The whereabouts of detained Nollywood actor Chiwetalu Agu are unknown, worried family members have said.

Updated: Agu has been released

The Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) says it has secured the release of Mr. Chiwetalu Agu from DSS custody.

AGN spokesperson, Monalisa Chinda announced in a statement this evening that Agu was released to the Association.

She quoted the actor as expressing gratitude to the guild for its relentless efforts to secure his freedom.

Agu’s relations told newsmen that they made fruitless efforts to pin down his exact location.

The actor and producer was re-arrested by Department of State Security shortly after he was released by the Army.

This was confirmed by the Actors Guild of Nigeria which negotiated his release from detention by the military.

Family members said they visited the office of the DSS at GRA in Enugu. They however said they were not told whether the actor was being held in their (DSS) facility.

The Punch newspaper reported today that Chiwetalu Agu has been transferred to Abuja. They were however not able to verify the information from an Agency spokesperson.

There were reports that the Security Agency has charged Agu to court but Enugu Metro could not independently verify this.

The actor was manhandled and arrested by soldiers on 7 October 2021 at Onitsha, Anambra State, while distributing bread.

The army accused Agu of incitement and also promoting membership of IPOB, the separatist group agitating for an Independent Biafra Republic.

The actor denies the charge of incitement and stated that he was merely distributing bread to the hungry at Onitsha.

The soldiers nevertheless bundled him from Onitsha to the Army’s 82nd Division in Enugu where he was detained overnight.

Following public outcry over the humiliation and arrest, the Army let go, only for him to step out and into a DSS trap.

Chiwetalu Agu whereabouts unknown, says family

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