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When it comes to making choices about diningn out, there are lots of Enugu restaurants to see on your next visit. Enugu, the Coal City, has one of the finest gourmet foods you can have in Naija. From ethnic foods, Chinese, Italian, and fine dining, you will always find in Enugu restaurants something that fits your pocket or your appetite. Explore our directory. We are local and therefore serve more restaurants than Tripadvisor.

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Native Meals

Abacha and Okpa are two famous native meals of Enugu people that visitors to the Coal City State not only… READ ON

Ways to Dine Out

Enugu Is a gourmets delight; it has all types of dining places including local and international menu served by … READ ON

Nice Beans Porridge

Enugu delicious beans porridge is a treat to the first time Coal City visitor. Alas, you can only get the works at … READ ON

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Topic Garden Restaurant
Sahara Restaurant
Ntachi Osa Restaurant
Kilimanjaro Restaurant
Genesis Restaurant
Discovery Kitchen
Celebrities Restaurant

Dining Experiences

Service at Dolphin

A resident in search of a good meal was taken aback by the service he met at the upscale Dolphin Restaurant, READ MORE

Ijeawele Bar

Enugu OAP tastes a cup of Enugu palm wine from Ijeawele Bar and is transported into a muse paradise of sorts. READ MORE

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