Ebonyi State births a football club known as Salt City Football Club, Abakaliki, with a Management team inaugurated today by government

The State plans to also float a female version of the male football team, an official said, as the State inaugurated the Club’s management and technical crew today, 17 August.

Gov. Dave Umahi promised during the #endSARS protests to set up sporting outlets to engage unemployed Ebonyi youths. Consequently, the State made efforts to buy a Division 1 Club playing in the 2021/22 football season.

Ebonyi did not however name the Club but said it had concluded negotiations.

Apparently, the state plans to rename the acquired team Salt City Football Club of Abakaliki. This strategy enables Salt City FC to join the Professional League in short order, Youth Development and Sports Commissioner, Charles Akpuenika announced.

“We have the necessary endorsement from relevant soccer authorities to participate in the league,” he said.

The Commissioner said Ebonyi conducted the acquisition process in a way that freed the state from inheriting the team’s liabilities.

King David Football Championship

Ebonyi plans to subsequently source the bulk of team players locally, using talents discovered by scouts from 64 Development Centres.

Consequently, Governor Umahi instituted a “King David Football Championship” currently competed by teams raised from the State’s 64 Development Centres.

Akpuenika confirmed that the King David Football Championship will expose talented footballers from the grassroots to feed Salt City FC.

“The championship involves teams from the development centres and we’ll groom selected players to ensure we present a formidable team.”

The Youth and Sports Ministry collaborates with its Local Government and Chieftaincy Matters counterpart on the Championship, he said.

Members of Salt City FC pioneer Management and Technical teams named and inaugurated today are as follows:

Ag. Chief Coach
Hillary Obiesie

Asst. Chief Coaches
Chris Akukwe,
Harrison Obasi
Martin Mkpuma.

Acting Team Manager
Felix Odionye

Ag. Club Secretary
Desond Ome

Ag. Welfare Officer
Leonard Obijiofor

Media Officers
Emeka Ikegwu
Nnamdi Echem
Emenike Ogalagu

Ebonyi births Football Club, Salt City FC

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