Enugu Entrepreneurs Business Forum (EEB Forum) helps entrepreneurs to deal with the anxieties of starting or running a business. This can be daunting and scary at times, which is why it is not wise for an entrepreneur to try to go it alone.

EBF helps by bringing entrepreneurs together, giving them vital business intelligence, and delivering a network of opportunities they need to overcome fears and forge ahead with confidence. In addition, experienced EBF members and Experts empower Members with mentorship and practical training to understand and overcome business challenges in Coal city.

The Enugu Entrepreneurs Business Forum

  • Facilitates continuous training and mentorship events to build and upscale the skills of budding entrepreneurs.
  • Delivers Business Intelligence to update members on threats and opportunities of evolving government policies.
  • Facilitates equal access to business support resources from responsible authorities through our Entrepreneurs Forum.
  • Connects members’ businesses, products and services to online buyers through Enugu Business Directory.
  • Hosts Thursday Breakfast Meetings for members to network, share ideas and learn from experts and business mentors.
  • Gives members a voice to speak to authorities on ease of doing business through the Community Safety Partners.

Joining Enugu Entrepreneurs Business Forum is a smart decision.

As a reward for new premium members, we gift one of the following two books when you join Enugu Entrepreneurs Business Forum.

This book is for anyone starting a business from scratch. It shows in details a breakdown of how to find a market for your business, build a business plan, create a brand, find the best business location, raise capital and get a loan, advertise on a shoestring and create ads that sell, market your products and services, handle Public Relations, and much more.

Keys to Business Success is for those who already have a small business. Entrepreneurs learn how to advertise on a low budget, keep proper books, buy equipment, set goals (draw operational plan), hire employees, deal with insurance, know more about customers, negotiate business deals, ensure quality control, and the rudiments of digital marketing, etc.

We are constantly adding new member benefits. Here are our latest offers:

Utility Publications

Membership Kit

Business Discounts

Training & Development

EBF free and premium members have free access to

The Enugu Entrepreneurship Business Forum provides everyone a platform for networking and connections to new customers in their neighborhoods. You membership is approved only when it is clear that you:

  1. Own or manage a business in Enugu.
  2. Listed your business in Enugu City Directory.
  3. Cross-market other members’ products, as they do yours.
  4. Attend one Thursday Breakfast Meetings per quarter
  5. Sign an agreement to obey the rules of the Forum.


If your business cannot afford a website, a better and cheaper way to promote your business online through our business listing platform

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There’re many benefits of joining any of our Join Enugu Metro Business Club (EMBC) but there are three awesome ones

Neighborhood Affiliates

Enugu Metro affiliates program promotes utility news, business growth, and community safety issues in the Coal City neighborhoods.

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