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Ugwuanyi embraces Ekweremadu at public function

Mourners stunned as Gov Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi spreads his arms and embraces Sen Ike Ekweremadu at a funeral yesterday.

The curious hug and outward show of affection took place yesterday at Ihe Town in Awgu LGA of Enugu State.

The embrace at Ihe

Both came to honour a popular traditional ruler, Igwe Goddy Ekoh, whose remains were interred yesterday.

Igwe Ekoh, a justice and peace ambassador chaired Awgu Local Government Area Traditional Rulers Council until his demise.

Both the Governor and the Senator stormed the event with their political allies and supporters.

The hitherto close friends and allies have become bitter political rivals based on the Senator’s bid to succeed the governor.

The Governor’s media people downplayed his attendance at Ihe while playing up attendance at another burial event.

On his own, Senator Ekweremadu this morning took to Facebook to eulogise the late popular traditional ruler.

Ugwuanyi and Ekweremadu embrace
Late Igwe Goddy N. Ekoh, Ezeudo III

“I was at Ihe, Awgu LGA, Enugu State, to pay my last respect to His Royal Grace, Igwe Goddy Nwanze Ekoh (JP).

“He was a preeminent traditional ruler, an ambassador for peace, epitome of humility, a strong believer in the grace of God, lover of the people, and a man of unimpeachable integrity.

“In fact, he represented everything good about royalty and who we are as a people.

“He was the Chairman the Awgu LGA Traditional Rulers Council and member, Enugu State Traditional Rulers Council.

“May his soul rest in peace. Amen.”

Although he shared pictures of the hug, there were no comments associated with it.

The Governor, on the other hand, is yet to publicise his visit or share pictures of the event.

Ugwuanyi embraces Ekweremadu at public function

Nkanu warns Nsukka on Enugu-East Governorship matters

Nkanu group warns Nsukka General Assembly to back off on issue of selection of a governorship candidate from Enugu-East.

The Nkanu People’s Assembly, said in a statement that it does not need intervention of Enugu North or any other.

Nsukka General Assembly allegedly boasted that Enugu’s next governor will come from Isi-Uzo and the deputy from Enugu North Zone. That way, Enugu North will rule for 16 years to level up with the rest of Enugu.

Cultural irredentists from the zone currently promote the divisive rhetoric of consolidating Nsukka hold on the governorship.

The alleged statement by Nsukka Assembly is trending in social media, to the consternation of other parts of the State.

Isi-Uzo LGA culturally belongs to Nsukka clan but was gerrymandered in 1996 to create Enugu East Senatorial District.

Since its annexation into Enugu East, Isi-Uzo complains of marginalization in political appointments and nominations. It therefore staked a powerful claim to the governorship slot that Enugu East is fighting to acquire.

Analysts however predict that this divisive rhetoric could work against the aspiration of Isi-Uzo for the governorship.

Dousing tension

The Nkanu statement however seeks to douse tension generated by the postures of Enugu North irredentists.

But Nkanu General Assembly in its statement was having none of the advice.

“It is not the responsibility of Nsukka General Assembly or any other body outside Enugu East zone to involve in micro zoning and the decision of who become the next governor of Enugu State (sic).

“Each of the six Local Government Areas can exhibit why the governor should come from the local government area. The six local governments can cooperate and agree on which local government to produce the next governor.”

Igwe Abel O Nwobodo and Prof Osita Nnamani Ogbu signed the statement as President and Secretary respectively.

Nkanu warns Nsukka on Enugu-East Governorship matters

We need sports-friendly aspirants like Prof Nnaji

Nigeria’s most famous goalkeeper Emma Okala shows why we need sports-friendly aspirants like Prof Barth Nnaji to become state governors.

We need sports-friendly aspirants

Emma Okala

Okala is Nigeria’s most admired goalkeeper, a permanent fixture in both Club (Enugu Rangers) and country (Super Eagles) during his playing days.

Like most sportsmen and women in Nigeria, I was excited when it was reported that Professor Bart Okechukwu Nnaji, the globally famous engineering genius, accepted on Sunday, April 3, 2022, to run for the Enugu State gubernatorial race. I am particularly happy for obvious reasons.

