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The best places to eat, including hotels, restaurants, and garden bars in Enugu

Real wahala is a cup of Enugu palm wine!

Enugu on-air media personality tastes a cup of Enugu palm wine from Ijeawele Bar and is transported into a muse paradise.

Somebody Help Me!

I just closed from the office and the last thing I knew was that I am here!

How I got here, I do not know. I only saw this cup of palm wine in front of me.

How it got here, I have the least idea. Who drank it down, I don’t know.

I will ask Hon. Ohayi and tell him, in that spirit of seeing half glass as half full, as opposed to being half empty, he should fill it up immediately, as the most effective bar motivational personality I ever know.

My spirit needs to be full right now. I think Dili Ogbuenyi should have an idea of what I am striving at.

And do you know the name of the place? Ijeawele Garden, Nza Street, Independent Layout, Enugu.

Don’t blame me. E be awele m nò ka m n’achó!

My immediate problem now: I have just been told that for straying here and unknowingly consuming this, I can only leave if I pay N1,000.

Wahala no be bicycle. Real wahala na cup of palm wine.

Editor’s Note: Ijeawele Bar appears soon in Enugu Metro City Directory. Watch out!

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Enugu delicious beans porridge is a delight

Enugu delicious beans porridge is a treat to the first time Coal City visitor. Alas, you can only get the works at roadside eateries., reports Ikem Okuhu

delicious beans

Ikem Okuhu

Ikem is a former journalist with bias for brands and Marketing reportage who has made good as a PR practitioner.

For the locals, however, there are two types of gentlemen and ladies who visit roadside eateries for this delicious, mouthwatering plantain and beans in the Coal City. Those who care for a healthy diet. And those dining on a budget.

Enugu roadside eateries serve a special diet of beans and plantain. Not your regular fried plantain with hard-boiled beans. This one is special a potpourri mixed with vegetables and fish.

Here’s the tesstimony of one VIP visitor from Lagos:

Sorry I didn’t remember to invite you early.

See this our Enugu?

You can go round the month with N5k in you bank account.

You don’t have to be at all those fancy restaurants.

That woman on the street corner selling roast plantain {ripe and unripe} is actually selling good health at the price of a sachet of water.

When next you’re in Enugu, try the delicious beans porridge at a recommended roadside eatery

Plantain is rich in irons and other minerals. It makes you “strong” kakaraka. Fish is optional…

And after loading your plate with healthy food, she’d just ask that you Pay N150!

I tried it this morning.

That woman by the corner of State CID (near the new Enugu Secretariat in the GRA) is clean and blends it so well you’d, like me, want an encore…

Service at Dolphin Restaurant Enugu

James Eze is in search of a good meal but was taken aback by the poor service offered at the upscale Dolphin Restaurant Enugu

When will Customer Service Revive in Nigeria?

Customer service is dead in Nigeria. We have always known this. We even live with it.

However when a hungry man goes to a restaurant to get something to eat and ends up being kept waiting for hours, you wonder if our collective silence over the way we are treated in this place is not entirely an act of cowardice.

Here at the upscale Dolphin Restaurant, Enugu, diners beg for attention and waiters do everything they can to avoid eye contact with their customers. And they are just a few, by the way. So, hungry diners drift aimlessly in front of an array of appetizing dishes, their stomachs grumbling, their eyes sunken deep in their skulls as hunger digs deeper. But nobody cares. Shebi na dem wan eat better okro soup nah! Them go hear nwii first!

After making a few unsuccessful attempts to attract the attention of a waiter, you slide out of the place with your head bowed.

It is the story in most successful Nigerian restaurants. They take their customers for granted. They hardly ever realize that nobody visits a restaurant except they are hungry.
This is sad. Isn’t it?


There are at least 10 different types of restaurants one can patronize while on a visit to Nigeria’s south east City of Enugu. Enugu restsurant owners invariably serve a pot-pourri of menus that make them distinguishable one from the other. They also approximate to standard restaurant categorisations.

It can sometimes be tough for Enugu residents and visitors to enjoy the unique advantage of specializing in different pots. There are quite a number from the hundreds of restaurants dotted all over the city landscape, whose owners get it right. Plus the Igbos of Nigeria are reputed to serve the most diverse and nutritionally rich ethnic menus.

