Edo State’s Governor Godwin supported now supports anti-open grazing law, as Anambra Assembly passes bill.

The two states dillydallied over the law as mandated by Southern Governors Forum at its 5 july meeting in Lagos.

Gov. Obiano initially rejected the idea outrightly but has eventually relented.

Anambra House of Assembly passed the law Tuesday while the Edo Governor yesterday convened a town hall to discuss it.

House Speaker Uche Okafor summarised the bill as an effort to achieve optimal use of scarce land resources.

Edo initiates people discussion

In Benin, Obaseki convened a town hall to announce that he is cooking an anti-open grazing law.

He pencilled down 30 October 2021 as deadline for the executive bill to reach the Assembly for debate and passage.

Obaseki said he didn’t want to be stampeded into initiating a law that would be difficult to implement.

In addition, he needed to consult widely with the people to determine the best course to take.

“I don’t want to sign a law, and tomorrow it becomes a piece of paper,” he said.

He also said he would not stereotypy Fulanj herders. Obaseki asked his people to always distinguish between killer herdsmen and “the genuine ones.”

Leader of Miyyeti Allah in the state, Alhaji Mohammed Fosal agreed that there are good and bad herders.

Fulani livestock farmers have no hand in reported killings and farmers-herders conflicts in parts of Edo State, Fosal said.

The culprits are herders from Kogi and Abuja, he alleged.

He said bad herders are responsible for “kidnappings, robberies, and cattle rustling.”

Moslem and Christian leaders at the event suggested that nomadic herdsmen and cattle breeders should be registered and known.

The Chief Imam of Benin Central Mosque and State Chairman of Christian Association, CAN made the suggestion.

Edo House Speaker Marcus Onobun pledged that his Assembly will accelerate passage of the bill as it is introduced.

Anambra’s passes law

It is titled “Anambra State Open Grazing of Cattle and other Livestock Prohibition and Ranches Establishment Law 2021.”

The 39-clause law aims to prevent farmcrops destruction of crop farms, community ponds, settlements and properties as well as optimise land use.

Assembly Speaker Uche Okafor expressed confidence that the law will in future prevent clashes between livestock herders and crop farmers.

The law is dedigned to protect the environment from degradation and pollution caused by open rearing and grazing of livestock.

Anambra will use the Law to manage spread of diseases and encourage production of high quality livestock.

The law also creates a Livestock Management Committee to regulate livestock farming and promote establishment of ranches.”

The job of the Livestock Committee is to “inspect, certify and register all ranches and livestock markets established in the state.”

It also issues permits for ranching and livestock markets, as well as regulates and manage ranching, rearing and trading of livestock.

Edo supports anti-open grazing


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