The Bank of Industry has issued an alert asking the public to ignore fraudsters trying to obtain N750 easy money from thousands of people in Nigeria.

In a statement, the bank said the scammers are promoting a nonexistent “Bank of Industry Small Scale Grant 2020” implying that the bank may have decided to give free cash to people.

“The perpetrators send links to a Google form and ask applicants to pay ₦750 to complete their applications.

“Please do not fall victim to this scam, no such program exists, the bank warned in a statement, which has also been posted on its website.

BOI provides financial assistance for those wishing to establish businesses, big and small, or to expand, diversify and modernize existing businesses.

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Rather than fall victim to fraudsters, the bank has advised those who need a loan to visit its website or contact its online customer care.


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Full details of these loans and how to apply can be found on the Banks website You may also contact headquarters Customer Care division at: 0700 225 5264 and email