Bandits hitherto operating on federal highways appear to shift base as they now seize state highways for kidnap a activities.

Enugu Metro checks confirm that kidnappers carry out daily lightning raids along two major state highways.

The mobilisation of federal security firethese strategic routes appear to have little effect on criminality along the highways. Instead, bandits continue to seize motorists for ransom at strategic north and west entry and exit points of Enugu City.

The northern end is Enugu-Opi-Nsukka road, a green construction by the Sullivan Chime administration. At the western end is the old Enugu-Four cirners-Udi Road, also reconstructed by the same administration.

Yesterday, 26 October, Coal City residents went cold after news filtered in that hoodlums carried out lightning raids along the Enugu-Opi state highway.

Among prominent citizens reportedly abducted were former Enugu Secretary of State, Dr. Dan Shere.

The State Police Command kept sealed lips over the incidents. Citizens also worried that the State Government has yet to issue reassurances or advisories to guide fearful motorists

Kidnap Victims Speak

Enugu Metro spoke with residents who claim they each met ransom demands of N2million and above to effect the release of abducted relations.

Most of those who volunteered information anonymously said bandits kidnapped their relations along the Four-Corners to Udi state highway.

The siege on this highway began over a month ago and shows little signs of abating soon.

Soon after Chime reconstructed this highway, it became the only motorable exit to Anambra West part of Nigeria from Enugu.

Most Enugu residents spoken to said they are aware that kidnapping occurs almost daily on this stretch.

Dangerous Highways

Before yesterday’s Enugu-Opi road attack, bandits also carried out operations along Four Corners to Agbani route. This was where kidnap of two Nollywood actors occurred and made headlines recently. The bandits kidnapped the duo at a branch-off location where they were shooting a movie.

Several kidnap stories along these routes go unreported because victims’ families fear that this could hurt those in captivity.

Bandits target Enugu-Opi Road

Yesterday 27 October, the bandits operating around Enugu targeted the Enugu-Opi state highway. They abducted an unspecified number of motorists and commercial passegers.

There are two regular police security checkpoint along this route with heavily-armed Police Mobile Force personnel on motorized patrol.

The bandits thumbed their noses at this federal firepower to haul in motorists for ransom.

The Sullivan Chime Administration created this strategic green highway to ease northern traffic from Enugu.

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Bandits seize state highways in Enugu