enugu shuts spices lounge

Officials of Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority (ECTDA) on Monday explained why they shut Spices Lounge, citing security concerns.

ECTDA chair, Joseph Onoh, said that Spices, a popular after-hours entertainment Club, became a “nuisance hub” and high-risk security zone.

Owners of similar businesses were formally advised to close down on 31 December 2020 and 16 May 2021, he explained.

Spices, one of the entertainment spots listed in the Enugu Metro Business Directory, is promoted by its owners as a relaxation spot “for beer lovers, football fans, (and) courtesans.”

Courtesans are commercial sex workers who serve wealthy, upper class clients.

Spices is located at Rangers Avenue in the upscale Independence Layout District, within a 3-minute drive to Enugu Government House.

Onoh said Spices does not have government approval to “operate such unwholesome activity.”

Their action, he said, succeeded in turning Independence layout into “a commercial (sex) district,” contrary to its original plan.

He described the Lounge as “a hub of prostitutes and … a high-risk avenue, sandwiched in-between financial institutions and capable of harboring criminal elements.”

“We sealed the place because it has become so notorious. Due to the insecurity and high level of criminal activities going on at this moment, it became necessary and in accordance to our earlier directives.

“Again, you know wherever there is a high level of these women of shenanigans there are always criminals.

“This is just an example of what to come if other operators refuse to abide by the code of conduct in business operations in Enugu.

“We are also sending strong warning and signals to other places of reckless packings and clusters of questionable characters to abate or face our sanction,” Onoh said.

He said many of the business are flouting business and zoning regulations because of the liberal disposition of the Governor.

“The Governor … has all the while maintained a peaceful coexistence in the state but his meekness has been abused by some people who take his benevolence for granted.

“Henceforth, everybody would have to sit up,” he warned.

Onoh said ECTDA Task Force will continue its clampdown on city flashpoints “until sanity is restored in the coal city.”

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