Though my parents came from Onitsha in today’s Anambra State, I have been living and working in Enugu since the 1970s, including being the goalkeeper for the Rangers International Football Club which in the 1970s and 1980s set different records in Nigeria’s history.  The second reason for my interest in Professor Nnaji is that he and I participated in the 1975 National Sports Festival at the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos, as representatives of East Central State which has since been split into today’s Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo states.

While I was playing football, Nnaji was a star in the field and track events. He represented East Central State in about four events, including long jump and the 880-metre race where he won prizes. The 1975 National Sports Festival took place five years after the Nigerian Civil War which our heroic Eastern Nigerian people lost. All of us were determined to take our people out of the state of what the popular politician, Dr K. O. Mbadiwe, famously called a state of psychological defeatism to a state of psychological glorification. We fought like wounded lions. We were not interested in monetary benefits, but in the upliftment of our people.

Nnaji’s sports journey

How Professor Nnaji became a sportsman is a fascinating story on its own. He was a House Captain at St Patrick’s College, Emene, Enugu. During the Inter House Sports, there was no person to represent his House in field and tracks. He felt challenged. So, he opted to enter the race for the heck of it. He surprisingly dusted all his competitors, including those who had achieved statewide fame as sports stars. His victory was considered a fluke in some quarters. A repeat was, therefore, ordered. He once again floored all rivals. Not only in 220 and 440 but also in 880 and even in long jump! This was absolutely incredible. Here was someone who never participated in sports, not even in mere practice or mock or demonstration, defeating state athletes hands down! He was naturally invited to camp to slug it well from students from other schools in the state. He dusted each and every one of them almost effortlessly.

Based on the outstanding performance of young East Central State footballers and athletes, many youngsters secured employment with the State Sports Council in Enugu. Bart Nnaji was one of them; I had already been hired as early as January, 1971. Like many of us, his excellence in sports proved more beneficial than many anticipated. Nnaji secured admission into different American universities, including Columbia, an Ivory League institution in New York, based on both academic and sports excellence, but he chose St John’s University in New York simply because it is an old Catholic institution; he has always been a devout Catholic. It is important to stress the point of Nnaji’s scholarship to study in the United States partly because of his excellence in sports; most reports I have read about his going to the United States in 1977 claim that his scholarship was based solely on his outstanding brilliance, apparently on account of his prodigious attainments in the academia. It is also important to stress that Nnaji’s record in long jump at St John’s University, where he graduated as the best student of the year in 1980 after studying Physics and Mathematics for 30 straight months, remains unbroken to this day. His name is conspicuous in the university Hall of Fame for outstanding scholastic and athletic achievements.

When sportspeople diversify

It is good for sportsmen and women to move into different spheres of life. It is expected that they will remember former sports persons who are now indigent, aged or incapacitated. Many of the stars of yesterday are today living in penury. They can’t afford the basics of life like medicines, food and accommodation.

We need sports-friendly governors throughout Nigeria, starting with the Southeast where sports, perhaps more than any other thing, served as an effective instrument to uplift our people after the defeat we suffered as a result of the Civil War. The East Central State Administrator in the early 1970s, Dr Ukpabi Asika, used to tell us that we needed to compete better than the rest of Nigeria not through war but through sports and other nonviolent activities. Dr Asika, a political Science lecturer at the University of Ibadan before the War, used to quote to us a statement by Bertrand Russell, the British philosopher: “Sport is war by other means”.

We need more Professor Bart Nnajis in politics and other spheres of human life. We need sports persons in leadership positions in Nigeria. We need those who understand that sport is not just about entertainment, as the late Major General Shehu Musa Yar’Adua, the then Chief of Staff at the Supreme Headquarters during the General Olusegun Obasanjo military regime, reminded the nation. General Yar’Adua was speaking in 1980 when Nigeria hosted the first time the Africa Cup of Nations Competition in Lagos. Nigeria won the competition, the first time it ever did. I was a member of the Green Eagles squad.

Allow Gov Ugwuanyi to anoint successor

Hippolytus Onah says that we should allow Gov Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to anoint a successor from Isi-Uzo LGA and argues why.

Where were you when Ex-Governor Chimaroke Nnamani from Enugu cultural zone anointed Barr. Sullivan Chime from the Cultural zone Governor for another eight years after his own eight years? Not only did he make an Enugu cultural zone man Governor, but also made another Enugu cultural zone man from his own Nkanu part of that Cultural zone Deputy Governor to Governor Sullivan.

