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Enugu records new Covid-19 Case

The Enugu State Government last night 28 April 2020 announced a new confirmed case of COVID-19 in the State.

State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Emmanuel Ikechukwu Obi, said in a statement that the afflicted fellow travelled from Enugu to Jos, Plateau State, on 28 March and began manifesting symptoms of the disease within a week of his return on 14 April.

The patient developed the symptoms on 21 April but reported to a frontline health centre on Saturday 25 April from where the Enugu State COVID-19 Rapid Response Team was called in to do a test that turned out positive.

“The result returned on the evening of 28 April 2020 as a confirmed positive case,” the Commissioner said in the statement.

“The patient has been admitted into one of our Treatment and Isolation Centres, while contacts are being identified, line-listed and for samples to be taken for testing.

“Decontamination of the residence of this case will also be promptly carried out.

While commending eagle-eyed frontline health care workers, Government implored “gallant members of our security forces who … man our interstate borders and points of entry, day and night… to tighten their dragnet in order to avoid further risk of movement of persons not on essential services, across the state’s borders.”

Dr. Obi also advised residents of Enugu State to stay at home, and only go out when absolutely necessary

“Further, when going out, you are strongly advised to wear an appropriate ‘cloth’ face mask, avoid touching the front of the face mask, and always remove the mask from both ears at once.

“You are advised to practice physical/social distancing of at least 2m (or 6ft) apart from each other, and practice proper respiratory hygiene (cough or sneeze into your elbow, use a tissue if you must and discard immediately into a safe and secure bin.

“Wash your hands as often as possible with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (or the length of time it takes you to sing the happy birthday song twice) or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer when there is no facility to wash your hands.

“Finally sanitize surfaces all around you as often as possible with a 1-in-5 mixture of bleach and water.

“Please Stay Safe,” he pleaded.

Kano Gets Covid-19 Aid from Oil & Gas Sector

Kano has become the lucky 9th State to receive medical equipment and supplies being distributed nationwide by the Oil and Gas sector coalition led by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

A release from the Corporation, signed by its Spokesperson, Dr. Kennie Obateru, listed the items delivered to the Kano State Governor, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, to include medical consumables, equipment and an ambulance.

The equipment included Toyota ambulance, two full kits ventilators, one smith RescuePac ventilator for emergency and transport, ten pulse oximeters, 10,000 nose masks and 5,000 Nitrile examination gloves.

Among the consumables supplied were 250 face masks, surgical splash/fluid resistance face shield, 250 N95 respiratory valve, 100 PPE overall full kits, 100 PPE shoe covers, 2,000 PPE disposable caps and 500 Medimec surgical face masks.

The items were presented to the Governor by the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Chief Timipre Sylva, who noted at the brief ceremony in Government House, Kano that despite the supply chain constraints involved in simultaneous nationwide delivery and distribution of the medical items at this period, the NNPC-led Oil and Gas Industry coalition is determined to extend the intervention to all states of the federation.

Abuja, Rivers and the six states in the South West region have so far benefitted from the initiative.

The Kano donation was sponsored by NNPC and its partners – Chevron Nigeria Limited (Upstream) and Bovas & Company Limited (Downstream), Chief Sylva announced at the event.

He once again explained that the donations are part of the USD58million (N21Bn) intervention initiative by the Oil & Gas Industry to assist efforts of various governments as they battle to stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria.

Led by the NNPC, the Oil and Gas Intervention against the COVID-19 pandemic has membership drawn from International Oil Companies (IOCs), Indigenous Petroleum Producers, Major Oil Marketers, Crude Oil and Products Traders, Depot Owners and Petroleum Products Marketers.

The initiative, the Minister said, covers three areas – provision of medical consumables, deployment of logistics and in-patient support system, and delivery of medical infrastructure.

Each donation is written off by participating oil and gas companies, in partnership with the NNPC, as a regular Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative.

The Minister praised the initiative highly, noting that all commitments by the participants are “collected in kind through a clear, well-established and transparent governance framework,” he said.

NNPC Group Managing Director, Mallam Mele Kyari, announced at the handover event that the Oil & Gas Industry was planning to bequeath some of the finest medical infrastructure that would outlive the COVID-19 pandemic across the nation.

“We have a plan to deliver permanent medical infrastructure to every state of the Federation and a specific intervention in the six geo-political zones.

