NCDC announces that Covid-19 is now in Kogi State, as national infection count climbs to 8,733 cases.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) announced last night that 389 new cases of Covid19 have been confirmed for Wednesday 27 May 2020, the worst daily result so far recorded in the Month of May.

There were five other times in this month when cases confirmed rose to 300 and above in a day, but the nearest to yesterday’s huge number is for 8 May when tests confirmed 386 positive cases.

NCDC announced a total of 8733 cases confirmed in 35 of Nigeria’s 36 States as well as the Federal Capital Territory, with 2501 of the cases discharged to date and 254 persons who succumbed to the disease .

Yesterday’s 389 new cases came from Lagos (256), Katsina (23), Edo (22), Rivers (14), Kano  (13), Adamawa (11), Akwa Ibom (11), Kaduna(7), Kwara (6), Nasarawa (6), Gombe (2), Plateau (2), Abia (2), Delta (2), Benue (2), Niger (2), Kogi (2), Oyo (2), Imo (1), Borno (1), Ogun (1), Anambra (1)

South East Quiets Down a Bit

The South East quieted down a bit yesterday with only four cases of Covid-19 confirmed for Abia (2), Anambra (1) and Imo (1) States.

Only two persons from Abia State were discharged yesterday while no other fatality was recorded in the region after the lone case in Anambra which was announced on Tuesday 26 May.

The lone victim of #Covid19 in Anambra was described by the Anambra Governor as a 66-year old man who hid his condition rather than seek early medical attention.

He died before his Covid19 test result came out positive, the Governor said in a broadcast, using the event to appeal to citizens to take more responsibility as it is possible that death could have been averted.

Virus survives for 10 days only

The NCDC has said that new studies suggest that Covid-19 survives only for 10 days, rather than 12 that was being used to determine the management of cases in Nigeria.

The agency said in a tweet that this information will lead to changes in how they manage the disease.

“We’re reviewing our case management guideline in Nigeria from admission to discharge of cases,” it said.

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