Biafran t-shirts trend in online stores following arrest of popular Nollywood actor by the Nigerian Military at Onitsha

Here are samples of the chic fashion that Enugu Metro readers and correspondents captured on the streets and on the internet.

The arrest of popular actor Chiwetalu Agu has given t-shirt creators a boom as the flood online shops with goods. There are many other dimensions of street design

The inscriptions on the shirts turn out to be quite interesting from the hilarious to the bizzare.

The dresses have found their way to Amazon where they attract a price tag as high as $34.


At Redubble, Biafra t-shirts are going as high as $40 a piece. 

Another online store, Zazzle Biafran t-shirts and shirts stll between $16 and $32 apiece.

Biafran t-shirts trend in online stores