“We are selecting 14 locations to construct the permanent infrastructure,” he said.

Governor Ganduje thanked the donors for the gesture which he said will complement his government’s efforts in fighting the pandemic

Kano State Govt., he said, has three functional isolation centers and has commenced distribution of palliatives to 50,000 households in the state.

From Left: Minister of State, Petroleum Resources, Chief Timipre Sylva, NNPC Group Managing Director, Mallam Mele Kyari, at the presentation of medical equipment to the Kano State’s Governor Abdullahi Ganduje on Saturday.

5 new Deaths as Ebonyi Confirms First Covid-19 Case

With a confirmed case of Coronavirus reported for Ebonyi State an hour ago, all South East States have now confirmed the presence of the virus.

In its latest update, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) announced that 91 new cases were confirmed yesterday 26 April from sixteen states.

The States include Lagos (43), Sokoto (8), Taraba (6), Kaduna (5) Gombe (5), Ondo (3), FCT (3), Edo (3), Oyo (3), Rivers (3), Bauchi (3), Osun (2), Akwa Ibom (1), Bayelsa (1), Ebonyi (1), and Kebbi (1).

Four of these States – Ebonyi, Bayelsa, Kebbi and Taraba – are reporting Covid-19 cases for the first time, bringing the number of states so far encircled to 32.

The report yesterday confirmed five new deaths from Covid-19 recorded in Nigeria

Till date, 1,273 cases have been confirmed, 239 cases have been discharged and 40 deaths have been recorded in 32 states and the Federal Capital Territory.

Covid-19 Knowledge Series 2

Today’s Headline Feature

Nigerian governments – at all tiers – are throwing considerable financial, human and material resources in desperate moves to keep the dreaded Covid-19 disease from further spreading and causing more devastation to lives and means of livelihoods in the country. A number of States has already imposed lockdowns, at the time that the federal government is concentrating major efforts at curtailing the threat in three places, namely, Lagos and Ogun States and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Is this fight succeeding? It’s too early to judge, especially as the numbers have not flattened but continue to progressively increase with each day’s report from the Nigeria Centre for Diseases Control (NCDC).

Are there factors that are hindering the efforts to contain the spread? Definitely. Here are 10 of the factors that constrain a robust fight to contain the Coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria as at today 26 April 2020.

Issue #1: Elite Conspiracy Theories Promoting Panic

Pastor Oyakhilome spreads the 5G conspiracy theory

Too many conspiracy theories are being woven around the disease, including the most vicious which is an unfounded linkage of 5G cause of 5G network to Coronavirus. Although these theories are being strenuously demolished as fabrications, quite a number of persons believe them and use the false information to embark on actions that are clearly forbidden by the health authorities. What makes the issue troubling is that authority persons – such as religious leaders with almost cult-like following (e.g. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome) – have taken to the social and mainstream media to lend a voice to these conspiracies.

Issue #2: Fake News Fueling Dangerous Mistakes

Products claiming to cure Coronavirus are being shared on social media, forcing NCDC to warn against them

Unfortunately, it is not only in the United States that fake news is confusing people and giving rise to untested self-medication and home treatment. The social media in Nigeria is replete with stories of those who allegedly contracted Covid-19 disease and successfully “killed” it at home using local herbs or other remedies. More than half of these unscientific prescriptions are wrong and, as is the case with chloroquine, could actually worsen a person’s condition rather than ameliorate it. SOLUTION: Become aware of the age-old dangers of self-medication and be properly guided in recommending anything to a friend or loved one. As the Governor of Anambra State said yesterday, “Covid-19 is not a death sentence” and there is no need to panic and make mistakes.

Issue #3: Playing Politics with a Deadly Enemy

Kano State has continued to present a challenge to the war againstCovid-19

Both federal and state authorities have been complicit in this, first by allowing the virus to creep into Nigeria from abroad, and second, by using politics to further its spread. Politicians elected into offices with an eye on the next election are offering half-hearted measures that will end up worsening the case should the virus creep into their territory. In many instances, they have relaxed lockdown rules for religious gatherings or other significant social activities. States such as Rivers, Kano, and Ebonyi, to mention three, have permitted Christian and Muslim Groups to congregate and worship together during religious festivals. Such actions have the potential to increase group transmission, health authorities have warned.

