• Situation Report This Morning
  • President Buhari releases N15b, gives directives on Covid-19
  • Enugu Resident Doctors Embark on Indefinite Strike
  • Lagos Assembly gives Governor martial law to battle outbreak
  • VIDEO: How to manage a sit-at-home situation
  • Kaduna imposes 24-hour curfew to battle spread


Situation Report this Afternoon

NCDC reported late yesterday that 14 new cases of the Coronavirus had been confirmed.

According to the Agency, six (6) of the cases were discovered aboard a ship at sea, three (3) were from passengers who flew into Nigeria from overseas, while another three (3) were contacts of infected cases, bringing up a total of 11 cases.

The agency had noted that there is an error in the calculation.

President Buhari releases N15b, issues further directives on Covid-19

President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday 26 March 2020 in a statement asked Nigerians to disregard rumours and seek information on Covid-19 only from authority sources as he issued a more comprehensive federal response to the outbreak in Nigeria.

Lagos State, which the President described as the epicenter of the outbreak, received N10billion from the Federal Government while the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), the coordinating agency for contagious diseases in Nigeria, was given N5billion to scale up its efforts.

In addition to closing the land borders, as well as international airspace to commercial traffic, all seaports were directed to bar ships that set sail within the past 14 days from entering to dock, while train commuter services were also suspended.

The President specifically commended the NCDC for its work, asked the Agency to recall retired staff and those on training to join the current effort, as well as directed that Nigerian medical staff currently on a mission in East Africa be ferried back home by the Nigeria Airforce to join the national response to the pandemic which has so far touched 65 persons, with one death.

He also directed the Industry, Trade and Investment Ministry to work with the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria for uninterrupted production of essential items such as food, medical and pharmaceutical products.

Click here to read the President’s statement in full.


ESUTH-Parklane doctors to begin indefinite strike

Resident doctors working at the Enugu State University of Technology (ESUT) Teaching Hospital (Parklane) served notice at the end of an emergency meeting yesterday 26 March that they will embark on an indefinite strike to press the State government to accede to their demands for improvement of their welfare and working conditions.

On welfare, the residents specifically asked for upgrading to the “corrected CONMESS with consequential minimum wage, entry point, and advancement, putting us at par with other doctors in the federal tertiary health institutions and many state tertiary health institutions in the country.”

They also said that residents in the hospital work under “deplorable conditions” which leads to mass exodus of their colleagues, leaving inadequate number of staff doctors overburdened “to the detriment of their lives and that of the patients they care for.”

Resident doctors were therefore asked to withdraw their service “until the hospital management meets and gazettes” their demands.

Their umbrella Association of Resident Doctors also set up a six-person negotiation committee to “interface between her members and the hospital management.”


Lagos Assembly empowers Governor with martial law

The Lagos State House of Assembly has passed a law giving Gov. Babajide Sanwa-Olu martial powers to respond to the coronavirus outbreak in Nigeria’s commercial capital, including the power to declare a state of emergency in the State.

Security agencies are empowered by the law to arrest without a warrant, anyone who violates the close shop and sit-at-home directive and detain them for up to 48 hours before they are charged. Those found guilty will be given the option to pay a fine N100,000, serve one month in prison, or carry out community service for three months.

The new law also empowers the governor to spend up to N20billion to combat and stop the spread of the virus in Lagos State, which President Buhari has described as the epicenter of the outbreak in Nigeria.

It also creates a Coronavirus Pandemic Trust Fund to be overseen by the Executive but supervised by a Board that will warehouse and manage funds and material donations from individuals and organisations to battle the outbreak.

According to the new law, essential services such as “food supply, pharmacy, shops, water supply, petrol filling stations and other relevant agencies shall be in full operations unless the Governor declares otherwise.”

VIDEO: How to manage a stay at home order
Kaduna imposes 24-hour curfew to enforce stay-at-home compliance

Kaduna State Government has taken an unprecedented step of imposing a 24-hour curfew to enforce its earlier directive that residents should stay indoors to contain the spread of the Coronavirus in the country.

Deputy Governor Hadiza Balarabe said in a broadcast that the state was disappointed with the  “compliance level to the ban on commercial tricycle and motorcycle operators and the restriction on large gatherings by a large section of residents.”

Health workers and those on emergency services are excluded from the curfew which government said will remain in force indefinitely.

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