Enugu Metro offers three distinctive career paths to youths interested in the media and communication sub sector through education,

Our Goals and Commitment


  • Provide an online business resource for startups and entrepreneurs
  • Organize High School Business Clubs
  • Facilitate business processes for graduates and budding entrepreneurs
  • Connect businesses support services
  • Organize business training & meetings
  • Finally, connect new businesses with established professional associations


Eastern Metropolitan is a multimedia institution founded to facilitate equal access to information on local shopping, business, and leisure for residents and visitors in cities where we operate. Our Careers Programme is a social responsibility commitment to connect students, recent graduates, and budding entrepreneurs to training, job and business opportunities.

Our Programmes

Career Education Programs

We facilitate practical business and career training for students. Among the initiatives we promote in high schools are

  • School Business Clubs
  • Tech Fairs & Competitions
  • Vocational Skills Training

Job Readiness Programs

We provide job readiness support and training to undergraduates right from their first year of entry into colleges of education, polytechnics and universities. These trainings and support include

  • Organize practical business education and skills training among students
  • Facilitate business and job-readiness training opportunities for recent graduates
  • Fellowship support for recent graduates

Business Support Programs

Our business support services are targeted at youth entrepreneurs, giving them the opportunity they need to access resources they need to understand and grow in business. The support we give include

  • Business training for budding entrepreneurs
  • Online resource library for businesses
  • SME City Business Directory
  • Business development partnerships.
  • Information Resource Bank
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