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eMetro Network

EMetro Business Network (EBN Nigeria, for short) is a project that delivers media and communications solutions to the challenges of doing business for MSMEs in Nigeria. It is facilitated by Mulltia Limited’s EMetro Information and Social Connections multimedia publishing platform.

This project systematically champions the removal or management of the pain-points of SME owner-manager businesses, by creating opportunities and mitigating the risks in such enablers as power, financial services, ICT solutions, and business policies. It is a response to the urgent need to empower and promote individuals and existing MSMEs to create employment and promote entrepreneurship.

Enugu SME Business Forum

Enugu SME Business Forum is a virtual Community of business owner-managers who collaborate to jointly grow their customers and grow their profit.

What binds the members together is EMetro Mobile, the flagship mobile voice and data service which connects members in real time and enables them talk and chat online at a reduced fixed cost each month. EMetro Mobile gives access to a free monthly voice and data service.

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Enugu Moms Forum

The Enugu city moms club is a virtual social club for hardworking Coal City home managers and working moms who are determined to sustain our city as a safe, warm and prosperous city where opportunities are fairly shared.

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