Beyond news, here are the six important services we provide for residents and visitors to the Coal City.

The eMetro Discount Market is the place to find new and used items of value that can be bought and sold for those who need quality home and office items at the right price. Enugu Metro is also organizing a monthly Garage Sales to bring the items closer to home and office managers who need them the most. Stay with us

We go beyond news to provide tools and resources that youth entrepreneurs and career seekers need to thrive in the Coal City. Enugu Metro Jobs features the latest local vacancies from SMEs and other big organisations. We are also organizing a separate section for vendors and contractors to see latest contracts listings

For company owner-managers, home managers and visitors to the Coal City, the Enugu City Directory is a one-stop platform to find businesses, goods and services in Enugu. It is an invaluable resource for anyone looking for anything in Enugu – people, places, and business addresses. Whatever you are looking for, it’s in here.

Have you ever had an issue at home, on the road, or in the office that you needed someone to fix – a roofer, plumber, electrician, laundryman, etc.? Enugu Metro published the Local Handymen directory to enable you get weekend and weekday services of maintenance people on the go.

We know Enugu business like the back of our hands. There is a service desk that collaborates with FMCGs and local businesses to improve their market penetration. It is a strong local market research desk that leverages deep social connections to improve your bottom-line.

Enugu Metro facilitates business for Coal City residents and visitors. We have created three channels to leverage our deep social networks in the service of our customers. Are you a business manager, home manager, or an entrepreneur? Our communities make life easy

Thank you for using Enugu Metro for news and to find local resources and opportunities in the Coal City. Please show support by buying one of our services below or by making a donation. Your generous support helps us continue to source, package and deliver value, beyond news.

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