… as elements push back on state governments’ efforts to end sit-ins

Crack in IPOB leadership widens as violent elements push back on State Governments’ efforts to end arbitrary Mondays sit-ins

Top leadership of IPOB have so far failed to rein in violent elements intimidating Southeast residents to observe the sit-ins.

IPOB spokesperson, Emma Powerful, issued two conflicting statements within 24 hours to signpost a growing confusion in the organisation.

In his statement yesterday, Powerful directed residents of the Southeast to remain indoors today, 14 September.

The action, he said, was to honour those killed when military personnel attempted to arrest their leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

The IPOB spokesperson however recanted the sit-at-home orders today, warning IPOB members to desist from further harassing people to stay indoors.

IPOB leadership was apparently taken aback by reports that members invaded a school and disrupted an international exit examination yesterday.

Powerful described this disruption as a “barbaric act by hoodlums and mentally deranged fellows.”

The statement reminded the enforcers that the leadership of IPOB already directed that Monday sit-ins be abolished.

This rearguard effort by IPOB leadership however failed to stem the violence, notwithstanding the threat of sanctions that it embodied.

Consequently, the self-appointed enforcers ignored the statement as they accosted motorists and torched vehicles.

Enforcers assault motorists in Enugu, Anambra

IPOB elements operating from the Emene surbub in Enugu torched two passenger vehicles and a tricycle today.

Eyewitnesses said a bus carrying passengers was waylaid at Ibeagwa Junction on the Enugu-Opi Road.

Passengers in the Toyota Sienna bus were asked to disembark while the vehicle was pushed to a corner and set ablaze.

A second bread distribution truck was also set ablaze after the hoodlums looted the products it was conveying to retailers.

The incident occurred at Orie Emene market, a few meters behind the international airport.

A detachment of military personnel quickly arrived to disband the hoodlums and restore order in the area.

Around the Emene axis, two commercial tricycles were also attacked this morning, one vandalised and the other set ablaze.

In Anambra, unconfirmed reports say that IPOB enforcers attacked motorists at Awka, the capital and Nanka in Orumba North LGA.

Eyewitnesses said an Ekwulobia-bound passenger bus was flagged down at Nanka and burnt down.

As in other incidents, passengers were ordered to disembark before the vehicle was set ablaze, according to witnesses.

In addition, a commercial tricycle operator was violently manhandled at Arthur Eze Avenue.

The cyclist received matchet cuts on his hand and leg after which his machine was torched.

Enugu Metro learnt that military and police riot squads are working hard to stem the growing violence by deploying quickly to trouble spots.

IPOB says it’s a “stupid madness.”

Today’s IPOB statement describes the actions of the enforcers as “a stupid madness.”

The statement warned that anyone “caught using the name of IPOB to enforce non-existent sit-at-home will be treated as a traitor.”

“We … wish to reiterate once again that we have no other sit-at-home order atfer 14th September.

“Any other purported sit-at-home including the suspended weekly sit-at-home on Mondays does not exist in the dairy of IPOB.

“In fact, after September 14, there is no other sit-at-home this week. Any contrary news or speculations to this effect should be ignored.

If we catch anybody disturbing the peace of Biafrans or residents in Biafra land under the guise of enforcing non-existent sit-at-home order, such a person (will) regret his actions because he will receive the reward of traitors,” he said.

“IPOB is a responsible organization with reasoning and empathy. We cannot be part of the problem we are trying to solve.

“We cannot join the enemies to compound the woes of our people we are fighting to liberate.

“That was why we suspended the ghost Mondays that we earlier declared because of the economic implications to our people.

“We listened to appeals by the people and reviewed our stance on the matter then.

“That was why we reduced the sit-at-home protests to the days our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will be making appearances in court.

The IPOB spokesperson described the sit-at-home enforcers as those “working with the enemies to disrepute IPOB (sic).”

Crack in IPOB leadership widens