Did your sanctimonious sermons and avowed conscience of “rationality” go on French leave then? You didn’t know that those who maintained silence in the face of those injustices have so much to say? Look, stop being clever by half and face reality.

When Abakaliki Senatorial zone left Enugu state to form Ebonyi State with part of our Igbo brothers and sisters in then Abia state (including His Excellency Dr. Ogbonnia Onu, the first Executive Governor of Abia state,) can you tell me who went to Abuja and divided old Enugu Senatorial zone into Enugu-East Senatorial zone and Enugu-West Senatorial zone and left Nsukka Senatorial zone that has the largest human population and land mass into one Senatorial zone and changed its name without consulting the people of Nsukka to a totally strange name Enugu-North Senatorial zone? The three persons that did that terrible injustice are Chief Jim Ifeanyichukwu Nwobodo (Nkanu,) Prof. Ukpabi (Awgu,) and Chief Silas Ilo (Ezeagu.) All three are one-sidedly from Enugu cultural zone and cousins! They never included any Nsukka cultural zone in the decision making process in a sociopolitical issue equally owned by Nsukka Senatorial zone and Enugu Senatorial zone at the exit of Abakaliki Senatorial zone that made for Governor Okwesilieze Nwodoo’s popular cliche “Triangular Equilibrium!”

If you were from Enugu state and were to be born an Nsukka man who watched all these selfishness and marginalization against your people by those who forgot that power is merely transient, how would you truly feel being treated the way you just read me? I have to assume you may know little or nothing about the way and manner the power before now treated the Nsukka land and people.

Just be guided. Look at another truth to watch: Nsukka LGA is one of the largest and oldest Local Government Council Areas in Nigeria today that has not been subdivided. Do you know why? Because the trio of Jim, Ukpabi and Ilo in a bid to create artificial majority for their old Enugu Senatorial zone had to subdivide Enugu Local Government Council Area into Enugu-North LGA, Enugu-East LGA and Enugu-South LGA and carried the subdivision meant for Nsukka LGA and gave it to Nkanu and Awgu LGAs, and they now have Nkanu-East, Nkanu-West and Awgu LGA and Aninri LGA. Then to deplete Nsukka Senatorial zone to remain one Senatorial zone, to make old Enugu Senatorial zone to rule for 16 years and old Nsukka Senatorial zone to rule (if allowed at all,) for only 8 years, the three musketeers of Jim, Ukpabi and Ilo, removed Isi-uzo LGA from old Nsukka Senatorial zone and added them to their new Enugu-East Senatorial zone to make up the needed six Local Government Council Areas for the creation of a third Senatorial zone as expected in every state of the Federation, claiming Isi-uzo people ancestrally were one and the same Nkanu people!

So, how come today, the same people who used Isi-uzo people to secure two Senatorial zones against Nsukka Senatorial zone, claiming Isi-uzo was ancestrally Nkanu like Ugwuogo and the entire Nike people when it was convenient are now singing a different tune when it is now their turn to make one of their own Governor in the rightful turn of their Enugu-East Senatorial zone?

Is this the case of hunter’s dog and the game the dog caught? Good to use the dog to catch games, but not good to partake in eating the meat when it is done, but has to wait for the bones. The axiom goes that a patient dog, eats the fattest bone. Not the fattest flesh!

My dear brother, would you still say who amongst Enugu and Nsukka looked for trouble and do you still have anything against Nsukka people as to why they feel today the way they feel? His Excellency Governor Ifeanyichukwu Ugwuanyi is yet to speak and the birds on slim ropes are already beginning to dance “Benue’s Swange and River’s Owigiri.” My question is, if not that same swollen arrogance and down-looking of the Nsukka cultural zone persona by Nkanu, Awgu, Oji, Udi and Agbaja people (just like some other uncivilized amongst southern Igbos,) what is wrong in Governor Ugwuanyi following the established pattern and footsteps of his very Excellent predecessors?

Let’s remain calm like the Nsukkas remained under past tenures and allow Gov Ugwuanyi to anoint and produce his successor! Let reason prevail against brickmanship; for soon, we will be surprised to find out that great strength and wisdom lie in the patient and silent. I remember one of the works of Shakespeare and the character depicted of “the Oracle”. Remember the quote: “I am but an Oracle, when I open my mouth, let no dog bark! The millipede they trampled upon is enduring in silence and the persons trampling upon it are the ones yelping!

