The publishers of Eastern Metro (eMetro) Media have announced that with effect from today, 10 November 2019, corporate and event listings posted on the Enugu Metro site will be linked to Google Maps to enable searchers locate them quickly and conveniently.

“What this means is that addresses for companies and events listed on our website will be associated with a hyperlink that will take searchers to a map of Enugu and show them the precise location where the business is located or where an event is taking place,” a statement by the publisher of eMetro, Chief Ogbuagu Anikwe, said.

Anikwe, who is the immediate past Enugu State Commissioner for Information also said that Enugu Metro is a pilot project for a soon-to-be launched South East regional media initiative

“The success of the Enugu experiment will be quickly replicated in all the other four state capitals and major cities in the region.

“Our goal is to create the one-stop shop for directions to companies, organisations, events, and activities in the South East and provide real time convenience for visitors and city residents in the region.

“We are also poised to become the Number One venue for anyone looking for what to buy, where to go and what to do at any given time in any of the cities where we set up shop.

“Event promoters, event managers, and their target audiences will increasingly rely on us to discover where to go and enjoy themselves, learn new things, or meet new people,” Chief Anikwe said.

He also announced that the website has been tweaked to admit followers who will automatically become members of the online Eastern Business Network (eBusiness Network).

Members of eBusiness Network are granted access to register their businesses and events or help their business friends who are yet to acquire digital skills.

All members of eBusiness Network are welcomed with subscription to eMetro Mobile, a free-call and limited data service which enables members of families and staff of businesses to keep in constant touch and boost productivity for business owners.

“We are determined to live up to our goal of “making life easy” for residents and visitors to the Coal City, and the rest of the region, Chief Anikwe said.

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