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Suspect in Deborah Onwu’s death appears in court via CCTV

The 18-year old picked up by the Police and charged with murder of Deborah Onwu, the Nigerian social worker, will tomorrow 4 November 2019 make a second appearance in Court to answer to the charge.

Brandon Newman was accused of stabbing Deborah to death and charged with second degree murder. He appeared in court on Friday 1 November, two days ago.

He was not physically present in court but appeared through a video.

He did not say much.

Newman’s lawyer, Allan Fay, told the Court that he doubts whether his client is fit to stand trial.

Outside the courtroom, Fay told newsmen: “I’ve met with (Newman) several times; he strikes me as an extremely child like individual.”

The defence lawyer had asked the court to delay the trial so that Newman could be assessed by a psychiatrist.

Court records have already shown that the suspect had prior to this time been charged with assault in August 2019.

Deborah Onwu’s death has alreadyraised issues of safety standards in the workplace for social caregivers.

The Canadian Union of Public Employees, for instance, has questioned why Ms. Onwu was working alone on the fateful night.

Union spokesperson, Lou Arab, said in a statement that the accused person has “complex health needs and a violent history,” which make it imperative to have a two-on-one care for him.