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About Our Foundation

Mulltia Foundation is a research, investigation, publication, and social advocacy initiative approved for registration as a not-for-profit organisation by the Board of Directors of Mulltia Limited. Mulltia Limited (RC: 999663), is the publisher of Enugu Metro (, an Enugu-based information and local resources web portal.

Pending completion of formal registration processes as a not-for-profit legal entity, Mulltia Foundation is currently operated as Mulltia CSR by the Board of Mulltia Limited.

Thus, the Board manages the Foundation as an independent community social responsibility (CSR) project vehicle powered by Enugu Metro.

What We Do

Mulltia CSR currently facilitates research and media investigations that deliver access to utility information and social connections on four broad issues, namely, community safety, social welfare, environmental protection, and public accountability.

We research, investigate, and disseminate information to enable individuals and communities avoid threats and access information on existing opportunities to solve the daily challenges of living and doing business.

Our goal is to use research, investigations, and publications to draw public attention to individual and community social challenges in these areas. Hopefully, this will give concerned authorities, philanthropies, individuals, and corporate commercial organisations an opportunity to intervene on behalf of identified at-risk individuals and communities.

Mission and Goals

Through our publications and advocacy, Mulltia CSR connects disadvantaged individuals and communities to information, tools, and resources that they need to overcome the challenges of living and doing business.

Our Mission is to deliver equal access to utility information and social connections that the disadvantaged needs to exploit business opportunities and manage social threats.  The Mulltia CSR initiative operates in four focal areas, namely, community safety, social welfare, environmental protection, and public sector accountability.

Public Accountability

Mulltia Foundation recognizes the enormous challenges that the media face in reporting public accountability in Nigeria. This is a challenging terrain strewn with dangers and hurdles mounted by public officers. However, it is a job that journalists are mandated to perform by the country’s Constitution – to hold public officers accountable to the people.

Our public accountability interventions are focused on:

  • Elections
  • Corruption
  • Ethics and values

Environmental Protection

Mulltia Foundation is committed to protect the earth from this corner of the world through our research, investigation, publications and advocacy collaborations. Apart from our independent environmental investigations and reporting, we also facilitate community journalism collaboration, grow an army of youth volunteers on environmental impacg projects, and encourage tree-planting campaigns. Our goal is to get students doing the right things to protect the earth right from their formative years.

Our environmental interventions focus on:

  • Project 3R (reduce, reuse, and recycle synthetics)
  • The Energy Force (High School Volunteer Clubs)
  • Editorial Projects (Community Journalism)
  • Plant a Tree Campaign


Investigations are at the heart of what Mulltia CSR does. We commission media investigations as independent reporting projects, with primary focus on issues that work against disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals and communities. The issues we investigate are those that make it challenging for community residents to live and thrive in the city.

Once a project is approved the Board invites Enugu Metro as principal implementation partner to collaborate with other Media, NGOs and special purpose agencies for execution. Whether alone or in partnership, Enugu Metro researched, investigates, and publishes multimedia programmes that create awareness of the nature and extent of the issues. Each issue package comes with expert solutions on how to resolve, ameliorate or eliminate the challenges.

Community Safety

The Nigeria criminal justice system is heavily weighted against the poor and disadvantaged at every point in the administration of justice continuum. From violence in the home and community police interventions to court processes that impose false imprisonment in prisons and police stations, the poor and disadvantaged suffer the brunt of a failed system. We focus on preventive issues in community safety. Accordingly, we research, investigate, publish, and facilitate advocacy projects that focus on:

  • Community Policing Forum
  • Awaiting Trial Projects
  • REP – Prisoner Reintegration Enlightenment
  • Community Safety Collaborations

Social Welfare

Nigeria operates a few social welfare programs that aid individuals and families in need. There are also programs that offer relief to victims of disasters and education grants and scholarships to at-risk children. A few international organisations are also providing aid to people in need, particularly women, infants, and children (WIC). Mulltia Foundation assists these laudable efforts through research, investigation, publications, and advocacy support projects that focus on

  • MCH – Maternal and Child Health
  • AFDC – Aid for families with dependent children
  • VWIC – Violence against Women, Infant, and children
  • MCN – Maternal and Child Nutrition

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