Allow Gov Ugwuanyi to anoint successor

Nsukka Group tasks Ugwuanyi on Senate ambition

An Nsukka group from Enugu North District tasks Gov Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to sacrifice his Senate ambition in interest of fairness.

The partisan group operating under the umbrella of Nsukka Forum for Fairness and Equity (NFFE), on Tuesday told Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to perish his ambition of retiring to the red chamber of the National Assembly to represent Enugu North Senatorial District.

The group characterized his ambition as “inordinate,” considering that he is usurping the turn of Nsukka/Igbo-Eze South Federal Constituency.

They pleaded with the governor to respect the existing unwritten zoning arrangement in Enugu North Senatorial District.

They reminded Ugwuanyi that it is the battle he is fighting for Enugu East on governorship that he is denying in his own district.

A statement signed by Group Coordinator, Mr. Obetta O. Obetta urged the Governor to be a statesman and allow existing zoning to continue.

According to Obetta, “Enugu North Senatorial District is made up of three Federal Constituencies.

He listed the constituencies as Nsukka/Igbo Eze-South, Udenu/Igbo Eze-North and Igbo-Etiti/Uzo-Uwani.

“On return to democratic rule in 1999, after decades of military incursion into civil space, Nsukka/Igbo-Eze South produced the Senator that represented Enugu North Senatorial District at the Senate, in the person of Senator Fidelis Okoro, may his soul rest in peace.

“After his two term, it went to Udenu/Igbo-Eze North. When Senator Ayogu Eze finished his second term in the Senate, he relinquished the position to Igbo-Etiti/ Uzo-Uwani.

“Now that Senator Chuka Utazi is rounding up his second term at the Senate, it ordinarily supposed to return to Nsukka/Igbo-Eze South where the journey of the uncoded zoning began seamlessly in 1999”.

The statement added that, “Governor Ugwuanyi lacks the moral justification to move round the other constituencies, that make up the Senatorial Districts especially Nsukka/Igbo-Eze South whose turn it is to produce the next Senator,
to campaign for vote if he chose to truncate the arrangement with his unbridled ambition”.

Mr. Obetta recalled that former Governor Sulivan Chime who chose his successor from Enugu North, had to also sacrifice his Senatorial ambition in the interest of peace, justice, equity and fairness.

He said that the peace Governor Ugwuanyi had enjoyed during his administration is largely attributable to the aforesaid sacrifice by his predecessor, Barrister Sulivan Chime.

The group also admonished Hon. Patrick Asadu who had represented Nsukka/Igbo-Eze South Federal Constituency of Enugu State for twenty years in the Green Chambers of the National Assembly, to try his hand in the Senate-seat and allow Nsukka local government to produce the next member of House of Representatives to represent the constituency.

The group further argued that Igbo-Eze South local government had surcharged Nsukka for twenty years and it is time for Asadu to relinquish the position.

They expressed displeasure over the “alleged horsetrading between Governor Ugwuanyi and Hon. Patrick Asadu to satisfy their parochial and selfish political interests.”

Nsukka Group tasks Ugwuanyi on Senate ambition

Enugu APC chieftain predicts upsets in 2023 polls

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Enugu state, Amb. Chijioke Emmanuel Nwadavid predicts upsets in 2023 polls.

He told newsmen that the party is poised to break the political monopoly of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state in the 2023 general elections.

Nwadavid, who made the assertion in a chat with journalists in Enugu, Tuesday, stated that his optimism was based on the amount of time, hard work and commitment being invested in the party by the state chairman, Hon. Barr. Ugochukwu Agballah.

The APC chieftain is an Ambassador, “West Africa Youth Council” (ECOWAS), entrepreneur and also the founder “NecBullion Charity Foundation.”

He stressed that Agballah, since his emergence as the new helmsman on October 16, 2021, has completely repositioned the party, to make it strong enough to dislodge the ruling PDP in 2023 general elections.

He listed some of Agballah’s innovative achievements to include institution of monthly APC ward, local government and zonal meetings; setting up of peace and harmonization committee, which he said, is currently doing a great job of bringing everybody together; as well as having led Enugu delegates to a successful national convention that produced Chief Emma Eneukwu and Mrs. Uchenna Diyiokeh, indigenes of Enugu state, as National Deputy Chairman (South) and Zonal Women Leader (Southeast), of APC, respectively.

