Our major brand channel is Enugu Metro (eMetro, for short), a free-to-access web portal . Enugu Metro hosts the most reliable utility information and facilitates local connections that enable Coal City visitors and residents thrive.. Enugu Metro is positioned as the most complete, accurate, and up-to-date guide to life, business and leisure in Enugu. The content it delivers are glocal news, news analyses, investigation of social issues, expert articles and opinion, and useful data on life and business. This content  aims to provide every information and resource that the target customer needs to navigate life joyfully and conveniently in Enugu.

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With a smartphone and an outgoing personality, you can join Enugu Moms who earn money while doing good in their community. We learn new things while helping neighbourhood businesses grow and prosper. Interested? Chat with us to know more.

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If there is anything you’re looking to buy in Enugu but can’t find it, Enugu Metro will make life easy. We’ll show you where it is. And bring it to a shop on your street if you request. This service is exclusive to members of Enugu Moms Forum.

Enugu Metro is both an online news portal and a local resource. We go beyond news to connect visitors and residents to local information and resources they need to thrive in business, seamlessly shop, and enjoy cost-effective leisure.


Enugu Metro is the pilot project of the Eastern Metropolitan Online aka eMetro. eMetro Online is a media franchise operated by Mulltia Limited, a Nigerian registered limited liability company. We work in collaboration with other local media in cities across Southeast and South-South Nigeria to deliver on our corporate objectives.

Expansion Vision
In the first phase of the business, our mission is to establish online presence in a dozen major cities of Southeast Nigeria. The cities are Aba, Abakaliki, Afikpo, Awka, Enugu, Nnewi, Nsukka, Okigwe, Onitsha, Orlu, Owerri, and Umuahia. The second phase of the project will cover the four remaining states of the old Eastern Region – Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross River and Rivers. The final phase will extend the franchise to other selected cities in Nigeria. Ultimately, we hope to pursue an organic expansion beyond Nigeria to the rest of Africa.

Investor Information

Enugu Metro is published by Mulltia Limited, a registered limited liability business operating out of Enugu, Nigeria. The Company’s ownership became diluted and broadened with the entry of a quartet of investors in April 2019. Our new investors are professionals from various fields united by a commitment to to provide multimedia platforms that make life easy for city visitors, business owner-managers, and home managers working hard to earn a living and manage the family budget.

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Career Opportunities

Do you want to work with us? Work and partnership opportunities currently exist for recent graduates who are NYSC corps members or have completed their NYSC Programmes within the past 12 months. There are also opportunities for non-graduates with a passion for writing or experienced in sales and marketing.

For graduates, we regularly recruit for entry-level positions through our structured internship programme. If you are interest in participating on the programme, begin the procesd by filing an internship application form.

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