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Contractors explain 'variation' in Enugu Airport contract sum

The electrical contractor hired for project works at the Enugu airport has said that the balance of N1.5Bn reportedly saved from the contract sum of N10Bn belongs to his company.

The contractor spoke up when Governor Dave Umahi said he was not aware of the review, in response to a question on alleged downward review of the contract sum.

Umahi, an engineer by training, had said he was not losing sleep over the matter since he has confirmed that the definition and specifications of the work had not changed.

The Electrical Consultant, Mr Mohammed Sadiq, however took the opportunity to claim that it was not correct that project cost had been reviewed downward.

Sadiq said that the project was still valued at N10billion, broken down into pavement and civil works (N8.5Bn) and electrical works (N1.5Bn).

Chief Executive of Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Captain Rabiu Yadudu, disclosed the contract sum of N8.5Bn on Thursday, 9 January 2019, to members of the House of Representatives Committee on Aviation.

The outstanding balance of N1.5Bn has been retained by the Ministry, he said on that occasion.

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