The youth Ambassador, an indigene of Mgbowo, who is aspiring to contest for Awgu South State Constituency election, of Awgu local government area, said he had no doubt in his mind that the 2023 general elections would be a turning point in the political history of Enugu state, especially with the 2022 Electoral Act.

He declared that the APC under Agballah, has become an attractive brand and alternative choice for Enugu people to displace PDP which has been in power in the state since 1999, with little or nothing to show for it.

“PDP has failed the people of Enugu state, but unfortunately the people have never had an alternative platform to show PDP the red card. They have therefore been suffering in silence and enduring the bad leadership of PDP which has been sustained through election rigging and intimidation.

“But with Agballah at the helm of affairs of APC, and with the support of other stakeholders, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama, Chief Eneukwu and others, coupled with the new electoral act, APC is now re-energized and refocused to take power in the state,” he said.

Ambassador Nwadavid said that through his NGO, he has been able to empower many young Nigerians as well as provide educational materials to primary and secondary schools across the country.

He promised to focus on youths, especially the girl child, noting that it was high time young Nigerians were given the opportunity to be on the driving seat of the development of Enugu state and Nigeria in general.

Enugu APC chieftain predicts upsets in 2023 polls

Ugwuanyi’s ambition is a problem for Nsukka LGA

Okechukwu Ayogu argues that for Nsukka LGA, and contrary to defenses put up by hired writers, Governor Ugwuanyi’s ambition is a problem.

By Okechukwu Ayogu

Dear Publisher: I am writing this in confidence to you, but I authorize you to publish it if makes sense. I am not a good writer but I can put my points across for people to understand.

First, I am from Nsukka Local Government Area and I can tell you that we are not happy with the game our governor is playing. This is the truth.

I read the reply from the Governor’s media warriors over Enugu Metro story on how Gov. Ugwuanyi is disturbing the peace of Nsukka. That reply made me to agree with you that there are people who have been commissioned to write rubbish to deceive the people of Enugu State. The sad part of it is that all the lies that they are telling are against us, against our interest in Nsukka Local Government Area.

Mind you, I am only interested in the part of the write up by one Chukwudi Ugwunna that concerns the Senatorial and House of Reps dispute in Igbo-Eze South/Nsukka Federal Constituency. This is what he said in the writeup:

“Back to Enugu North Senatorial seat, Ugwuanyi’s ambition is not a problem, because it is in line with equity and fairness in the senatorial zone. Nsukka and Igbo Eze South council areas is one constituency. Late Senator Fidelis Okoro from Nsukka was in the Senate for three terms. Igbo Eze North and Udenu council areas is one federal constituency as well. Senator Ayogu Eze from Igbo Eze North was in Senate for two term of eight years. Igbo-Etiti and Uzo Uwani Council areas is one Federal Constituency. Senator Chuka Utazi from Uzo-Uwani will be completing his second term in the Senate in 2023, paving way for Udenu, where Ugwuanyi hails from to produce Senator in 2023. This is a verifiable fact. There is no crisis of zoning of senatorial seat in Enugu North as being propagated and purveyed by Anikwe to hoodwink people and justify Ekweremadu’s sit tight on Enugu West Senatorial seat for 20 years and greedily/selfishly working to truncate the agreed rotation of governorship seat in the state.

I am amazed by the bold lies and illogical conclusions of Chukwudi Ugwunna who I suspect is a fake name. Kindly follow me on this one so you can understand the sequence of events.

Ugwunna says that Igbo-Eze South and Nsukka are one federal constituency that produced late Fidelis Okolo as the first Senator from Enugu North. He is correct. However take a look at the order of rotation of Senate seats in Enugu North.

  1. Senator Fidelis Okoro (Igboeze-South/Nsukka) went first as a Senator representing Enugu North Senatorial District (1999 – 2007).
  2. The slot moved to Udenu/Igbo-Eze North federal constituency and Senator Ayogu Eze was elected and also served for two terms (2007 – 2015).
  3. After Ayogu finished his two terms like Okolo, Igboetiti/Uzo-Uwani Federal Constituency took over with Senator Chukwuka Utazi who was elected in 2015. He will complete his second term as a senator in May 2023.