Issue# 4: Hunger Among the Population

Hordes of hungry citizens descend on trucks laden with foodstuff to pillage

Analysts, including eMetro News, had repeatedly warned federal and state governments to plan on how the poor and vulnerable can have food to eat if a lockdown were to be imposed on them. Although governments recognize this imperative, economic considerations may have played a part in making this impossible to implement. The little food that is given to different groups do not go a long way. Although people dutifully went indoors to flatten the virus dispersal curve, they were soon driven out by hunger; majority feed from hand-to-mouth, depending on daily wages for their sustenance. Videos of cases of looting and daylight theft of essential commodities from stationary and moving vehicles have been shared on social media. This situation leads to comingling in the population and poses a danger of community transmission.

Issue #5: Inconsistent and Unenforced Govt. Policies

Emergency border posts between states are emerging to assist desperate passengers

Linked to Issue #4 above, Federal and State Governments appear not to have thought the situation through before imposing clampdowns on citizens to stay indoors. The result is that citizens desperate to survive have found creative ways of breaching the lockdown directives. Transporters desperate to make some money to feed create motor parks within the boundaries of state governments from where people cross from one state on foot and are crowded into vehicles that move freely around the state. These actions make it impossible to implement social distancing requirements as well as curb cross-border movements to end up further propagating the disease.

Issue #6: Ignorance and Lack of Discipline

Misguided Youth

A combination of ignorance and lack of discipline has continued to endanger citizens and residents. Ignorant youths – and adults sometimes – look askance at the dangers of the disease. Some go beyond doubting its existence to demonstrate their ignorance by embarking on dangerous actions. Typical examples are youths who were seen drinking ablution water and boasting that Coronavirus is a hoax. In many public places, people can still be seen shaking hands, slapping themselves on the back and embracing themselves in public, a surefire way to quicken the virus transmission, from those who have to those that do not.

Issue #7: States Not Collaborating and Coordinating

Meeting of Nigeria Governors Forum in session

Because of different approaches and seriousness attached to the battle by different state actors, it has been difficult to get the sort of coordinated responses from State Governments to curtail the spread of Covid-19 in Nigeria. States have also found it impossible to agree on a common strategy to approach the fight to curtail the spread of the virus in Nigeria. The recent virtual meeting of Nigerian Governors however recognized this lapse. Hopefully, the governors will follow through with their agreement to install a coordinated approach that will make it easy to stop cross-border transmissions so that the virus can be tracked within each boundary and dealt with.

Issue #8: Policies Based on Fear of Oil Price Volatility

Allocations to the Covid-19 fight are limited because of financial squeeze. There is no doubt that the state of the economy has played a central role in the quality of responses both from the Federal and the State governments. Because an overwhelming majority of States in Nigeria depend on federal allocations for survival, and federal allocations depend on earnings from crude oil and gas exports whose prices are at best volatile, most state Governors are humbled at this time when they see how the economic projections are being shot to pieces by tumbling oil prices. They have no choice but to do the best they can to allocate resources for priority projects, including payment of workers salaries. Only a few states have been able to pay April 2020 salaries to date, for instance. This has impacted responses to Covid-19 in various negative ways.

Issue #9: Non-Private Sector Interface

Most State Governments in Nigeria have hitherto looked down on industries, preferring to see them either as cash cows to be mercilessly milked through taxation or as competitors  to be conquered in the effort to appeal to the same people that they are approaching, either as consumers or as voters. This unfortunate and persistent error of judgement in not treating industries as partners in socio-economic development of their states, has now fully manifested in many states where the Governors are finding it a hard pill to swallow by going to “beg” for money from people that they had hitherto shown absolute disdain. It is almost as if these Governors forget that public service workers constitute less than 10 percent of the population and that the private sector takes care of the balance of 90 percent of employed persons. The lack of prior interface and respect for private sector players has caught some State Chief Executives flatfooted and made it difficult for them to mobilize funds they need to deal with the threat of Coronavirus.  

Issue #10: Security Lapses

The social media is awash with trending videos of security agents allegedly distorting the lockdown gains by seeking gratifications to allow individuals to breach various rules imposed by state authorities. Since they own the responsibility for enforcement of the lockdown directives, and since people are being given the impression that a lockdown directive can be breached by bribing the enforcers, there are claims that virus transmission continues unchecked as people go about their daily business and bribe their way through.


Do you have any other factor that have slowed down or breached the regulations and orders meant to contain the spread of the Coronavirus in Nigeria? Scroll to the end below to leave a comment.

