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Eastern Metro Business Network (eBusiness Network) is an online association of people who do business in the south east regional market. It is facilitated by The Eastern Metropolitan (eMetro) Organisation to empower members with information and social connections they need to access business opportunities and enjoy living in this region.

The goal of eMetro Network is to reduce the cost of doing business while expanding the profit base of members. Our mission is to provide media and communication solutions that empower members to overcome the challenges of living and doing business in Nigeria.

In Enugu, the pilot project, eMetro Network exists in three online and offline platforms: eBusiness Forum (for MSME owner-managers), eMoms Forum (for home managers, and working moms), and Youthpreneurs (for budding youth entrepreneurs). Visitors can join any of the platforms on Facebook but only residents are authorised to register on this website.

eBusiness Forum

The SME Eastern Business Forum (eBusiness Forum, for short) is a virtual Community of business owner-managers who collaborate to jointly grow their customer and profit bases. Their membership level is classified as “Combo”

eMetro focuses on delivering value information and services to this segment, including but not limited to discount services, ability to meet customers at the point of buying decisions, and reduced monthly call and data charges for family and business.

eMoms Forum

The Eastern City Moms Forum (eMoms Forum, for short) is a virtual club for hardworking home-based mom businesses, home managers and office working moms who are determined to sustain their city as a safe, warm and prosperous destination where they socially interact and also explore opportunities for extra income.

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