Discord creeps into the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, as members openly quarrel over suspension of the Monday sit-at-home directive.

Nevertheless, for the third week running, IPOB successfully used intimidation and threats to force Southeasterners indoors today, 23 August,

Disenchanted members are questioning the claim that the suspension directive was a direct order from Mazi Nnamdi Kanu himself.

In recorded messages, they accused IPOB lawyers of selling out and insisted that the sit home Mondays must continue.

Mazi Kanu’s lawyer, Aloy Ejimakor, however took issues with those saying they have been compromised by government officials.

“Does it make any sense to say that “the Lawyers collected money to suspend the Sit At Home”?

“Do the Lawyers have such powers? Can’t you see that these allegations are aimed at setting the house against itself?” he asked.

Today, the lawyer said he has been receiving death threats.

“I can no longer keep quiet because I’m receiving death threats from people I’ve been defending for years,” he said.

He also said he was not the bearer of the instruction from Mazi Kanu to suspend the sit at home directive.

“Onyendu did not pass the sit at home message through me. The message was already delivered by others days before I visited him on 9th August. Check social media,” he said.

“Shine your eyes, be smart and separate the apples from the oranges,” Ejimakor said.

IPOB grounds south east again

Most residents of the South East remained indoors today due to the indiscriminate threats being passed round.

The directive was suspended last week by IPOB’s leadership and spokesperson ostensibly on the orders of Mazi Kanu himself.

Enugu was a target today following reports that the population hearkened to IPOB leadership’s suspension of the Mondays sit-at-home order.

In social media messages, they threatened to kill market leaders, office managers and citizens who defy the sit-at-home directive.

Today, they succeeded by threating to kill market leaders, business owners and citizens if they violate IPOB-imposed Mondays sit-at-home order.

The messages were unsigned, delivered in printed and audio formats, and are being massively shared using the social media.

Last week Monday, pranksters caused a stampede at Kenyatta Market Enugu by spreading fake news that traders were under attack.

Discord creeps into IPOB as leaders quarrel over sit-in