Senator Chimaroke Nnamani roasts his former protégée, Gov Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi in a savage twitter rant, calling him a betrayer.

Visibly embittered by his Senate election loss to a new comer, Nnamani who governed Enugu for eight years threw decorum to the winds as he offloaded on his successor.

He deployed distasteful words like “wobbling fatso,” “bumbling unsure jelly-like mass of protoplasm” and “struggling Insurance salesman” to savage poor Ugwuanyi.

Ugwuanyi, like Nnamani, also lost his bid to move from Govt House Enugu to the Senate. He was felled by a Labour Party tsunami that swept through his Enugu North zone.

Here’s Chimaroke rant, unedited:

“This 2023. A political year like none other. The only Ray of hope being the exit of Ifeanyi Nwa Ugwuanyi. A wobbling fatso, that I introduced to politics via the House of Representatives in 2003. Paraphrasing the sage Okadigbo, “bumbling unsure jelly like mass of protoplasm” A struggling Insurance salesman in Trans-Ekulu, Enugu.

That year 2003, I sent him to HOR via Express delivery, all expenses paid. Bought his form, sponsored all his campaign and paid all his legal fees and guaranteed his second term. All done unsolicited! Twenty years later, 2023 election, he personally selected all my agents. Arranged my suspension and expulsion from PDP. Despite loosing his polling booth twice, back to back while “sitting ” as governor in Enugu.

Gburus personally made calls supervising sabotage of my election. Voting PDP for Governor and Labour for Senate. 8 years, he delivered ZILCH. Roads zero! Water zero. Health zero! Education zero. “Dirty” everywhere! 2 terms/8 years the Presidency commissioned ZERO!

My Ex-governor escaped without A SINGLE press conference or media tête-à-tête in 8 years. He danced while Igbo Land burnt. He lacked the ‘liver’ to condemn ‘sit at home’/Home lockdown nor condemn the killings. His governmental incompetence festered the angst and social burn! He cowered at Peter Obi message of hate, bile and incitement. Gburus failed woefully!



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