Covid-19 Updates

Covid-19 Update

Enugu Task Force

Enugu responds with speed and cash to the threat. ALL STORIES

Anambra Situation

Awka mobilises everyone for the battle ahead. ALL STORIES


World Summary, from 19 Mar 2020

19-Mar   242,205          9,991          86,714
20-Mar   252,055        10,405          89,056
21-Mar   279,320        11,587          92,906
22-Mar 318,854 13,576 96,006


Always follow advisories from NCDC through their microsite

Situation Reports

25 March 2020 Bulletin is ready. READ IT HERE

22 March 2020, 16:24:48 (Enugu) Compared to yesterday’s figures, reported cases of coronavirus from around the world increased by 14% today. Deaths sharply increased by 18 percent while number of recoveries increased marginally by 3%.

22 March 2020. 07:30. (Abuja). NCDC has announced five additional cases, bringing total known Nigerian infections to 27 so far MORE

21 March 2020, 11:07:20 (Enugu) Compared to yesterday’s figures, reported cases of coronavirus from around the world increased by 11%. The number of deaths also increased by 11 percent while number of recoveries increased marginally by 4%.  

20 March 2020, 08.50.56 (Enugu). Between last night and this morning of 20 March 2020, 9,850 new cases of Covid-19 were reported worldwide, 414 persons died, and 2,342 recovered

20 March 2020 03.35.55 (Abuja): Federal Education authorities have asked heads of unity schools to close their schools . MORE

20 March 2020 01.42.28 (Abakaliki): Ebonyi State Govt also shuts schools and will do mass temperature tests at border towns and places with high footfalls. MORE

20 March 2020 00.02.08 (Awka): Anambra State Govt Shuts Schools and issues 8 new guidelines on personal contact and open spaces. MORE

19 March 2020 20.40.15 (Enugu): Enugu State orders all schools shut by tomorrow, Friday 20 March 2020 until further notice. MORE

19 March 2020 20.02.04 (Lagos): Lagos State and federal officials have announced four new cases of coronavirus, bringing Nigeria’s tally to 12 confirmed cases as at 19 March 2020. MORE


  • Italian who brought coronavirus to Nigeria now tests negative –Legit.Com
  • The Oba of Benin has released a circular saying he will no longer hear complaints from his subjects until Covid-19 is gone.

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