… as Capt. Nnaji launches alternate promotion

Confusion in Enugu Labour Party over the governorship candidate deepens as Capt Everest Nnaji flags off a parallel campaign.

Capt. Nnaji rolled out a massive billboard campaign in Enugu at the weekend, to signal his continued battle for the party ticket.

… one of the “Charity begins at home” outdoor boardings

The move came as a surprise to party watchers in Enugu who have hitherto welcomed his decision to use the courts to challenge his party’s decision.

The party thus has two candidates campaigning for the governorship position in the field.

Hon Chijioke Edeoga is the INEC-recognized Labour Party governorship candidate for Enugu State.

However, his nomination was on 9 November voided by an Abuja High Court on grounds of exclusion of Nnaji from the party’s governorship primaries.

Judge Maha of the Federal High Court in Abuja subsequently ordered the party to conduct a fresh primaries within 14 days.

She said the party erred by not inviting Capt Nnaji to the primaries after issuing him with the contestant forms and collecting his nomination fees.

The Party not only appealed the judgement but also further mandated Edeoga, the former Environment Commissioner, to continue with his campaign.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has yet to make a statement since the matter went on appeal.

Enugu Metro learnt that the decision of the State chapter caused a disquiet at the national headquarters of the party. There are fears that the rancor being generated at Enugu may ultimately affect the performance of the party’s presidential candidate at the polls.

“All parties are at the moment sour faced,” an analyst said.

“The LP Enugu is in limbo right now concerning its gubernatorial candidacy. And the LP Enugu does not have a legitimate guber candidate until the court process is concluded.”

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