Bricklayer miraculously survives hammer-pierced neck

A bricklayer yesterday tripped and fell from a story building at a construction site in Owerri, Imo State and landed with his neck on a hammer with handle facing up which pierced through and protruded at his back.

He was miraculously saved at the Federal Medical Centre Owerri where the 35-year old bricklayer was rushed to.

On arrival at hospital

The Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist on duty at the hospital, Dr. Nnaemeka Ibekwe, quickly constituted a team to try to pull out the hammer and save the poor man’s life.

“Being the senior registrar on call on ENT and head and neck surgeon, I called out my two ENT consultants, quickly raised and invited the vascular surgeons, burns and plastics traumatologists and spine surgeons, anesthetic and theatre peri-op nurses informed to get set,” Dr. Ibekwe said in a WhatsApp message he shared with his colleagues.

In a swift and clinical operation, the specialists not only succeeded in removing he hammer but have also been able to stabilize his condition as at this morning.

This was possible because the surgeons discovered on examination that the position where the hammer passed did not touch the critical areas – “esophagus, trachea and the vertebrae column,” Dr. Ibekwe said.

The incredible operation ended by 10.30 p.m. last night.

Dr. Ibekwe’s WhatsApp message on the operation has been independently confirmed by eMetro News. Full of medical jargons, parts of the message reads as follows:

“The .. bricklayer accidentally fell off from a story building while at work and landed with the left lateral anterior neck on a hammer standing on the ground with the handle facing upwards.

“(The hammer) pieced via the anterior and exited on the posterior.

“However, as God may have it, he was not in any respiratory distress, and vitals were relatively stable on presentation.

“Necessary urgent investigations were done. thanks to our med lab scientist friends, who acted promptly as the urgency demands, gave us four units of screened/crossmatched blood and provided the results needed as fast as possible.

“Within a short while, all the invited surgeons stormed the casualty, we quickly wheeled the patient to the theatre and neck exploration with foreign body removal was done.

“Patient was later transferred to the intensive care unit by the anesthetist for observation.”

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  1. Glory be to this great God we worship.
    Congratulations to the carpenter and his family and friends.
    Congratulations to the team of doctors.

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