An ecstatic Chimamanda Adichie gives traditional title salute to Gov Peter Obi after receiving a chieftaincy title on 28 December.

The traditional title greeting is a three-part back-handed salute, seen in the video below.

The world-famous writer showed her delight at being able to greet in the way of titled gentry among the Igbo.

Her ecstatic salute happened immediately after she received the title of Odeligbo Abba from her people of Abba in Anambra State.

Ms. Adichie, an international award-winning author, bagged the title for her dexterity with fiction, short stories, and nonfiction writing.

Her title roughly translates as “the Abba personage who writes for the World”

Her people adore her people for bringing honour and fame to her hometown of Abba in Njikoka LGA of Anambra State, Nigeria.

Take a look at the excitement as she greets the Labour Party candidate whom she is supporting to win next month’s presidential election.
Obi and Adichie in traditional title salute

Chimamanda gives title salute to Peter Obi


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