Just as in Enugu State governorship cycle, the circle has been completed. But here is our question:

Are we still following zoning and rotation in Enugu North Senatorial District? If we are, whose turn is it to produce a Senator for 2023 now? Is it (1) or (2) above? Dr. Pat Asadu is from (1) while Governor Ugwuanyi is from (2) above.

What is paining us in Nsukka is that this is the same scenario playing out in Enugu. The Governorship slot moved from (1) Enugu East, through (2) Enugu West to (3) Enugu North. Chukwudi Ugwunna and the rest of the hired writers are abusing the hell out of Ekweremadu who is from (2) in the rotation order in Enugu. But he is praising Governor Ugwuanyi who is also from (2) in the Enugu North rotation order! Ekweremadu’s action is bad for Enugu but Ugwuanyi’s action is good for Nsukka. You see am?

We shall continue to ask this question. If you started rotation with Igbo-Eze South/Nsukka and it has now gone full circle, why are you abandoning the arrangement because someone from Igbo-Eze North/Udenu happens to be the governor?

Thank you, Enugu Metro for exposing their duplicity. You got it right. Our governor is indeed the father of greed. Our people are going to sit and watch him stay in government for 28 years and nothing will happen. And do you know why nothing will happen? Because they have recruited thugs to deal with anyone who says pim against the governor or against his satanic ambition. It is astonishing that after making sure that his ambition disturbed everybody’s peace in Nsukka, they will go to Enugu and demonize Ekweremadu for what they are doing to Nsukka Local Government Area.

Let the world know that the governor’s position is hypocritical. If he is using hack writers to demonize Ekweremadu for jumping zoning arrangement in Enugu, is he not doing worse in the land of Nsukka? Why is he fighting people for doing the same thing that he is trying to do in Nsukka? Why can’t he step aside so that the peace we have in Nsukka can be maintained by giving the Senate slot to whom it is due – Nsukka/ Igbo-Eze South Constituency? Does the Governor not know that his action is preventing Nsukka from presenting a candidate for House of Reps? Is this fair? Who is fooling whom?

The hypocrisy is just too much and we in Nsukka local government have had it. We will show him that we have the votes to redress every injustice when the time comes.

Editor’s note: Okechukwu Ayogu is a pseudonym. The author’s real name is protected on request as he fears reprisals from thugs and security agents working for the state government.

Ugwuanyi’s ambition is a problem

Opponents attempt using court to stop Ekweremadu

Political opponents attempt using the court to stop Senator Ike Ekweremadu from participating in Enugu PDP governorship selection process.

An Enugu High Court will on 28 April hear the argument from an Enugu East group that wants the Senator barred from partcipating in the upcoming PDP party primaries.

Politicians from Enugu East District insist that rotation favoures them to present a party candidate for the 2023 election.

Thus, they argued in court filings that Ekweremadu’s partcipation violates a prior governorship rotation agreement.

The agreement cited is a controversial 2013 minutes of meeting of an expanded PDP caucus group. The meeting was reportedly chaired by former Gov Sullivan Chime.

Incidentally, Chime has disclaimed existence of a formalized zoning arrangement in Enugu. He however supports Enugu East to produce the next governor for the State.

Last night, Ekweremadu’s Campaign Organisation exposed the latest plot by opponents to scuttle the Senator’s ambition.

They presented proof of a case listed for hearing by Judge Harold Eya of Enugu High Court on April 28.

The court papers show that one Chief Oforma Mbannaji of Nike Enugu filed the case with reference number E/254/2022.

Offorma said he is suing Ekweremadu for himself and on behalf of the people of Enugu East Senatorial District.

Ekweremadu’s Campaign reacts

The Campaign Organisation said in a statement that the court action as an “unmitigated and unconscionable act of desperation.”

It accused opponents of plotting to use the judiciary “to obtain … what they cannot obtain in a free and fair contest.”

Campaign Director, Hon Charles Ogbo Asogwa, regretted that opponents are “hell-bent on ridiculing and desecrating virtually all critical institutions of democracy.”

“Their festival of lawlessness has seen the State House of Assembly, Local Government Council Chairmen, Town Unions, and lately the Enugu State Council of Traditional Rulers, and, in fact, almost every institution that our people hold in high reverence, needlessly dragged into and ridiculed by their reckless 2023 plots.

“Even institutions that have remained apolitical since ages have been both compelled and induced into issuing communiqués purportedly upholding an inexistent zoning arrangement.”

