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Free Monthly Calls for Enugu Businesses and Families as Enugu Metro Partners with GSM Company to Deliver Special SIM Packs

Slug: Free monthly calls for Enugu businesses and families!

Enugu Metro is partnering with a major GSM network to deliver a service we call eMetro Mobile Network (eMobile Network).

The eMobile Network delivers unlimited free monthly calls to business and family members that subscribe to it.

This service is especially useful to large families – and organisations with a large and dispersed workforce.

For organisations and businesses, eMobile lines improve productivity in the workplace, keep managers and staff constantly connected, and reduce the cost of communicating with co-workers, family members, and business partners.

Enugu Metro Team

Families or organisatios that subscribe immediately enjoy (a) unlimited free monthly calls and, in some cases, (b) limited free monthly data.

To remain in the group network, each member pays a token monthly subscription directly to the GSM company.

No payment is made to Enugu Metro by subscribers for this service – it is provided as a free, value-added service to our customers.


The following benefits are available for a limited period to those who register as users on Enugu Metro website. Registration is FREE:

  • Business SIM Pack for free calls
  • GSM SIM Pack Registration
  • Your Company Listed on our City Directory

NOTE: The GSM partner charges a monthly token for each Member to make free unlimited calls to his or her workers, family members on the network. Need more info? CLICK HERE RIGHT NOW. to speak with us.

Join us as PARTNER for more…

Any Business Owner, Manager, and head of a family unit who registers on our website as a BUSINESS PARTNER will enjoy the following services and benefits:

  • Gets 2 or more Business SIM Packs free*
  • Free network registration for all SIM packs*
  • Get your Company listed on our Business Directory
  • Get free invitation to our business improvement seminars
  • Publish your Company job adverts
  • Publish your corporate event invitations here
  • Connect to 250 potential customers in your area
  • Connect to Enugu Metro marketers in your area to cross-sell your products or services
  • Sell your used home and office items online here
  • … and much more.

On its own, our partner mobile network provider’s has fixed a monthly subscription cost of N1,000 only per user. The cost covers one month free talk among subscribers, with 1GB of data thrown in.


  • If you want to join as an ordinary member, simply walk into our office and be registered in 10 minutes or less. Or call 08053132722 to have a Customer Care Officer come to your location in Enugu City.
  • For intending PARTNER members, CLICK HERE to log on to our website and register through the free membership option
  • Once you’ve made the decision to migrate, kindly remit the cost of membership level that you have selected to our bank (Mulltia Limited – Business Services, Access Bank, 0814143070) and post to us as evidence of the payment – either by WhatsApp and SMS (0805 313-2722) or via email (
  • You will be contacted by a desk manager who will hand over your welcome pack and activate your membership. Please call us on the number if you have not been contacted within 12 hours of payment.
  • You will subsequently be assigned an account officer who will ensure you get alerts in your special area of business, relevant news breaks, and information on training and business opportunities whenever we find one, or arrange one.

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