soludo and the Church Leaders is an opportunity. The gunmen should take it. Igboland cannot afford the double jeopardy of poor governance and descent to anarchy. We will be the losers. We can’t bite off our noses to spite our faces. Only ‘Onye Ala’ will burn his yam barn and exclaim with glee that he has dealt with his enemies. Those who are the cynosure of all eyes should not play with ash.

My heartfelt condolences go to the families of those who lost their lives in this senseless orgy of violence. I call on the armed agitators to lay down their arms and seek the path of peace. Now is the time.