Community Safety Partners complement efforts to protect neighbourhoods from crime, inspire youths to succeed, and help community members feel safer.

The idea of CSP (short for Community Safety Partners) was suggested on 4 July 2020. It is one of the four focal areas of Mulltia Ltd’s community social responsibility programs. Other focal areas include the Environment, Maternal and Child Health, and Nutrition. CSP is therefore the community social responsibility program of Southeast Metro (, the online community media serving southeast and south-south regions. CSP is operationalized through media investigations, advocacy, and training programs that facilitate the growth and sustainability of safer communities.

 How it began

In the beginning, we mostly focused on reporting the Covid-19 pandemic, showing people where the dangers were and what to do to avoid infection, and how to fight the infection if one is unfortunate to fall victim. Four years later, the Board of Mulltia Limited (publishers of Enugu Metro and Southeast Metro) voted to register CSP Nigeria as an independent nonprofit organisation.

Who We Are

CSP Nigeria is a partnership of media and safety professionals who are committed to the same goal, namely, to facilitate the growth of safer and more secure and sustainable Nigerian communities. This registration process is ongoing and we expect this to be completed in late October 2023.

Our Objectives

Our overarching goal is to inspire Nigerian youths into becoming champions of peace and development in their local communities. This goal is to be achieved through the promotion of more efficient socialization, positive reinforcements, and career skills training to adopt and pursue positive career goals and achievements. The goal is achieved when each selected community can eradicate or radically reduce social influences that predispose children and youths to anti-social behavior.

On the strength of this, our objectives are therefore, to

  1. Investigate, package and publish news and analyses on issues that threaten children and youth safety in diverse communities
  2. Identify, research and expose potential risks that predispose children and youths to anti-social behavior.
  3. Develop and publish tools and resources for education, socialization, and safety management of children and youths in diverse communities.
  4. Facilitate training and development projects that promote positive reinforcements and enhance career goals for youths.
  5. Upgrade skills and capacity of media professionals and socialization agencies on modern safety management through sponsored seminars, workshops, and conferences.


From the specific problems identified above, there are three major programs that Community Safety Partners is set up to manage, and they include:

1InvestigationInvestigate, package and publish news and analyses on issues that threaten children and youth safety in diverse communitiesMedia Partners, Technical Partners, Sponsorship Organisations
2ResearchIdentify, research and expose potential safety risks for children and youths.SME Owner-Managers , Working Moms, Pastors & Imams, Basic School Teachers
3PublicationsDevelop and publish tools and resources for education, socialization, and safety managementSafety professionals, Security professionals, Education professionals
4 ProjectsFacilitate sports, ICT and leisure projects that promote positive reinforcements and occupy youthsSponsorship organisations
Youth in communities
3 TrainingUpgrade skills and capacity for safety reporting and analyses in the media and other public presentationsMedia Professionals


Sponsorship is a useful source of funding for the projects and activities of CSP. It, in fact, secures goodwill as well as political prestige for sponsors.

The pioneer sponsor and first major sponsor shall enjoy CSP’s “founding sponsor” designation in all CSP corporate promotions

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