Here are best places to get fast-food options for those in a hurry to eat in Enugu, aka Coal City. The city’s fast food outlets cater to different tastes and preferences, from high end international chains down to delicious ethnic snacks one can snag from street corners.

Enugu has seven types of fast-food options for the visitors and residents. Here you will find a list of the best fast food centres including the top 10 best fast food restaurants in Enugu.

You will find a few international and national fast-food chains in Enugu. KFC is the most visible international chain but local competitors like Chicken Republic and Mr. Biggs are also here. They typically serve a mix of fried chicken, pastries, burgers, pizza, and other fast-food items.

  • KFC is at Shoprite Shopping Mall, Abakaliki Road, GRA Enugu.
  • Chicken Republic is located at 72 Chime Avenue, New Haven and 145 Agbani Road, Uwani Enugu.
  • Crunchies Fried Chicken, has three locations in Shoprite (Abakaliki Road), Independence Layout (Rangers Avenue) Enugu, and 96 Agbani Road.
  • Genesis Restaurant at Zik Avenue, Uwani is famous for their cakes and pizza

Explore local fast-food joints and eateries that serve Nigerian and West African fast-food specialties. You can find local dishes such as suya, puff-puff, boli (roasted plantains), and more.

  • Daj Fast Foods is at 41 Chime Avenue, New Haven.
  • Ku-Mac Ebubechukwu Fast Food is at 7 College Road, Ogui New Layout, Ogui New Layout, Enugu, Enugu
  • Mouthful Fast Food is at 14 Affa Street, Uwani Enugu
  • GNO Fast Food at 57 Abakpa Nike Road, Abakpa has both dine in and takeaway options.

All over the Coal City, you will find stalls and small eateries that specialize in shawarma and grilled foods. These places often serve a variety of meat, chicken, or vegetable wraps and kebabs.

  • Shawarma King is at Independence Layout Enugu. Call 07084455397
  • Crème Shawarma is a Shawarma restaurant at 21 Independence Avenue, Independence Layout Enugu. Call 09065660334
  • Kiss Shawarma has a stall at 93 Ugwuaji Rd, Off Independence Layout 07065713941

The bakeries and confectioneries business is quite popular in Enugu. Apart from offering quick snacks and pastries, most bakers also contract cakes for weddings and other events and ceremonies. They also offer meat pies, sausage rolls, “small chops” and a variety of baked goods.

  • Ozy’s Cakes, Pastries and Confectioneries is located at 40 Zik Avenue, Uwani. Contact 08064184243
  • Triple D Confectionery, Ogui Road, Contact 09150428440
  • Casthel Confectionery is at Onyeneke Street, New Era Layout. Contact 07069458045

For those visiting malls and shopping complexes, it is easy to find fast food in the many shopping centers and malls in Enugu. Others may host food courts to provide a selection of options in one location.

  • Shawarma Ecstasy is at Sunches Plaza, [No 1 Sunche Close], 10 Umunano Street, Off ESBS Junction, near City Park Hotel In Independence Layout. 0906 163 2853
  • Roosters Fast Food At Citi Centre Mall, Independence Layout. Dine-in·Takeaway
  • Citi Chef Fastfood is at Polo Park Mall, GRA area. It has both dine in and takeaway options.

In most open markets in Enugu (Afor Amechi, Kenyatta, Ogbete, New Market), it is easy to find a section for prepared food. Stall owners prepare the food for shoppers to take away. Food vendors also hawk the delicacies – mostly abacha – in the market and on the streets. International visitors might worry about their hygiene factors and they would be right to do so. However, click here to see the options from Google on getting abacha in Enugu.

Some fast-food establishments in Enugu may offer delivery services, allowing you to enjoy your favorite meals at home or in the office.

  • Frannies Food is a food delivery service in Independence Layout. Contact 07031687829
  • Ogwugo Limited prides itself as the best delivery service in Enugu. It is located at Enugu Sports Club. Contact 0814 001 9523

Restaurant business has a high attrition rate but quite a good number have staying power in Enugu. While specific outlets may change, new fast food businesses keep springing up. We will continue to monitor the food businesses mentioned here and update them as new information become available.

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