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Covid-19 News Updates 25 April 2020

Imo State is hit as Nigeria records 87 new Covid-19 cases

Imo State has joined the list of states where the Coronavirus has now made a landfall, bringing the number of states touched so far to 28 as at today, Saturday 25 April 2020.

NCDC announced today, that 87 new cases have been confirmed, together with one new death in Nigeria

One new state Imo has reported a confirmed case in the last 24 hours while the numbers for Borno and Osun States spiked.

Lagos continues to lead in all number – confirmed cases, discharged cases and deaths from Covid-19.

Till date, 1,182 cases have been confirmed, 222 cases have been discharged and thirty five deaths have been recorded in 28 states and the Federal Capital Territory

The 87 new cases came from nine states – Lagos (33), Borno (18), Osun (12), Katsina (9), Kano (4), Ekiti (4), Edo (3), Bauchi (3), Imo (1).

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Nigeria surpasses 1,000 cases of Covid-19

 ConfirmedRecovered Deaths

Covid-19 makes landfall in Zamfara

The NCDC confirmed today 24 April 2020, that 114 new cases of Covid-19 and one new death was recorded in Nigeria, a figure that pushes the country above 1,000 cases.

The number of States where Coronavirus has made a landfall increased by one today, with a case of Covid-19 reported in Zamfara State in the last 24 hours.

As as today, 1095 cases have been confirmed, 208 cases have been discharged and thirty two deaths have been recorded in 27 states and the Federal Capital Territory, NCDC said.

The 114 new cases are reported from nine states- Lagos (80), Gombe (21), FCT (5), zamfara (2), Edo (2), Ogun (1), Oyo (1), Kaduna (1), and Sokoto (1).

Enugu pays Workers as ESUT resident doctors grumble

The Enugu State Government today announced that it has paid April 2020 salaries of government workers in the State to help them “cushion the effect of Covid-19 lockdown.”

A government announcement also stated that health workers were also paid their Covid-19 Allowance.

The Enugu State Executive Council had approved that all health workers involved in the management of Covid-19 outbreak will receive an extra 25% of their basic salaries.

The news has brought relief and joy to the workers who have been thrown into panic following social media rants that suggested state governments will find it difficult to pay salaries based on what is happening to the price of oil, the mainstay of government revenue.

One group however was not pleased, after its members took a look at their payslips.

The ESUT Teaching Hospital (Parklane) chapter of the Association of Resident Doctors (ARD) threatened yesterday 23 April, to resume the industrial action because the government allegedly failed to honour its agreement.

The Association noted that on 27 March 2020, it conditionally suspended the indefinite withdrawal of services began the day before, based on a personal assurance by the State Governor that the Government will yield to their “minimum demands.”

“Many of our members have received their April 2020 salaries, only to be shocked and dismayed that the Enugu State Government reneged on the written approval, even after verbal reassurances,” the Association said in a public statement.

In a notice to its members, obtained by eMetro News, ARD ESUTH Parklane directed resident doctors at the hospital to resume their suspended indefinite withdrawal of services with effect from today, 24 April.

“It is pertinent to state that this very unfortunate and painful decision could have been avoided if only the Enugu State Government kept to her words, and numerous verbal assurances given to ARD-TH Parklane,” they said.

Nigeria records 108 new cases on 23 April

Nigeria recorded 108 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 today 23 April 2020, bringing total reported cases so far to 981, the NCDC has announced

The number of discharged cases rose marginally to 197 cases while three new deaths were recorded, bringing total to 31.

The 108 new cases came from Lagos (78), FCT (14), Ogun (5), Gombe (4), Borno (3), Akwa Ibom (2), Kwara (1), Plateau (1).

Kano State, hitherto the third most scoring state in terms of confirmed cases, has not been factored into the reports since they reportedly suspended testing because of alleged lack of personal protective equipment.

eMetro Covid-19 Update for 22 April

Covid-19 lands in Adamawa as 91 new cases arise

NCDC has now counted 25 states and the FCT where the dreaded Covid-19 has made a landfall, as it announced 91 new cases an hour age today 22 April 2020.

Lagos continued to lead the cases reported with 74 confirmed cases, followed by Katsina (5), Ogun (4), Delta and Edo (2 each) and one case each for Kwara, Oyo, FCT and Adamawa, the newest entrant.