Their goal, he said, is “to stop Senator Ike Ekweremadu’s aspiration and impose their lackeys and relations on the people of Enugu State.”

Those who resist their plots are “threatened, detained in prison or sanctioned,” Asogwa said

He pleaded with state and federal judicial authorities to not complicate the party selection process.

Asogwa noted that the Electoral Act, 2022 excludes State High Courts from judging matters pertaining to State and federal elections.

“This is evidently an evil, meretricious, and baseless plot to use the judiciary to abort the popular will of the people,” he said.

The Zoning Agreement

Similarly, the Ekweremadu Campaign again disclaimed any existing PDP zoning arrangement in Enugu State.

“… there is no such organ as an Expanded Caucus in the PDP Constitution and local government chairmen are not members of the State Caucus.

“Therefore, the purported meeting could not have been a Caucus meeting of our great party.

“In any case, it is not the business of the Caucus under the PDP Constitution to zone elective offices.”

Finally he campaign organisation listed offensives launched against Ekweremadu’s aspiration, including:

  • intimidation, attacks, and detention of supporters and political associates of the Senator;
  • appointment and “election” of known deadly thugs and cultists into state and local government offices;
  • nocturnal meetings and fetish practices;
  • procured press conferences and publications; and
  • frivolous court processes.

Opponents attempt using court to stop Ekweremadu

Ugwuanyi’s Senate ambition overturns zoning in Enugu North

… as Nsukka PDP meeting ends in violence

Gov Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s Senate ambition overturns existing zoning plan and provokes violence at Nsukka PDP meeting yesterday 9 April 2022.

The Governor’s reported Senate interest discords with his professed belief in zoning and rotation of political offices in Enugu State. Reports say Governor Ugwuanyi purchased nomination and interest forms to contest under the banner of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). At the time of filing this report, the claim has not been denied by his media aides in Lion Building.

The Governor’s decision to contest the seat has a ripple effect as it overturns the Northern District’s zoning arrangement.

Yesterday, pent-up anger over the decision boiled over at the Nsukka LGA PDP Monthly meeting, resulting in a free-for-all fight.

Party members ran for dear life as thugs freely deployed chairs and broken bottles to the fight. A trending video showed party faithful crowding the exit door while others scaled windows as they desperately sought escape routes.

One report quoted an embittered party member as follows: “What we witnessed today in Nsukka Local Government area is unprecedented. It is sad that thuggery has returned to our political system.”

Roots of the Nsukka anger

The central figures in the current discord at Nsukka are Representative Pat Asadu and State Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.

Asadu, from Igbo-Eze South, was to yield his House of Reps position to Nsukka LGA under existing rotation arrangement. Incidentally, this would have qualified Igbo-Eze South to contest the Senate seat under the same zoning arrangement.

Rep. Asadu had expressed a desire to contest the 2023 Senate position, as the zoning arrangement favoured Igbo-Eze South.

However, the arrangement ran into a hitch, following reported desire of the Governor to claim the seat from the incumbent, Senator Chukwuka Utazi.

The Governor is from Udenu LGA whose federal constituency had previously been represented by Senator Ayogu Eze.

A Party member from Nsukka explained to Enugu Metro that the Governor is the one violating existing zoning arrangement.

“He insisted on running and in fact has already purchased the PDP expression of interest and nomination forms,” he said.

Another party executive from outside Nsukka told Enugu Metro that the State PDP cannot prevent the wishes of the Governor.

The party subsequently created an easy path for Governor Ugwuanyi to go to the Senate. To compensate Igbo-Eze South for the loss of the Senate slot, Asadu will gun for another record fifth term.

This decision however angered Nsukka LGA which has been waiting in the wings for 16 years to get the position.

Yesterday’s violence in Nsukka is believed to be the outcome of frustrated candidates seeking to have it out with supporters of the Igbo-Eze South legislator.

Overcoming Enugu’s zoning challenge

Analysts say what is playing out in the Governor’s home district exposes the lie in zoning claims by top politicians at state level.

For the past six months, a team of handpicked hired writers habitually launched media attacks against anyone who argues that zoning does not exist in the State.

The most prominent politician caught in the media assault is former deputy president of the Senate, Dr. Ike Ekweremadu. The Aninri-born politician has been receiving flaks from the Ugwuanyi media team ever since he indicated interest in running for governor.

