Datti Baba-Ahmed is running mate to Gov Peter Obi

The Labour Party today presented politician and businessman, Senator Datti Baba-Ahmed, as running mate to its flagbearer, Gov Peter Obi.

So far, the nomination has received only positive reviews in public commentaries and in the social media.

Dr. Doyin Okupe, the VP placeholder, announced his withdrawal yesterday, clearing the way for the announcement made today in Abuja.

Datti Baba-Ahmed is running mate to Gov Peter Obi

Governor Peter Obi, recounted how the party crisscrossed the northern part of the country to search for a credible candidate.

“We have gone round, consulted, and searched around to find somebody who fits the bill…

“Today I’m proud to say I have been able to meet and secure somebody who is eminently qualified and fits the bill to be the vice president of Nigeria.”

He restated his mission as a movement to make Nigeria a productive nation.

“It is our right to secure, unite and make Nigeria productive. And you can’t do that without people with similar visions, ideas, and are prepared for the task.

“I have the honor today to present to you, God willing, Nigeria’s next vice president… Senator Yussuf Datti Baba-Ahmed.

About Baba-Ahmed, running mate

Baba-Ahmed, from Kaduna State in the North-West, served in both houses of the national assembly as a parliamentarian. He is also the proprietor of two universities in Abuja and Kaduna, in addition to running other successful businesses.

An economist by training, he received his graduate degrees in Nigeria and capped it with a doctorate from the UK.

He is grounded in business, experienced in lawmaking, and an economist. This makes the pairing a formidable combination of public service experience and private sector entrepreneurship.

Positive reactions

Datti Baba-Ahmed is running mate to Gov Peter Obi

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