The Enugu State Police Command will enforce an 8.00 p.m to 6.00 a.m. curfew in the State with effect from today, 4 May 2020, in a bid to stop travellers who are importing Covid-19 disease and those whose activities promote community transmission in the State.

Reports show that recent cases of Covid-19 confirmed in the State were from persons who either travelled out of or sneaked into Enugu during the period of lockdown directed by the Enugu State Government.

The six most recent cases being treated at Enugu State Government expense evaded security personnel at Enugu interstate border posts as they travelled out or sneaked in.

State Police Commissioner, Mr. Ahmad AbdurRahman, said in a weekend statement that the curfew affects people and vehicles, except for those “on essential movements with valid proof.”

The Commissioner said his men will henceforth allow only movement of vehicles bearing “medical supplies, petroleum products, food stuffs, livestock, agro-allied products and other essential goods and service providers.”

Residents of Enugu State are also banned from embarking on “non-essential inter-state passenger travels until further notice,” he said.

Within Enugu, the Commissioner has now formally empowered police officers to ensure that people wear face masks “or acceptable covering” in public places and to stop social and religious gatherings.

The State Police Command boss explained that the new rules were ordered by the Inspector General, arising from President Muhammadu Buhari’s directives contained in the nationwide broadcast of 27 April.

AbdurRahman reassured Enugu residents that his men will enforce the rules in “the most professional way and manner deemed non- prejudicial to discipline in the Force.”

He however warned citizens of Enugu State to be law abiding and obey the new rules as his men have been given strict instructions to enforce compliance.

The rules, he said, have become necessary at this time, “especially now that the COVID-19 pandemic is said to be in its ‘Community Transmission Stage’ in the country.”

“Any person(s) found violating these new and existing Orders, will be arrested and prosecuted accordingly,” he warned.

AbdurRahman directed commanding officers including Area Commanders, DPOs, and Heads of Tactical/Operational Departments to manage the process.

They are to ensure that their men are “professional, forbearing and avoid acts that could be prejudicial to discipline in the Force while enforcing the Orders.”

“Any Officer found wanting will be severely sanctioned and their supervisors held vicariously liable for supervisory failures,” he said.


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