They also brandished a signed document that alleged consensus by the party caucus. The Ekweremadu camp however dismissed the document as a forgery.

Zoning not supported by facts

Enugu Metro checks show that claims of zoning are not supported by evidence on the ground.

For instance, the zoning advocates accuse Senator Ekweremadu of violating zoning by serving a record 20 years as a Senator.

Governor Chimaroke Nnamani on his own served for 16 years as Governor and Senator and has purchased another nomination form to complete 20 years.

Governor Ugwuanyi spent 12 years in the House of Representatives followed by his election as Governor in 2015. He has therefore, like Ekweremadu, garnered a total of 20 unbroken years in office. And he is set to surpass everybody by purchasing a form that guarantees him an unprecedented 28 straight years as an Enugu public servant.

Mr. Pat Asadu seeks a record fifth term as representative, violating zoning arrangement between Nsukka and Igbo-Eze South Federal Constituency.

One of the aspirants who declined to have his name in print – for fear of reprisals from party thugs – told Enugu Metro that the Governor is the problem.

“He is accusing Sen Ekweremadu of greed when he is indeed the father of greed. See what his ambition is causing us in Nsukka now?” he lamented.

Ugwuanyi’s Senate ambition incites violence in Nsukka PDP

When marriage becomes life-threatening for a partner

Padre Benjamin Achi focuses on domestic violence and what to do when marriage becomes life-threatening for a partner.

when marriage becomes life-threatening for any partner

Benjamin Achi

Padre Benjamin, writing from the Enugu Catholic Diocese, is a prolific public affairs commentator.

Just two days ago, (8 April, 2022), news made the rounds that Mrs Osinachi Nwachukwu, that golden voice of the “Ekwueme” worship hit track, just passed on.

That news broke many hearts!

This is especially as it was coming just a few days after another golden voice of the Igbo Christian music enterprise, Chinedu Nwadike, bowed to the combined forces of the two terminal illnesses that took a deadly toll on his poor frame and system.

At the break of the news of Osinachi’s passing, the first story was that she died of throat cancer. Just as this writer was wondering how a throat challenged by such a terminal illness could have defied all odds to be producing such a great voice, another narrative as regards the cause of her death filtered into the air:

That she had succumbed to several years of domestic violence from her abusive husband.

Whether this latter narrative is true or not, I can’t confidently say at this point. However, let me state categorically that whatever you’ll read in this piece from this point, would have nothing to do with the veracity or otherwise of that allegation. But I’ll address the issue of domestic violence straight on because it trends in this current sad story. And whatever you’ll read here is my unapologetic stance on the subject matter.

Hear it loud and clear.

Anyone that ever tells a woman to stay put in an abusive relationship in the name of marriage has a poor appreciation of what marriage should be. The same goes to the man because men are also victims in some cases.

Marriage is NOT slavery!

We shouldn’t treat anyone cruelly in this life. None deserves to. In saner climes, it is even so grave an offence to treat animals with cruelty, let alone human beings.

Taking a walk from an abusive relationship is the best decision any reasonable human being would ever make.

I’ve said this on very many occasions and it bears repeating in this write up: “For better, for worse” does NOT include when you find yourself in a life-threatening situation. Don’t be naive or stupid. When it comes to a case of life and death, better vote with your legs. Stay out of harm’s way and be alive first. Other conversations can come later.

Nothing should ever stop anyone from taking that decision. Not even when children are involved! Yes! You read correctly! Not even that. The logic that you need to stay put for the sake of your children can only pass when your life is not yet on the line. If it becomes clear you’re about to lose your life, run with the children if you can; if you can’t, leave them behind and save your life first. It would be a difficult thing to do but that would be expedient in that circumstance.

If your spouse already betrays some murderous intents and you decide to stay put, you know what will happen? Those children would become motherless by the time your abuser kills you! So which is better? To save your skin first and remain their mother from some distance, or to go six feet below and leave them motherless and exposed to the wickedness of another terrible woman that would come as your replacement almost immediately after you draw your last breath?


It is not a mark of piety to tay put in that marriage when you’re being abused and your life is being threatened, is not a mark of piety, it is foolery.

I say it again: save your life from an abusive relationship. Only a tree stays put when about to be cut down, as our people say. Human beings don’t.

I don talk my own.

when marriage becomes life-threatening for any partner