Let’s do a checklist of 10 categories of restaurants and see how Enugu restauranteurs rate in meeting the standards of each. Here goes.

1.    Ethnic Restaurants

Ethnic restaurants are one of the different types of restaurants that specialize in preparing ethnic dishes. In Enugu, we are primarily concerned with finding restaurants where visitors can find Igbo, Yoruba, Riverine, Calabar dishes. Except at roadsides, it is difficult to find exclusive Nigerian ethnic restaurants in Enugu, except one patronizes roadside eateries like Nwanyi Ituku Restaurant on Presidential Road. However, if we consider Chinese as ethnic food, one can go to Octopus in Nza Street, Happy Panda at Upper Chime Avenue, and Discovery Kitchen also at Chime Avenue

2.    Fast Food Restaurants

The name was coined from how fast it takes people to get food to eat when they step in through the door. Fast food joints provide the fastest service because every meal is cooked, waiting to be dished to patrons who are not interested in fine dining. Diners order the food from the counter and carry the plates themselves to their tables or packed in takeaway bags. Popular fast food restaurants in Enugu include Mama Onyinye Restaurant in Park Avenue, GRA. Take-away only fast foods can however be found in Shoprite at Polo Park, Spar at Okpara Square, and the Roban Stores located at Independence Avenue, Agbani Road, and Trans-Ekulu.

3.    Fast Casual Restaurants

Fast casual restaurants are one of the different types of restaurants one will search far to find in Enugu. They are chain restaurants such as Mr. Biggs, Chicken Republic, and Sweet Sensation, all of which operate mainly in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. National fast casual restaurants like Mr. Biggs could not survive the competition in Enugu and had to close down. Only Crunchies on Rangers Avenue is making a strong showing at the moment.

Know about Enugu’s two famous native meals

4.    Casual Dining Restaurants

 These are restaurants that serve moderately priced menus in a casual atmosphere. They provide table service as well. Typical examples of casual dining restaurants include Ntachi Osa, Discovery Kitchen, Celebrities and Dolphin Restaurants.

5.    Premium Casual Restaurants

Premium casual restaurants come with both a dining section and a lounge section. This is the place to be for millennials who want to eat in a good atmosphere as well as play games or watch matches at another section. The only restaurant that comes close to this description is Roots Restaurant on the intersection of Presidential Road and Okpara Square.

6.    Fine Dining

They are the ultimate in connoisseur restaurants, delivering three- or two course meals in an upscale ambience. The décor is quite rich and exotic, and the owners may decide to set some rules for patrons, such as asking each diner to dress formally or wear a tie. Diners get full table service in tables that are traditionally covered by white cloth.

7.    Buka Restaurants

The most common types of restaurants in Enugu is the Buka. Food is often served in an unpretentious local setting with fewer tables. The taste and richness of some Bukas can be quite delightful. It is for this reason that bukas such as Nwanyi Ituku on Presidential Road and .. opposite Enugu Sports Club are patronized by high profile clients who do not mind the make-shift arrangement under which they dine.

8.    Buffet Restaurants

Most buffet restaurants in Enugu are found in star hotels and serve mainly guests and their visitors at the hotels. It is difficult to find diners choosing to visit a hotel restaurant because of exclusive menu that they have. Most hotel menus include a selection of food that is served at a fixed price. Better known hotel menus can be found at Blue Royal Hotel, Maxbe International, and

9.    Cafeterias

Cafeteria food are served in establishments such as schools, big corporations, and hospitals. The foods are ready-cooked, and the diners serve themselves – although some patrons may wish to request attendants who also clean the tables as each diner departs. There are cafeterias serving low budget foods at the IMT, the UNEC, and Godfrey Okoye University. Big establishments such as WAEC in Enugu also run cafeterias, although their quality and taste are considerably watered down.

10. Roadside Delicacies

Most Enugu local delicacies are surprisingly served mostly by street food vendors. You are likely to find otherwise discriminatory diners patronizing them because of their richness and acclaimed health benefits. One can accost the itinerant food vendor wheeling his or her barrow of carrying a pan filled with food on the head. Among the more popular delicacies are okpa and abacha, two menus that Enugu people specialize in. Abacha (cassava flakes mixed with vegetables and dry fish) is sold in open markets while okpa (paste prepared from Bambara seeds and garnished) is a regular fare at interstate bus and taxi parks dotted around the city.

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