Three more deaths were also recorded today, bringing the total to 28 while the number of recovered and discharged cases remained constant at 197, the same figure it was yesterday.

Governors want Covid-19 action decentralized

Governors in the 36 states today suggested that the best way to fight the virus is to decentralize the response, after a teleconference they held this evening.

They hinged the call on the number of states where the virus has spread (25) as well as evidence that community transmission is increasing.

The Communique from the virtual meeting signed by Ekiti Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi who is also the Chairman of the Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF) said the governors agreed to implement an inter-state lockdown in the next two weeks to hold down the spread.

The Governors also expressed concern on the spread of the disease among health workers and resolved to work with NCDC to ensure that they are provided with adequate personal protection equipment (PPE) to do their work.

In explaining their idea of decentralization the Governors said:

“In order to strengthen coordinated implementation of necessary public health recommendations across states, Governors resolved to set up COVID-19 Committees at the regional level, headed by their State Commissioners of Health.

“Regional Committees will continue to interface with the State Task Force Committees on COVID-19 already established in each state.

They congratulated one of their members, Nasiru el Rufa’i of Kaduna State, who battled for four long weeks to escape from the clutches of Covid-19 and won.

The Kaduna, Bauchi, and Oyo Governors tested positive to the disease but Bauchi and Oyo bounced back quickly.

Picture from Enugu to the World

Avoid this mixture, NCDC warns public

Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has warned the public to steer clear of a liquid mixture which is being sold in the market as a cure for “Covid-19” (see picture above).

In a tweet this morning of 22 April, the Agency mainatained that the claim is false

“There is currently NO VACCINE or drug approved for #Covid19 prevention by health authorities,” it said.

Take responsibility, only purchase and consume drugs at accredited pharmacies or health facilities, it said.

Correct Social Distancing Photo Pose

The photograph above was taken during a visit to the Oyo State Government House by the Director General of NCDC, Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu.

It shows the correct way to pose for official photo opportunities in order to adhere to the social distancing rule to avoid infection by the Coronavirus.

Gov. Seyi Makinde is one of the three Nigerian governors that tested positive to Covid-19.

He however overcame the disease in short order after completing the mandatory quarantine period and immediately returned to take charge of the Covid-19 Task Force in the State, which he had briefly yeilded

“Great to discuss the state’s progress in strengthening #COVID19 response activities, including strong collaboration with private sector. Lot more to do,” Dr. Ihekweazu tweeted after the meeting.

2nd WHO staff contracts Covid-19 in Bauchi

The Chairman, Bauchi State Primary Healthcare Development Agency, Dr Rilwanu Mohammed, announced today that a second World Health Organisation staff has tested positive for COVID-19) in the State.

He was said to have contracted the disease from the first WHO staff who was earlier announced to have the virus.

Both officials had a travel history of travel to Kano State which has fast become the epicentre of the disease in the core north.

The latest numbers from Bauchi show that there are eight confirmed cases of the virus although five of them, including Governor Bala Mohammed, have recovered and had been discharged.

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Covid-19 cases triple in a day as Enugu worries over Jigawa index case

NCDC report released today 21 April 2020 shows that the number of cases of Covid-19 infections tripled in Nigeria, rising to 117 new cases from 38 that was reported yesterday.

Lagos (59 cases), the FCT (29) and the new entrant, Kano (14) remain the high incidence states for the pandemic for which 25 lives have so far been lost nationwide.

Last night’s report shows that no new state has been captured in the data released.

Other top incidence reporting states include Borno (6), Katsina (4), Ogun (3) and both Rivers and Bauchi with one case each,

The  number of recoveries and discharged cases however moved marginally from 188 to 197 cases while the death toll inched up by three and is now 25.

As in previously reported cases, Lagos also accounts for 16 of the 25 deaths recorded so far across the nation, according to the Lagos State Ministry of Health.

Watchers of these figures are not surprised that Lagos leads because it has become the most active and efficient state, in terms of testing and management of the diseases.

The Gov. Sanwo-Olu administration has set up testing centres in all the Local Governments and has gone on a campaign to invite people to volunteer themselves for tests, especially those who feel unwell.

In Enugu State, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is said to be disturbed by a report from Jigawa that the index case – the one who who was the first to test positive – had a history of sojourn in Enugu.

The Enugu Covid 19 Task Force is said to have swung into action to identify the location where the Jigawa indigene stayed in Enugu before he returned to his home state-

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