Enugu Moms Forum

Who we are

The Enugu Moms Forum (EMF) is a virtual network of hardworking home managers and working moms who are determined to sustain the Coal City as a safe, warm and prosperous city for children and visitors, a city where opportunities are fairly shared.

What we do

We empower members with city survival and social skills, and organise to ensure that families, especially children, can have a healthy mixture of school, skills, and fun.

For visitors, EMF strives to reduce cost of visiting, living and doing business in Enugu.

We create equal access to opportunities for members to earn extra income, and promote access to safe and cost-effective fun for members and their families.


To empower Enugu moms with equal access to information and social connections that enable them efficiently and joyfully manage the home.

Membership Benefits

  • Exposure to extra incomes from social connections;
  • Discounted cost of phone calls to Forum and family members;
  • Buy quality goods for less;
  • Learn new social and city survival skills;
  • Be part of volunteer group that promotes better life in the community
  • Interest-free food subsidy for those in need, when they need it most;

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