About Us

About us. Contact us at Enugu Metro not only for news but also for local business, shopping and leisure information and resources.

About Us

Enugu Metro is the pilot project for The Eastern Metropolitan Programme (The eMetro, for short). It is a media franchise published for Mulltia Limited, an registered limited liability company.

Thus, for city visitors and home managers, Enugu Metro delivers news you can use, as well as reliable business, shopping and leisure information and resources. Beyond news, therefore, we deliver professionally packaged news updates, local business directories, and a reliable online guide to city life, leisure and shopping.

Consequently we are the Number One local guide to the Coal City. The eMetro brands are positioned as insider information and social connections platforms. Our audience are residents and visitors in important cities of the South East region of Nigeria. It was founded by and is currently managed by Ogbuagu Anikwe, a media and communication professional.

Who we work for

Owners and managers of organisations, manufacturers and service providers are our primary beneficiaries. In addition, secondary beneficiaries include home managers and city visitors looking for information and best deals to manage their homes or their stay.

Among other things, we serve this secondary niche with our comprehensive business directory, listing of interesting events in the city, weekly shopping discounts guide, and the most reliable up-to-date information on what goes on in the city.


A company affiliated to Hon. Ogbuagu Anikwe originally owned Mulltia Limited. Mr. Anikwe’s experiences cut across print, broadcast, and online media, as well as on strategic communications.

However, the Company’s ownership is now diluted and broadened with the entry of a quartet of investors, all professionals from various fields. The new investors  are united by their commitment to a noble cause, which is providing multimedia platforms that make life easy for the most vulnerable but key economic players. These include city visitors, business owner-managers, and hardworking managers of the family budget.

Current shareholders and directors include three top media managers, two legal practitioners, a chartered accountant and banker, a top medical consultant. There are also two chartered engineers.


Do you want to work with us? Partnership opportunities exist recent graduates who have completed their NYSC Programmes.